Biography Lukasz Urban

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Biography Lukasz urban

Submitted: January 12, 2018

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Submitted: January 12, 2018



Lukasz Urban

Birth: 1979 Zachodniopomorskie, Poland

Death: Dec. 19, 2016 Berlin-Mitte, Mitte, Berlin, Germany

Lukasz Urban or ?ukasz Urban of Ro?nówo, Poland.

The first victim of the 19 December 2016 terrorist rampage against the Christkindlmarkt on the Breitscheidplatz, Berlin.

He was beaten, stabbed, and shot by the barbarian(s) who stole his 40-ton Scania truck used in the attack, owned by Ariel ?urawski of the firm Us?ugi Transportowe Ariel ?urawski (Us?ugi Transportowe, 74-100 Gryfino, Sobiemy?l 10 E, Polska  Tel: +48 504 709 173)

Urban arrived in Berlin on Monday morning 19 December 2016, a day ahead of schedule, to deliver 25 metric tons of steel beams to a warehouse owned by ThyssenKrupp Industrieservice GmbH, Friedrich-Krause-Ufer 16, 13353 Berlin, Germany. The steelmaking firm confirmed 20 December 2016 that it turned away the driver because it was unable to unload the beams, which had originated in Turin, Italy. The company told Urban to come bak later that day.

He fought back valiantly against his attacker(s). His body was found in the cab.

Eleven others were killed in the truck attack and 48 injured. The truck came to a stop on Budapester Straße, 10787 Berlin.

Lukasz was a married father of one child.

As of 20 December police worldwide were hunting a Tunisian savage named Anis Amri alias Ahmed Amri alias Ahmed Zaghloul alias Ahmad Zarzour alias Ahmed Almasri alias Mohamed Hassa (1992-2016)

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armed, dangerous, and a known terrorist.

The Irish Times reported that Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb) (Berlin-Brandenburg Broadcasting) has seen documents dating from August 2016 suggesting the local State Criminal Police Office (Landeskriminalamt, or LKA) considered the bogus asylum seeker an increasing threat to public safety at shortly before making the horrible decision to end surveillance in September 2016.

Bild Am Sonntag reported that North Rhine-Westphalia interior minister Ralf Jäger (1961-) was informed that “Amri poses a threat in the sense of a terrorist attack” by the authorities, but personally intervened to prevent his deportation. Jäger is the same pol accused of being a key figure in the attempt to cover up mass sexual assaults by Muslim barbarians in Cologne on New Year’s Eve in 2015.

In a lovely Christmas present, Amri was shot and killed 23 December Italian police in piazza 1° maggio Sesto San Giovanni, Milan. One brave officer, Christian Morio (1980-), was wounded and recovered in Ospedale San Gerardo, Via G. B. Pergolesi, 33, 20052 Monza MB, Italy; his partner, Luca Scatà (1987-) delivered the shot.

???? ???? "Allahu akbar!" were the monster's last words.

This, despite the meddling of the infamous globalist and pro-rapefugee Justice Minister Dr. Till Steffen (1973-) till.steffen@hamburg.gruene in delaying the dissemination of Amri's photo by 12 hours.

According to news from 18 May 2017, Berlin police tried to cover up mistakes made in the handling of Tunisian terrorist Anis Amri.

The revelations from Berlin authorities revealed Amri was flagged for being a high-level drug dealer weeks before the attack.

A document from 1 November 2016 stated Amri was suspected of “commercial-level, gang-related narcotics trafficking” — a crime that would normally warrant police action. Police are accused of covering up their inaction by downgrading him to a low-level drug offender one month after the attack.

“In the view of experts, this information would have been sufficient to secure an arrest warrant from prosecutors,” Andreas Geisel, Berlin’s interior minister, told the Associated Press. “To put it clearly, on this basis of an arrest it might have been possible to prevent this attack.”

German Federal Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maiziere demanded a “thorough and transparent explanation” from everyone involved.

A year later, Janina Urban, the mother of the murdered truck driver, has spoken out against Chancellor Merkel and refused to meet with her, demanding a personal apology.

“I want to tell Mrs. Merkel that she has my son’s blood on her hands,” Mrs. Urban said and was joined by her husband Henryk Urban who declared the German government “disrespectful”.

Mr. Urban also criticised the monument dedicated to the victims of the terror attack, which includes their names inscribed on steps at the Breitscheidplatz where the attack took place.

The cousin and former employer of Lukasz, Ariel ?urawski, received 10,000 euros from the German federal government after the attack but has now hired a lawyer claiming that the German government should pay a sum “ten-times higher”.

Chancellor Merkel recently spoke about meeting with the families of the victims saying it was “very important”.

“One thing is clear, and I am aware that this suffering, this complete change of one’s life, will not be reversible, and yet we show sympathy and will improve it even where things need to be improved,” Merkel said.

The German government, and particularly the Berlin police, has been criticised by many for not deporting Anis Amri before he carried out the attack last year. Amri was known to police as being part of both the radical Islamic Salafist scene and a known drug dealer.

Special investigator Bruno Jost has even implicated members of the Berlin police in covering up information they knew about Amri prior to the attack. Jost also revealed that investigators had not watched Amri full time, taking weekends and holidays off.

Burial: Cmentarz Komunalny w Baniach, Szczecin, Zachodniopomorskie, Poland

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