My Beloved Elina

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A man finds a young girl in the streets that resembled someone he couldn't tell.

Submitted: July 22, 2008

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Submitted: July 22, 2008



I saw a young girl through my window, gently walking down the streets at midnight, when I couldn’t sleep. She was like and angle; beautiful, and pure. Her skin was white and glowing. She used a white and gorgeous dress. I couldn’t hear her steps, despite the silence in the road and having my window opened widely. Her hair was blonde, wavy, and long that it almost reached the ground. She was barefoot, and when she rolled over me, her eyes where grey, almost white. At that very moment, her eyes were very tempting. I wanted her. Lust crept inside me. A chilly breeze came upon me. The wind was strong, so I closed my eyes. As I opened it again, she wasn’t there anymore.

After that day, at 10.00 in the evening, I was at home, waiting for her. I didn’t want to lose her. And at this same day, I realized that her eyes were familiar. To whom, or what? Suddenly the lust came creeping inside again. Lust for what, I didn’t know. It was abstract, and in my mind I just wanted her, more than anything else.

At 12.00, she appeared, again. I rushed to her, afraid to lose her. I ran through the street. I still couldn’t hear her steps. She was still beautiful, and clean, as if she stayed all night and day long in the same place without moving. Then, I reached her, with my very own hands I touched, grabbed her, so hard as if she was falling from a cliff. The girl looked startled, facing me.

“Don’t go!” I shouted, accidentally exploiting my feelings out. She looked at me plainly for a second. I grabbed her and hugged her, I needed to do it… for a reason I couldn’t remember. She pushed me a bit, and she looked at my eyes strongly, deeply. She began to cry, and her lips moved, but no sound came from it, as if she couldn’t talk. I was surprised. It was her… At the same moment, I realized I wasn’t hugging her, but I was touching the ground. Tears flowed through my cheeks, and I cried in her memory.

I was a doctor for the handicapped. I taught them how to read without eyes, speak without voice, and many more. At the same time, I learned how to understand lip talking. She, the girl I temped, was my patient, and my very own daughter. After the surgery I made for recovering her voice and sight, she wasn’t ready. But she was so excited. I let her go out alone for the first time in the second day, but her eyes became blurry after hours, and her hearing wasn’t going good…

She went to the road while there was a car passing. She lost her senses and panicked. The car tried to avoid her, but it was too late. The driver ran off. She was dead… her head hit the ground… blood flood the street...

My wife went crazy. She attempted suicide. She was all for us. Our one hope, my sweetest dream… But I killed her…

And she still said to me… “I love you…” in the very end...

It was all my fault… It was… all… my foolishness… She… She is… Dead…. I…

My beloved…

~  "Ramayana" Dahlia Lubis ~

© Copyright 2018 Ramayana . All rights reserved.

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