Let the devil go

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

When pain is too much that you lose the ability to feel anything good

11th August,2019

You have locked yourself up
inside the concrete walls of cruelty in the name of security
Your past has wrecked you,
 It has Freaked the heck out of you,
And now
You don't wanna give your heart a beat because you're afraid to perceive any sensation that races your pulse

You have been harsh for not to be hurt again,
But tears never make you less strong
I know,
Circumstances made your vehemence frozen
But my darling,
Running away
 from what scares you doesn't make you any  strong

For,Conquest of the battle requires you to fight
Slaughter of your fear requires you to fright
So, Unlock your inner cage 
and let the fury
 that's holding you hostage fly miles,miles away through it..

Release the demon you've trapped inside the monstrosity built by the abnormity of your treacherous ferocity making you colder,colder everyday

Amid your infernal hurts and burns, deep inside of you  lies  another you ,
a fragile combatant tired of endlessly aching combats,
Combat against confused mind and soul
Combat against insightful science and psychic conscience......

 Look in  the mirror of your innocence that you used to hold..
  Can't you see those prepossessing ójós of yours?
Shinning with the trillions of wishing stars beneath your pupils wishing to be poured for you to wish the wish of being able to love again..
Can't you feel the current of anticipation?
 The Hopes to be unconfined from your own devil flowing through your bones..
Can't you hear the invocation?
The words of prayers sent from the halo..
Prophesy is for believers,
Only if "you" become your religion
You shall be the prophet of your triumph
You shall slay the monsters haunting you in the dark
Through the wisdom in your every breath hurling like a georgous fire ???? ???? 

Ramala shrestha

Submitted: August 13, 2019

© Copyright 2020 Azazel.E. All rights reserved.

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