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It's about a conversation that happens between a boy girl while traveling in a train together.The girl had just broken up with her boy friend and the boy tries to console her and motivates her and things starts to change and how did the things change..???what happened after the talks ?Read and enjoy the journey..

PS: Best read while sipping hot refreshing tea :)

Submitted: June 29, 2012

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Submitted: June 29, 2012



Thank God It's Friday

It was around 5 pm, and i was sipping my tea enjoying the perfect blend of aroma and taste reading one of those very few mails that will make an IT guy to smile -TGIF mail (Thank God It’s Friday). Every Friday is special, we get a chance to get out of the formal attire to something which ‘they’ call "Business casuals" and ‘we’ call it T Shirt & jeans. And most importantly, that's the day when it's more of noticing and getting noticed ;) . And this is the day when some plan for a colorful weekend with their girlfriends, others want to make it more colorful with their ‘soul mate’ – Chilled beers & Hot Drinks and some others excited to reach their home-sweet-home after a long time, usually I always fall into the second group- celebrating with the’ soul mate ‘ group. My Friday night like most of the IT guys starts with spicy food and chilled beers and lot of chatting with my roomies but this time around , there’s a small change .I belong to the last group. So, i was desperate for that moment when the clock hits 6:30PM. Actually, things were just perfect from the beginning, woke up in time and when i went to my balcony to get my towel saw the dark clouds looming in the sky ,i didn't have much hope that it would rain because ,Chennai has been playing hide n seek with us for quite some time. All of a sudden the sky turns dark and we think “ phew… it's gonna rain!!”. But she just stares with her scorching eyes and says “not this time..kid ..not this time!!!” This time also I thought it’s going to be the same story. But, she really played with me this time… It rained!!!!.. That too after a long time. So guess what, the morning started off with the scent of the wet sand after first rain and it got even better when I reached my office and checked my inbox - there were no tasks for me to work on! :) perfect Friday, in fact,- perfect home going Friday.

Starting off and at the station

It was 5:30PM already, i couldn't wait for more. So, said bye to all my colleagues and started to freshen up and tried to look good. "Tried to look good”??? You might ask - "why??” Oh, might be to impress any girl who by chance come and sit next to you??". Well, am sorry. I forgot to tell you with who all am i going to home. I’m going home with two girls :D. One of them is my teammate - Anu - who is like a little sister to me and the other one is one of the main character - Maya, who is Anu's friend. I have travelled with them before. That was when I arranged a surprise b'day party for Anu. That day Maya was also there. So that day we came back together in same bus. At that time itself Maya had won me over. I felt like all the melodies that were played in that bus were played for me. Saying something to me, especially when she noted the similarities between both of us when Anu said about me that i too don't like chocolates and when i said to her that i am a tea addict ,Maya looked at me and asked "which birth sign are you?" for which I just gave a smile. But Anu always reminded me that she has a boyfriend, perfect “sister type” behaviour ? And my roommates to whom i had told about her also reminded me that she is a high class girl and her boyfriend is more smarter than me and also is high class lad. So i had no intention of proposing her, and trying to propose her was all the way against my policies and ethics that i had set for my self. Now, some of you might have raised eyebrows, thinking "what ethics?? what bullshit- love is blind, and love is courage, if one has a feelings for some other person, he/she should say it " yes all what you thought is true, you can call me a "coward " but i call myself "practical and real" .That's what i am, can't afford to take huge risks anymore, have tried it once and when i was right in between of the start and end line, things collapsed .So now being more careful and cautious. But i too believe that when you meet that person who has born for you, the whole universe conspires and coordinates and you just have to play the role of a puppet, maybe i might not have met the right one.

