On Alenka's Thousand Ice Cubes

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A short story about a story "On Alenka’s Thousand Ice Cubes".

Submitted: November 22, 2011

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Submitted: November 22, 2011



Once upon a time, all the story lovers were concurrently loved many stories. The noumenon of stories talks about many thing or anything without any detailed doubts. Again the story-teller likes to write its manipulated description with story writing procedure or terminology. The story-teller is still thinking about the name of story to keep up the dramatic silence. Once upon a time, a god called as god, who lived in a place called as god land. In this land we can find god’s followers, god father, god mother, son of god, daughter of god, Uncle of god, aunty of god, son-in-law of god, daughter-in-law of god, father-in-law of god, mother-in-law of god and many laws of god so far. Here, in olden day stories, god had decided to create more gods. The gods has shown interest to have sex with many gods with their permission to accept their seeds, weird seeds had its own plans. So this story could be called as once upon a time or many decades ago or long time ago. All these repeated stories are talking about god and the assistant gods too. Finally the new people have started to adopt the old ideas to write about god or gods for old times sake. Behind the scenes, god like god decided to distribute new syllabus of beliefs and colorful pictures. The pictures are more into symbolism and awaited for Nobel prize in literature. So god can print the name along with the words “Nobel prize winner”. Another ‘So, this is what happened’ have talked about people who were standing on the queue to buy god’s non-bestseller book. The pictures must have stay alive to protect its slang ideas unconditionally, those are more like sculptures, some pictures are so rough to believe, some other pictures are so polish like polish Jews. So Nazis can’t say that the Jews aren’t smart enough to build a strong economic values in America by American gods. Every place has its different gods to talk about their values. Values are later modified and customized by god’s assistants. God had already decided not to interrupt with assistants to face the ghosts. Ghosts have two faces to turn around in the dark and its vertical suggestions are still growing to satisfy the eccedentesiast.

Alenka (Pronounce, Aa-le(a)n-ka), whose husband is working as a security guard in a place about 6923 nautical miles from her country. God doesn’t gave much importance to their relationship and there is no acquisition of each others expectations. Alenka was thinking about the directions of love towards her husband and predominantly of a non-ethical attitude. All corners has its different meanings in their conversation, their conversation doesn’t have any particular kind of intentions. It showcases their way of thinking, it’s melting on their ability to link up each other without understandings. She didn’t try to pull him into her circle, her circle is still growing and glowing. She was scared noticing her circle is growing and glowing. Only she can understand the corners of her circle. No one can debate with her, pointing out that there is no corners in circle and it’s totally preposterous. But only she can explain about her circles and corners, as much as possible she tried not to explain about her circle theory. Alenka’s birds are flying inside her circle, waiting for the kitchen window to open. The aroma of her cooked words invited all her friendly birds from different parts of the country. Every birds has long feathers with different logo designs on it, some are usually unusual and unusually usual, its green eyes reflects almost everything. She touched them, caressed them and kissed them. Birds that will never fly far away from their limits. It will come back and knock her kitchen window to open. Knock, knock, knocking on Alenka’s door, she smiled for the song of birds. Preserved smiles shouldn’t exchange to other hands.

Zanirza finished reciting passages randomly from the novel.

“Chef-d’oeuvre, Chef-d’oeuvre”, auditorium applauded. Zanirza didn’t expect not to expect this recognition.

Zanirza books aren’t best-seller, but it has created a strong waves between some particular readers.

Zanirza has been called as writer’s writer.

Zanirza’s recent book, “On Alenka’s Thousand Ice Cubes”, a new style of writing and it has been followed by many new writers. Zanirza’s recent book has won the Nobel, and this book has already translated in many languages from Gzhizlokian (Pronounce, Ghea-low-ki-un) language.

This novel is expanding the reader’s imagination into different levels to understand Alenka’s journey. One of the rumor has denied by the author that it isn’t a true story based on Zanirza’s life, and added that there is no plan to write an autobiography. This controversy is still hanging between many articles about Zanirza.

