The Way of Destiny

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True love is a durable fire,,

Submitted: February 09, 2014

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Submitted: February 09, 2014






Nurse Indika Pieris walked along a hospital corridor. Her destination was the staff room. And there, she knew, would be Doctor Malan Gunwardene.

Every day at the same time in the morning Indika Pires went to the staff room, to have a few words with D. Malan Gunwardene. They were about to marry and the fact that they were lovers was well known to the hospital community.

Indika Pieres passed an intersecting corridor, she met a few nurses who were going to their wards, they smiled at her. Their smiles indicating that they knew where Indika was going. As she acknowledged the compliments from her friendly nurses, images from the past came back to her.

Their love story was an interesting one. Malan and she were lovers since their school days. It was good to remember. Thought Indika, as she passed a gathering of patients who were in line to be examined by a doctor. It was a time when love was the furthest in her mind. She was the best student in her class and grew in the admiration of her teachers and parents. Her knowledge beyond her studies was limited. But suddenly from nowhere he had appeared and begun to change her world.

At first Indika had no special interest in the new boy who had entered her class, but when the other girls began to talk about him she listened. His name was Malan Gunwardene, they said. And according to them he was the most handsome boy in the whole school. So out of curiosity she had looked at him intentionally. He had stared back at her. His penetrating stare had evoked some peculiar feelings she had never experienced before. A few weeks later they become lovers. It was as simple as that. It wasn’t very difficult for her to win his heart. After all, she was a girl.


The days which followed were filled with the constant joy of young love. They had found a new motive to continue their studies with a new devotion. There was a world for them to win and in order to win that world they had to study. They had done just that with a commitment which was, as most of their friends put it, awesome. Quite often in the evenings they met in a park, and talked about their future, and as the sun went down they used to read poetry.


But true love is a durable fire

In the mind ever burning

Never sick, never old, never dead

From itself never turning….


We have been destined to become lovers. One evening Indika whispered to Malan’s ear. Mostly to their relief, somehow the years had melted away with a surprising rapidity. They faced their exams. But at the most important juncture of their lives, destiny was against them. Only Malan had gained admission to the medical college. To the surprise of everyone Indika had failed. For the first time in life she was doubting her capabilities. Indika had been so shocked that she had attempted to commit suicide. But because of the assurance of Malan, she had recovered. But she gave up her studies and joined the nursing school to become a nurse. Three years later she was a nurse and most of her salary was spent to cover the expenses of her lover who was still at the medical college.


Two years later Malan became a Doctor. He was fortunate enough to get his first appointment to the hospital where Indika worked. And that fact had made them happier than they had ever been before. Their marriage was the only one thing that was left. We’ll soon decide about that. Thought Indika as she entered the staff room.


As usual Dr. Malan Gunwardene was sitting in the same chair but to Indika the expression on his face was not usual , is something wrong ?she asked.yes, replied Malan. I know how difficult this would be for you to accept. But I’ve got to tell this straight, Malan went on without allowing Indika to make any comment.


You know how devoted I have been to my studies. I loved you because you loved me and you were lovable. But all along it was to my studies that I gave first place, Malan said. What are you driving at ? asked Indika with an evident anger in her voice. It would be easier for both of us if we finish this soon. Malan replied and went on. An opportunity has a risen for me to go abroad and study for another degree. Mr. Asoka de silva agreed to spend all the money. But I have to marry his daughter in return. Please understand me, Indika , it’s not that I don’t love you, my preference to my education has compelled me to take this decision . You’ve spent a great deal of your money for my education. I’ve written a cheque for fifteen thousand rupees Malan Gunwardene was holding out a cheque leaf.

Everything was so startling and unexpected that Indika was stunned for a  moment. But soon she recovered. The stunned expression on her face was replaced by an expression of immaculate hatred. She grabbed the cheque leaf and tore it into pieces. Then she turned and ran out of the staff room.


The following morning Malan Gunwardene was coming to work. Although he was a doctor he couldn’t still afford to buy a car, so he got off the bus and began to walk towards the hospital. Yesterday’s incident was still in his mind. He was sorry for having to turn his back on Indika. He loved her deeply. But for him education was everything. He knew what it meant to possess a great Education.


Malan was so lost in thought that he didn’t even notice the car that hit him. In spite of yesterday incident Indika had reported to work but was pacing the ward when the attendant approached her. Dr. Malan Gunwardene has met with an accident and is in the accident ward. Dr. Herath asked you to come at once.


Indika wasn’t surprised or shocked at the news, but she followed the attendant. Malan was laid on the bed, unconscious. The doctor and the nurses were busy over him. Indika showed no emotions whatsoever, but she helped the doctor.


The following morning Malan Gunwardene had regained consciousness. His first thoughts were on Indika. He saw her coming towards his bed. Indika had no more love left for Malan. But the staff would question if she didn’t come to see Malan, so she had come, for appearances sake. She went near Malan’s bed and stared at him without saying a word. Malan smiled, you are quite remarkable he said. I expected you to be shocked at my decision. He smiled and went on. Indika you understood the situation in which I was in. Didn’t you? Otherwise you wouldn’t have come to see me. Smile darling, I’ve changed my decision. We’ll marry after I’ve recovered. So Smile now, nothing is worth your smile. Said Malan, with a smile.


Indika was stunned and bewildered. Suddenly she began to cry uncontrollably. Oh, god I am seeing tears of joy for the first time in my life thought Malan. But as Indika proceeded to cry Malan realized that there was something wrong. Revenge wasn’t my objective, Indika whispered between sobs. She went on with difficulty. Yesterday while you were being operated the doctor asked me to bring a packet of blood. So I went to the  blood bank. When I opened the deep freezer there was a single packet of blood on an upper rack. I took it and read the label. “Blood inside belongs to an aids patient”. And the blood type was A negative. Your blood type too was A negative. Indika paused. Oh god what have I done? Again she began to cry.


Malan was anxious. Tell me what happened ? he yelled. Indika stopped crying. I removed the label and stuck on a new label. On the new label I wrote “A Negative”. Once again she paused and went on. I handed over the blood packet to the doctor. He transfused the aids blood into your body. You could become an Aids patient. Indika was crying and weeping like child.


Malan was incapable of saying anything; He didn’t have to be told of the gravity of the situation he was in. It was certain that he would become an Aids patient and die. But to his surprise he didn’t feel any anger towards Indika.


Indika was still crying. I didn’t want revenge Malan. She said between sobs. I couldn’t bear the thought of you marrying another woman. I just wanted to prevent that. She began to cry again. Then she stopped. Yes we will marry. I’ll also become an Aids patient and die with you. She said. No, Malan protested. They will probably send me to jail for life. Do you want that to happen? Indika asked. Remember we were destined to become lovers. Maybe we were destined to become AIDS patients and die together too. We’ll definitely marry. Indika said with finality. Through years of experience Malan knew it was pointless to argue with this woman.

Two weeks later they were married, to come to terms with their destiny. The rest of the world knew nothing of their situation. They lived as if nothing had happened. But deep in their minds they knew that death was around the corner. They had never believed that destiny could be so cruel against human beings who did everything within their capability to win life. But once again they were together, and that was all that mattered.

But true love is a durable fire

In the mind ever burning……..



Ramesh Seneviratne





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