By the way where did I stop?? Yea ,about looking good. So yeah, i was trying to look good to impress a girl who impressed me. But still i won't propose her even if she is single. If you ask why?? i say it’s a basic "over thinking grownup man” defect :) So i walked towards their flat, there they were standing, to be honest Maya was in a dull colored dress and no much excitement in Maya's face. But, Anu was really excited about going home. So we started off in the cab towards the railway station. So my testing time had started. I shouldn't be overcautious nor be too talkative. Had to be a perfect brother to Anu but also can't play silent to Maya. So on our way, while talking to them, i noticed Maya's nail polish it was olive green, at first it looked awkward for a girl with light tan color texture. I was glad that I got a topic to open the talk and i knew the fact that women like to talk about some crazy things that they have done and that too if we notice it before they tell you about it .They love to justify and then convince .so after bugging her with the color of her nail polish ,i ended up saying " it looks a bit awkward in the first sight, but now i think it's cool ." she smiled.. Finally we reached the railway station. People rushing from and to the platforms that's when i started to feel a bit cautious and concerned. Two girls with me and I had to take care of them. i was more concerned whether anyone is trying to tease them or whether they were following them etc etc , but they were like super cool .That made me feel little better .we all got down and i being older and being a male, had taken the charge of finding our coach position from the engine and a perfect place to sit and after getting settled in a perfect spot. Anu wanted tea and Maya said" coffee for me " and i said i will bring it for them and that’s when Anu asked me how I’m going to bring three cups together. she didn't even asked me whether i need one or not, as she knows that i am addicted to tea. But, i hesitated to have one at that time .She was amazed when i said that i didn't need one . So here it starts - the set of compromises and lies

Journey begins....

It was around 7:15 PM, and the train was suppose to arrive at 7:45 so 30 mins more. Now next set of fears started to pop out," will there be drunken or un cultured men in the same block as we are going to be , will it cause trouble for these women here, will it be full of men, our seat numbers were 2,3,4 so i was concerned whether 2 and 3 was in one block and 4 was in another - senseless doubts ,but it's ok for a person who is not a frequent traveller in train and most importantly it's ok for a person who has never travelled alone with girls :). So train came in time, we entered and it was kinda relief for me. it was a family in the same block, so no problematic people were inside. We found our seat and settled there. i was very relieved when the train started, as phase 1 was successful .when i observed the people around me, i found a lady staring at me. when i looked carefully, i realized that she my friend's mother .So i went towards her and wished them and introduced myself as her son's friend. She was thinking that she had seen me somewhere, but couldn't recognize me. She asked me – “with whom did you come along?” and then pointing to Anu & Maya "they all are your........." i finished the line for her saying - “teammates at work..” - with a smile. And I said bye to her and came back to my seat.Then Anu and Maya started to make fun of me so that the lady could see me sitting next to two girls. Then i showed was my newly brought laptop to them and all the people inside that coach was wondering, what the heck was happening .I had hidden intentions behind showing my laptop, i wanted to show them my expertise in the photo effects using Picasa and i wished if they wanted me to throw some effect on one of their pic. But as someone rightly said – with women, “expect the unexpected”. Instead, Maya wanted me to transfer the Picasa tool itself. It was like the plan started off perfectly and but it suddenly took an unexpected turn. So plan 'A ‘failed.