In this novel, Alenka is traveling to different parts of the world to spread a new religion called Qelvabaini (Pronounce, Kel-wa-bay-nee). Powerful people with powerful friends made her to do what they want to do. Alenka started to obey the powerful people with powerful friends. She started to babble about her new-god. The powerful people with powerful friends are slightly worried about her weird imagination and they are confused about her new-god. Do they really need a new-god? That’s the question which is dominating everyone in all seasons. But she never stopped talking about her new-god. Seasons are slowly changing its colors to listen to her speech on her new-god. The powerful people with powerful friends have decided to choose her as their new leader to take over the new religion and its new-god. Alenka’s new ideologies are spreads by her new followers from all over the world. This novel isn’t easy to understand, lots of neologism were used to create a new style of writing, lots of characters used in this novel, one of the crucial character is Kangaroo, it’s a metaphor. Kangaroo is flying in many places, it flies between many beliefs, conscience, cultural communications and complex expressions. The crucial part in this novel is the conversation between the new-God and Alenka. Zanirza was much appreciated for her narrations and detailing each characters. There are accurately thirty-six characters in this novel.

Zanirza’s works are seen as technical writing, more into forming words, decorating the edges of meanings, more new characters with new artificial incidents, shock values, critical terms. Middle-east literary reviews had a strong negative opinion on this novel, but later this novel that has recommended for college thesis and literary analysis. They received more marks from new teachers and less marks from old teachers in another part of the country. Author strongly believes that the language is to form mistakes, it has its own description to describe the method of meaningful choices. Author didn’t show any interest to sit for a novel discussion and ignored all the invitations. But this novel has been seen in different ways in different places. Lots of online discussions, created online forums in different names, different topics, different opinions. A Hollywood production company has decided to take a movie based on Zanirza’s On Alenka’s Thousand Ice Cubes. 200,000 copies of the second edition of “On Alenka’s Thousand Ice Cubes” has sold out. 27,149 likes for Zanirza’s fan page in Facebook. Emails, letters, gifts, online comments made Zanirza rethink the next novel.

Comment 1: Dear Zanirza, You are a kind of writer I’ve ever seen. Your novel has changed my life. Thank you.Heather Thomas, LA.

Comment 2: Zanirza, Your writing has inferior quality. What’s the difference between your writing and mills and boons? According to my opinion, it’s deceptive. Please enlighten me if I’m wrong.
Andrea Llosa, Peru.

Comment 3: Bonjour Zanirza! vous avez manqué l’essence de la vie. Votre roman est peu médiocre. J’ai perdu mon temps.
Algernon Jean Pierre , Toulouse.

Comment 4: Respected Madam Zanira, How are you? I am fine. How is your family? My family is good. Yesterday my friend bought your book from a store near by his home. He told me that he loves your novel. I’m expecting more stories from you. Madame, Are you married? Do you have kids? What is your husband’s name? Just I am curious! I didn’t get any information from Google and newspapers. Thank you.
P.S. I thought that you are a man writing under a woman’s name. ha ha ha ha. check out my blog if you are not busy.
Yours obediently,
Mr. Asheesh Kapoor, BBA, MBA, PhD., India, Haryana – 122071.

Comment 5: Dear Zanirza, I have read your book before couple of weeks. The novel made me to read it again, I found the second story from the same novel. I didn’t try to read it third time, I hope that I could find the third story from the same novel.
Antione Liu, Manchester

Comment 6: Zanirza, On Alenka’s thousand ice cubes, I think that you are trying so hard to convince the readers, and there are lots of techniques only to gain shock values. There is no much information on Alenka’s husband, is it a metaphor? You killed that character for nothing. The poems in between the novel are very much inspiring. I really enjoyed your writing style. Waiting for your next work. Thank you.
P.S. I support transgender.
Bianca Marie George, Romania.

Comment 7: My dear Zanirza, I really LOVE your novel. I love the way you love everything in this world and words. I would really love to meet you. I LOVE to hear from you soon.
With love, Randy Augustine Love, Australia.

Comment 8: Hello, Big blah small blah bigger blah smaller blah biggest blah smallest blah…

Comment 9: Dear Sir, blah blah blah blah…

Blah 10: Intellectual blah…

Blah 11: Innovative blah…

Blah 12: Confused blah…

Blah 13: Modernism blah…

Blah 14: Post-modernism blah…

Blah 15: Post-structuralism blah…

Blah 16: I think I can understand, so you think that I can understand, both of our understandings would create a third dimension of understanding and blah…

Blah 17: blah…

Blah 18: blah…

At a point, Zanirza stopped reading them.

“Zanirza’s life and works”, a documentary film, narrated by Morgan Freeman. It has nominated for Cannes 2071.

Later, Zanirza’s rare poem “The Fourth Wall” was published in a monthly literary magazine after author’s death.

Zanirza (2016-2064).

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