The life examination

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It's a short story about a rich merchent who finds his daughter after years. She suffers from autism. He was not willing to accept her but...

Submitted: December 19, 2016

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Submitted: December 19, 2016



In the name of GOD

? The Life Examination By El. Del.

Albert Collin was one of the most successful merchants. He was well-known for his sharpness and being toughie. His ship ”MOVING LIFE” was the biggest merchantman ever. It was a sunny day.Sea was calm and ship was floating on it smoothly. Albert was standing on the deck and staring at deep blue sea.His blue eyes were glowing in front of his deep thoughts. He had dirty blonde hair and bronze sun-burned face.He was tall and he had wide shoulders. While he was standing on the deck ,Gilbert (Albert’s worker) walked toward him with a letter in his hand. ‘Sir.There is a letter from Iran for you,’ he said. ‘Iran?,’ Albert asked surprisingly then quickly took the letter from him and read it: Hello I am Zahra.I used to work for my master Ms. Leila Mehr.16 years ago she met an American sailor and she fell in love with him.After few days she engaged with him. After one week he said that he needed to leave for an important journey and he promised that he would come back soon and he would write to her during that time.But after he left we never heard from him.My master was sad and ill.She gave birth to his beautiful daughter after 9 mounth.She named her Ella.Every day she told Ella about her father.My master was living with the hope of the day when her love would come back or write back to her. Unfortunately she passed away one week ago after she left her daughter with me and went on a sea journey to find her old love. She left nothing for her ill lonely daughter. Now this poor girl needs her father more than ever.Will he come and accept her daughter?