First Cup of Tea

After a few minutes, dinner was served .While having dinner, I noticed Maya was getting frequent calls and messages in her phone. She was disturbed and it was very clearly visible too .Suddenly she decided to take up the phone and after a few seconds she started crying and she went outside. I looked at Anu with a question mark on my face. she had seen this drill before, but this time around, she was like bit concerned because things were happening in front of me and when i turned around i saw Maya crying and she saw me watching her, and i asked her to come in and she wiped her tears off and came inside But, i still remember that scene, an angel sitting and wiping her tears, who in this world leave an angel like her , only a devil with human traits could do that because ,devils always admired beauty of an angel and wars were fought in her name so it can't be a person with traits of the devil alone, it needed to be much more worse than that ,so i thought he must be someone having all the negative traits of a devil and the ego of human. It was at that time i saw a beautiful scene, Maya was leaning onto the shoulders of Anu and she whispered "it's over..." i heard that sentence and when i turned towards them, i saw a very beautiful gesture by Anu, Maya was having a sad face " :-( "Anu using her fingers lifted Maya's cheeks and it made her face to turn from :-( to :-) she said "it's alright” making Maya to smile. That's what friends do, when ever u feel dull or broken they just make u feel happy or at least try to make u feel like u are normal and strong. After the dinner, Maya was still in hibernation mode, moody. But, Anu tried to make me feel comfortable. i admired what she was trying to do and played puppet to it .Then she started to ask me questions about men, about people and she knew that i can talk the whole day when it's philosophy in the plates. So i talked and some words which Maya might have overheard made her feel bad and again drown in sorrow .Then came the Tea guy, here comes the first cup of tea. i told them that nothing freshens you up like a warm tea and which are the most perfect timings to have a warm tea like, when it's raining or in a perfect misty mornings and it made them smile and at that time Anu said that Maya also is a diehard tea and coffee fan , i smiled at her and shook her hand and i said " we do have a lot in common " she smiled .As we sipped the first cup of tea ,i watched her drinking the tea ,she was still disturbed and in a dilemma. Can't blame her,it’s only hours after she said final NO to her relationship.

Second Tea and Whispers in the dark

It was time to sleep, everyone was going to sleep, all the berths were lifted and locked, curtains were lifted up and only a few lights were on. And the vibration of respiratory structures and the resulting sound, due to obstructed air movement during breathing - yea, that’s the Wikipedia definition for snoring - from the person next to our coupe was doing just that…So the girls climbed up and Maya was going to sleep in the upper birth , i was wondering how she will climb up and the way she climbed up amused me , so fast and effortless .She told me that she's good at climbing trees, i nodded and said " i can see that " she smiled .After a few minutes i realized that ,it was way too early for me to even try to go to sleep , it was only 11 pm it's the time when, if lucky i come from my shift else, i would be still flushing in work. I then realized that both the girls were restless too, for them too it was early to sleep .So they asked me whether we all could talk for some more time .I said ok and both the girls came down and sat next to me. sitting was uncomfortable and since all the others were sleeping we didn't want them to complain so i asked them to just whisper .They then started the girl stories, the college stories, the returning home in train ,the train experiences and then came ghost stories in her college .I then moved to Anu's berth so that the ladies could feel comfortable and again i played puppet acting scared to the ghost stories that Maya was telling about, i just wanted to make Maya talk ,make her forget everything for as long as i can and then in some station i asked them whether they need another cup of tea and Anu said no and she was wondering why drinking tea at 12 but Maya with a smile said' yes ' right away .I couldn't stop myself from saying " cute.." and brought 2 cup of tea and while sipping it i noticed Maya she was smiling at Anu and then looked at me Anu was like "drinking tea at 1 AM, mad people " . i said " it's ok ,this kind of madness is ok to have"

