The Lion Heart

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A breif on the lives of the children of palestine.

Submitted: October 28, 2011

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Submitted: October 28, 2011




He looks down at his blood stained feet. Moments like this made him wish he could afford shoes. Moments where he has to feel the warmth of his loved ones blood beneath him.  He stood there wondering how it has come to a point where he had nowhere to go. No body to turn to, Nothing to live for. His only companion was the soil which he stood on, but even that was not his own. He stopped owning the land which should have belonged to his people when 60 years ago a person who did not own it gave it away. Although this land has asked so much of him he still loved her because he knew that even though she has taken a lot of him, she asked for nothing more than what he had to give. He had learned to love her because of all the stories he heard about the land that was once free, a land that gave sunshine back instead of soaking it up. He learned to love that land because of what it taught. It taught him how to be a man at the age of 8 because he was the eldest of his siblings and they demanded a wall to lean on and so, he gave them, a solid concrete base.  That land taught him how to be fearless. She taught him how to love people and accept them with a huge heart as he had little time before that love ended. There he stood, looking down at the sole survivor, looking down at his 14 year old brother. Dead.

 His father always said “save your tears, son. You’re going to have a lot to cry about.” Is this it, the moment where he lets it all out?  Is this the end? How do you lose all your family when you’re not even seventeen years old and not shed a single tear? But still, his father’s words echoed through his head. His father figure hovers over him telling him what he already knows... this is the start of the end.

  What has become of you dear Palestine? When did they get the right to call you Israel? How did they get people to ignore your existence? When did your people become invisible? He gets distracted and looks up as he hears the sound of a creeping bomb.  Two sunsets gleam through his eyes. His breath catches and for the first time in 7 years he weeps. He weeps at the mother he lost to a stray bullet. He weeps for the sister who died of hunger. He weeps for all he has lost to a race that took a land that wasn’t theirs as a home. He lies down by his brothers corpse hoping god would take him too. He drifts away to a troubled sleep the sound of his people’s death marking his every breath. “don’t worry, son. Tomrrow you’ll be stronger than you were today.”

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