This was a real shock to him.He stood in silence for a minute with his mouth open.his lost past life came in front of his eyes.He remembered Leila and her beautiful face.he remembered the day he left her with her tearful eyes. ‘My daughter?do I have a 16 year old daughter?,’ he wondered. ‘Is it something bad sir?,’ Gilbert asked. ‘Leila…she has died!,’ he answered. ‘Oh! I’m really sorry sir,’ Gilbert said. Albert gave the letter to him to read and went to his room and lit a cigar.Gilbert entered the room with a shocked face.‘What is your plan sir?Will you go to see her?,’ he asked with a shocked voice. Albert was looking through window with a cigar in his hand. ‘How can you believe such a ridiculous story!?,’he said calmly. ‘But sir It might be true and…’ ‘And what?Oh stop being so credulous Gil.’ ‘Sir some days ago you said that you had lost every body you loved and you don’t have anyone left to lean on.This girl can be the one…this girl might be God’s gift for you to not to be alone any more.’ Albert gave a cold smile to him and turned his face. ‘God doesn’t send gifts to sinners,’ he said with a cold voice. ‘It can be a life examination to clean your sinful past,’ Gilbert said with a sharp tone. Albert was watching him with a surprised face. ‘Tell me why I should accept an ill girl as my daughter only because I was engaged with her mother 16 years ago.This could be the best story a poor dying mother could make to save her ill daughter’s life ’ Albert said. ‘This might be your last chance sir’ Gilbert said and left the room. Gilbert was a strange but kind boy.He could predict amazingly and he had strange beliefs.He was a tall thin boy with red hair and bright skin. Albert knew that he never told something vain so he was pretty scared of his mysterious words. It was twilight.Albert came out of his room and saw Gilbert standing on the deck watching sunrise.‘Go and tell others we are changing our destination to East.’Albert said. ‘What about the cargo?’ Gilbert asked. ‘It can wait till end of this life examination.Can’t It?’ Albert said. After some days they cast anchor in Persian Golf. A man took them to a café in city.It was an old café.The man guided them to a table which a mid-aged woman was sitting by. She stood up with happy face when she saw them.‘Mr. Collin!’ she said.‘I didn’t think you would come.’ ‘Me too,’ Albert said with a cold voice.‘Well what were you talking about in the letter?’ ‘Ella…your daughter sir…’ Abraham laughed and put his hand on table angrily. ‘Why and How I can believe this?’ he said. ‘Sir I swear you were first and last one who entered to my master’s life.Ella is your daughter,’ the woman said. Gilbert was glaring in Albert’s eyes. ‘Where is she?’ Albert asked. ‘She is in car, in front of café,’ the woman said. She lead them to the car and opened its door. A girl was sitting on the back sit of the car.The woman whispered something in her ear then took her hand helped her to get out of the car. She was a middle height girl with black hair and her dark brown eyes were glowing.Her small nose and her bud-liked lips made her look so cute.The wind was blowing her wavy hair slowly. Her romantic face reminded Leila to Albert and those fairytale days he had spent with her passed like a movie in front of his eyes.For a minute or more he was frozen. Ella seemed uncomfortable and she was moving her fingers strangely and she was stealing her eyes from them. Albert took a step toward her and she took a step backward.She looked scared. ‘Meeting new people is a dilemma for her,’ the woman said. ‘Ella! Don’t be afraid and say hello to your father.’ Ella’s face went white and her eyes went tearful.She turned her face and ran away. ‘Please Ella stop!’ the woman screamed. ‘Is she suffering from an illness?’ Albert asked. ‘Autism sir, she is suffering from Autism.’ The woman answered then she followed Ella and stopped her and talked to her for some minutes. Albert and Gilbert were standing a mile further than them. ‘This life exam looks like a hard one Mr.Gilbert.doesn’t It,’ Albert asked. ‘Your miserable past deserves more sir,’ Gilbert answered.Albert stared in his eyes for a second then they walked toward Ella and the woman. ‘We have to hurry there is a cargo which needs to be taken,’ Albert said. ‘Will you take her on ship?’ the woman asked. ‘What do you want us to do?’ Albert asked. ‘But It will be hard for her,’ she said. ‘Oh! Really? So…’Albert was saying. ‘So you can come with her till she gets used to ship environment,’ Gilbert interrupted him. Albert was looking at him angrily. They took them on the ship.Ella looked anxious and was moving her fingers again.Gilbert lead them to their room and carried their luggage. ‘Doesn’t she talk?’ Gilbert asked the woman. ‘She does but very few and necessary things, ’ the woman answered. ‘Does she know anything about Albert?’ ‘Her mother always talked about him although he had left her but she never said bad things.Ella understands that he had left them and she is angry because of that. ’ Gilbert entered Albert’s room. ‘You have to talk to her,’ Gilbert said. ‘What can I say to a psychopathic?,’ Albert asked while he was smoking a cigar. ‘She is not a psychopathic, she just can’t communicate with people,’ ‘Well, well…I traveled thousand miles to see her and I’ve brought her with me to the ship.That’s It,’ ‘Go and talk to her as a father.You’ve left them many years ago you must apologize,’ ‘Apologize? Anything else sir? I’m ready to do anything you want my master,’ Albert said with a ridiculer tone. Gilbert left the room angrily. Some days passed.Albert went to Ella’s room. She was sitting on bed and holding a teddy bear in her hand. ‘May I talk to you?’ Albert asked. She turned her head and gave a cold look to him and again turned her head to her teddy bear. Albert sat near her but she immediately changed her place to the other side of the bed and began moving her hands anxiously. ‘I’m sorry for things that happened.I don’t know what should I say.I loved your mother but I had to leave her because of my job then I didn’t hear from her and I thought that she had died,’ Albert said.Then he put his hand on her back.She jumped and hit his hand.She was shaking like a leaf while her shining tears were dropping from her red face. Albert stood up.‘I’m sorry…’ Albert said and left the room. He saw Gilbert walking toward him.‘don’t interferer in my affairs,’ Albert shouted at him. Some weeks passed and Ella got better and she and Gilbert became good friends but Albert never talked to her.Father and daughter met each other at dinner only.Albert was jealous about this.One day Albert and Gil was sitting in control room. ‘You’ve became a good friend,’ Albert said. ‘Yes she is a good girl.Thanks God she doesn’t look like you,’ Gilbert said. ‘making a good friendship with an ill girl couldn’t be that much hard,’ Albert said smiling. ‘And as I know you don’t have any girl.She can be a good one.’ This drove Gilbert crazy.He lost his control and hit Albert’s face with his fisted hand. ‘Have you ever thought that you are the only sort of all the problem’s in your life? ’ Gil shouted.‘You deserve to live your hell life alone,’ then he left the room. Some days later a well-known Captain who was Albert’s best friend came on ship as guest.His name was Shawn Harrold. There was a welcome party for him on ship.Harrold saw Ella there. ‘Who is that little beauty standing there?’ Harrold asked Albert. ‘Claims that she is my daughter,’ Albert answered. ‘Your daughter? Interesting…’ Harrold laughed. It was midnight.Ship was quite.Harrold entered Ella’s room.She was sleeping.He walked to her bed and sat near her.He moved his hand in her hair.Ella jumped up.‘What…what are you doing here?’ she asked with shaking voice. ‘Oh! You don’t have to worry girl.I’m Shawn Harrold,’ he answered.‘You are so beautiful!’ Then he walked toward her.She was frightened.She took a candlestick and hit on his head as hard as she could.Harrold fell on the floor with his head bleeding. Albert entered the room with a hurry. ‘What was that noise from?’ he asked then he saw Harrold lying on the floor and his blood filled all around him. ‘What the hell you’ve done?’ Albert shouted. Ella was shaking and she was as white as sheet. Albert put his fingers on Harrold’s jugular vein.His face went white.He ran toward Ella angrily.‘You’ve done hell girl.You’re the most stupid thing I’ve ever seen.I never believed that fool story your bitch mother had made.Now piss of and don’t talk about this shit to anyone.You’re gonna get the hell out of this ship tomorrow.’ She left the room while she was crying. Albert looked at Harrold dead body.He pulled It from his legs and put him in a boat then dropped the boat into the sea.He cleaned all the blood from the floor. The next day every one was talking about Shawn Harrold’s disappearance news. Albert said to everyone that Shawn Harrold had left a letter in which he had told that he needed to leave with Wolfunder ship at midnight for an important business. Albert entered Ella’s room.‘Are you ready?’ he asked. ‘Were…were am I going to go now?,’ she asked with a shaking voice then her tears fell down like pearls.She cleaned her tearful face with her shaking hands. ‘Somewhere that you belong,’ Albert answered. Gilbert entered the room. ‘Where are you sending her?’ he asked angrily. ‘It’s non of your business, ’ Albert said. ‘Your hell life will bring you down on your knees. Albert Collin my darling step brother this is our last meeting you are alone with your miserable fate,’ Gil said.He and Ella left the ship.

15 Years passed. One stormy night giant waves drowned Albert’s famous ship and It’s valuable cargo.He was saved by another ship and was taken to a hospital in the nearest city. His wealth wasn’t the only thing that he lost that night he also lost his legs and speaking ability. While he was lying on hospital bed like a poor man a doctor walked toward his bed.Her face was familiar to him.She walked closer to him.Yes she was Ella.She had changed a lot.She didn’t look ill anymore. Both of them were shocked.They were staring at each other’s eyes. A nurse came near them. ‘Dr. Mehr! This man was brought here some months ago.He is paralytic and doesn’t have anyone to look after him.Hospital doesn’t let him stay anymore.We need to send him to retirement house,’ the nurse said. ‘No, he has someone to look after him.He has a daughter, a real daughter,’ Ella said looking in Albert’s eyes kindly.

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