The final cup and the dream

Every time Maya was handing over the empty cup to me i was imagining like she saying "honey.. can u just keep it over there" i know it's a bit awkward to think like that but what to do? .Imagination can't be controlled, especially when it's Piscian who writes poetry :) And both the girls had hopped back to their berths for a good night sleep. I was sitting in my berth difficult to get sleep and Maya saw me and asked whether i was gonna sleep. I said “No”. Then she came down and sat next to me. This time Anu was not there only Maya and me and then i asked " what's wrong?" she then explained her story .Since i was a bit experienced mind gamer, i first tried to speak against me and tried to tell her that things will come back to normal in their relationship but she was very sure that it’s never gonna be back. I then threw some stories that i heard and read about, which states that "don't compromise your heart for someone” and i told her one of my favourite lines written by me “you women always say 'yes' to most perfectly constructed complicated lies and 'no' to most innocent and simple truths”. She looked at me with excitement ,she asked "when did i say no" .I then said that if anyone comes next and if he's genuine don't say No right away, wait for life's sweet surprises. she looked down and i said that there's one more simple truth that in this current context is that " it's over" accept it. She looked down with guilt whether she could accept this truth .I then said to her that it's ok to cry now but ,have to move fast out of this state , "been there, done that , know how you feel" - these words made her feel better i believe and she looked at me with those half crying eyes. Phew.. i still remember that eyes .Just to escape that moment and feeling i asked " final cup of tea" she smiled and said "no, not anymore ..thanks ".I then went out and brought a tea and another extra cup and when i opened the screen i saw that she was still thinking about something . I sat next to her and the way she made way for me was sort of mechanical, thinking about something else. I was wondering whether it was my words that had made this impact and i secretly wished so . I then poured half of the tea to the other cup and handed it over to her. she was like surprised, she grabbed the cup from me and said "God has given me everything good till now, he will not leave me just like that, what i will get next will also be good " I smiled and she was looking at me while sipping her tea. when i saw her watching me, she smiled. I was sure she was asking something to herself. I wanted to say this - "Yes, there is hope that, you can still be loved by someone and love someone. Experience something which you had never experienced until now , experience the love which will even make Gods to envy .Just hold on, don't use up all your tears now itself -in this sorrow ,you will need them later when in extreme joy and when u laugh until your tummy hurts .Just wait and don't loose hope. who knows that some one might not have entered your life until now or maybe you have seen him many times but you didn't notice and who knows, you might be sharing your cup of tea with him right now.” Our conversation ended and she went back to her top berth and i lying down in the lower berth watching her. She was a bit clear now, her eyes seemed to stop looking completely dull, it was starting to glow and may be did she just read my mind? .Since, the glow was back i didn't bother to check the reason for it. She saw me and said “goodnight" she tapped her eye brows and her eyes said “thanks dear and will be back as soon as every single dirt of previous relationship is drained away from soul and wait for me ". I said in my mind "will wait for you until i become the scent of the winds" .i know you guys would be thinking “impossible imagination strength..:)”.But, what to do typical Piscian instinct .:-)

Journey Ends....

Woke up from the most beautiful sleep due to the sound of buzzing people trying to get out and enter into the train and the chai waalas(tea sellers) . But i then understood all that was a sign to wake me up to one of the perfect morning sight "sleeping Maya" . Everything in this world stood still, only frame that kept rolling in my mind was that of the sleeping Maya. Her peaceful sleep had very infectious effect, all i heard was my pounding heartbeat nothing else...At that moment i remembered a scene from the movie TROY where in the mighty Achillies simply looks into the spartan princess 's sleep .When a mighty warrior who had single handily conquered wars and enjoyed the fear of his opponents ,finds peace simply by looking into a women 's sleep, then imagine it's effect of a normal person .So after a few minutes ,she woke up and saw me watching her . I said "good morning” and she smiled and wished me back and smiled. Today's smile was a bit different, she glowed with happiness and i noticed it, and she caught me noticing it. We had almost reached the last phase of the journey and there were only hours left to reach our place .So after morning refreshment, we sipped the first Tea of the day, i told them that i am a sort of morning person , that was my first try of the day to impress the ladies and then as time progressed, she asked me about one of my college juniors her name was Maria, when she said her name, Thank god she came to be one of those very few juniors whom i know. i said " woah... i know that girl . how are u two both related..(with a surprised face) " i had hardly spoken less than 10 times in the whole college life to Maria. But my reaction had done the trick, Maya was surprised and after a few minutes late, when Anu had gone to wash her face .She told me something which brought me back to earth. she said "you were right.. Do you know what happened? Yesterday night he called and said sorry." I was like speechless, what??? That’s all it takes. a five letter word" S O R RY" to bring back a women?? What the heck.!!! . A simple five letter word brought down my 5 hour attempt and it swallowed my 5 hour talk?? .I smiled back and said" oh. . that ‘s why you have a special glow today ..nice nice.." .Until that moment i believed that it was my presence and the talk in the night which had brought her back to life and made her to shine. But in real it's a simple text message of five letters that did the trick. The rest of the journey was just unmoving, so tiring and i took special care not to make them realize that i am broken because my dream and imaginations were just destroyed. So it was a hard time but managed anyhow. Few moments before, it was the speed of the train that was hurting me and now it's the stops and the stations in between and the delays at the stations which was really hurting .At last it was only a few minutes before we reached our place, it started raining .If she had not showed me that five letter text message, that drizzling raindrops would have been described as the God's gift to me wishing me luck and celebrating our presence along with each other's side in our homeland but, now it conveys the tears that were shattered for my broken dreams

Drizzle and the tea...

