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It is about a fantasy tale.

Submitted: April 23, 2016

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Submitted: April 23, 2016




The Bronze doors and other stories

1. The Bronze Doors

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Komali, she always liked to catch butterflies. If she would see a butterfly, she would not care where she was, what time it was, even though her parents would call her; she just wanted to catch the butterfly.

CHAPTER-1 Komali’s pilgrimage

One day (in the morning) Komali was going along with her parents on a trip to pilgrim places by barefoot. While she was walking she suddenly saw a butterfly and ran after it to catch it, she was running and finally she caught it when she entered a fort with bronze doors.

The doors of the fort got closed and she was worried, she tried very hard to open the door but she couldn’t and also her parents were worried. She couldn’t do anything, she was panicked her parents were also vexed because they told her many times. They waited for many hours, but she didn’t come, so they left her and went to see their pilgrim places.

CHAPTER -2 inside the fort of bronze doors

When Komali went inside one of the rooms was walking in the fort of bronze doors, she was astonished when she saw a prince pierced with small needles in his body. She got frightened and made a fuss, but what she could do as her parents were not with her. She got an idea; she thought to remove all those needles. She slowly removed them one by one. Only two needles were left in the eyes.

It became late in the night. She slept and thought to remove it the next day. The next day while she was bathing, the maidservant came and opened his eyes. She wore Komali’s dress and she put her dress in place of Komali’s. The prince thought she removed all his needles and married her. They both lived happily together.

CHAPTER-3 the box of magic dolls

Then Komali will become the maidservant. The prince gave her a room. Every day she was doing the household work and sleeping in the separate room. In that room a box of magic dolls were there. Every day those dolls would comb her hair, give her sweets and help her. Every day she used to play with them while sleeping. One day the man got up suddenly, he heard this noises from Komali’s room. He knocked the door; those magic dolls will go inside because they know that somebody is coming. She closes that box. Then the prince shouted “Who are you? What are these noises?” Komali told him the full story what had happened to her, after the prince got to know the truth, he punished the maidservant who took disguise of Komali, and he made her get out of that village. They both married each other and live happily.

Moral: A dog cannot be a lion by wearing the lion’s mask.

2. The clever sister

Once upon a time there lived two sisters, Saritha and Komali. They both grew an eggplant in their backyard. Saritha liked eggplant so much but she couldn’t eat it, because Komali sells them for money. Let’s see how Saritha will eat the eggplants.

CHAPTER-1 Saritha eats eggplant curry

One day the Komali goes to the market for selling eggplants. Saritha thought to eat the remaining plants without telling her sister. She took all the small eggplants and made a curry for her. After making the curry, she was eating peacefully, at that time Komali came and knocked the door. Saritha became worried, she got an idea; she took Komali’s sari, kept the food in that and threw it to the loft; by mistake a small piece of the sari was still out.

CHAPTER-2 Komali’s sari in the loft

When Saritha opened the door, Komali asked that why she had took so much time to open the door.  Saritha said that she was bathing. When Komali entered the house, she was searching for her sari, and then she saw a piece of it in the loft. When she pulled it, the curry fell on her face. She got angry. She took Saritha in a bag, tied it and went to the forest. She thought to burn Saritha, but she forgot the matchstick, so she told one of her friends to guard her; it became late in the night but still she didn’t come. So the friend went away home. At that time Saritha shouted for help; a man was passing by, he opened the bag and let her free. She thanked him and filled the bag with pebbles and went to the top of the tree. Then Komali came, she burned the bag. She thought it was Saritha who was being burnt.

CHAPTER-3 Saritha as a ghost

After Komali went, a gang of robbers came under the tree. They were sharing the items they robbed. Saritha sneezed at that time, the robbers thought the sound was of a ghost, left the gold and went away. At that time Saritha came down, took the gold and headed to her home. When she knocked the door, Komali said that who is knocking the door. Saritha said that she was, and then Komali said “Go, Go Saritha is already dead”. Then Saritha told what had happened, then Komali opened the door and said “Very nice! “.

CHAPTER-4 Komali being burnt

Then Komali said

That, even I will do in the same way like you; tie me in a bag. Then Saritha said “Ok”. She took her to the forest, but this time she didn’t forget the matchstick, she brought it along with her and burnt her. Komali died.

Moral: There is a sufficiency in the world for man's need but not for man's greed.

Ant’s tale

Once upon a time, there lived a king who had 7 sons. They went for fishing, when they finished fishing they made them dry. One of the fish didn’t dry , due to the shade of hay , then they went to the hay , it said that the cow hadn’t eaten the food , when they asked the cow , it said that the servant did not feed him , when they asked the servant he said that his mistress didn’t give him food , when they asked the mistress she said that her grand-daughter was crying , when they asked why she was crying she said an ant bit her  , when they asked the ant why did you bite her , it replied if anybody keeps their finger in my hill , won’t I bite them.



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