Reached the station, it was the first time ever since i have left my home town that i set foot on the platform without smiling. Anu's father was waiting for us, we met him and i talked to him and he asked me since it was raining should he drop me to my home. I right away said ' no 'with a smile and told him that we both are going two different directions and i had informed my friends and they will be coming here in any moment. He smiled and shook my hand and said "will meet some time" i smiled and said "definitely". Actually i had told my friends that i would inform them in advance before i reach the final station, so that they can plan accordingly. But totally forgot to call them. The reason why i said no to uncle's offer was simply because Maya was going along with them, so, didn't want to make any additional memories with her. As uncle drove in, i noticed something - the color of the car was “red” .It was a symbolic sign from the nature that - everything stops right here, right now. Either you wait until it becomes green or simply take another route. I knew that it was not worth waiting so had made up my mind to take another route. Both the girls waved and i said to Maya to take care and wished her all the best for her future and as they drove away, i came back to the platform waiting for the rain to stop. While i was waiting in the platform, i was looking into every young girl's face and i wanted to hold a mic and ask all of them this –

"Seriously... that's all it takes - a simple sorry..??? attached with some common affectionate words" dear/sweetie/cutie.. You run back to the person who made u cry one whole night and slept peacefully .I can understand you people showing this type of behaviour during the times of grandmother's time period and may be my mother's teenage times because during those times, you people were denied education, freedom and world experience .But now during this 2012.. as per the Mayan calendar, the world's gonna end and you people have not started to change, what the hell... and you call yourself Modern ladies - bold and beautiful but the reality is no matter how fashionable and modern you dress and present yourself, many of you might have crossed ice age but, 90% well , 99% among those have met until now have not yet got out of stone age. It's because of you people that, being a playboy is far easier than being genuine. Change ladies...change.. start acknowledging the genuine men, we are tired of hearing playboy success stories .you people are making life hard for us .So act fast and act wisely ".

While i was saying this speech in my mind, the rain had settled down to a drizzle. I was so frustrated of this loop of disappointment wondered when is this gonna stop and will i met someone who has quality added to beauty. I was wondering who all will help me in this biggest puzzle of life, at that moment, my cell phone started ringing .I smiled when i saw the name; it was my friends calling me. Every single time when ever your heart is broken, guess who will be the people who will make it to smile again??? Without doubt every person will point to someone who’s related to you as your best friend .I answered the call and he yelled for not letting them know one hour prior to reaching the station. Thanks to Indian railway, this train kept track of its proposed time and made it in time. He was waiting for me outside the station, i walked towards him and gave him a hug and i hopped into his bike and i asked him where he was taking me to.. He with a smile said " i thought of talking you to our gang's favourite TEA shop and since you loved having a tea feeling the cold drizzle , i thought of taking you there. What do you want me to do? are u tired ?you want me to drop you at home??" i said with a smile " nope buddy .. just want to have a refreshing cup of tea . He said “So be it...”. I always believed, having a cup of hot refreshing tea while you are completely wet in the drizzling rain with the drizzle still on, is one of the beautiful small things which decorates one's life and when that moment is shared with the people with whom your heart speaks without thinking, it makes it even more special. While enjoying that Cup of tea, he asked me how my travel with two ladies was?? . I with a smile said " mate... i am gonna write a short story about it ".He gave his classic smile and said.." Oh Boy....listen mate... i hate reading and you know that.. .but i have no problem in listening to them.... (with a smile). I then started " Machi....it was raining in Chennai this friday......."

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