My Statement - 14 March 2013

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My Statement - 14 March 2013

Submitted: March 14, 2013

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Submitted: March 14, 2013



Benghazi, 14th of March, 2013

Fellow Libyans and for those who value justice and dignity,

My following statement might sound melancholic to you but don’t confuse it with regret. While writing this short statement, the words of Thomas Paine dwelled in my mind ... An army of principles can penetrate where an army of soldiers cannot.

In Libya, what have we really accomplished in more than two years after the so called "Arab spring" which today resembles more the desolate and harsh winter of fascism ?

Sadly, human rights abuses are far worse, we live in insecurity, sovereign decision making is non existent, foreign nations interfere in our domestic affairs because we allow them to, former regime elements have infiltrated all government institutions, extremists dictate their perverse and manipulated view of our noble religion, terrorism has proliferated, over 160 billion dollars of our assets are missing, mass scale corruption is rampant, accountability is non existent, the real patriotic revolutionaries have either been murdered or politically marginalized, and the list goes on. True, we can express ourselves today, but what State guarantees us the safety of our expressions ? Inspired by Sophocles' Antigone I say: Have we become too feeble to contend with the order of chaos ?

The question is: Was it worth revolting against you and your seeds of tyranny Colonel Muamar Gadhafi ?

Without a doubt Yes - because you left us with no other choice but to take up arms and fight you in the name of the values we believed in. How juvenile and romantic of us ...

However, your advantage was that you knew the nature of many of us. Maybe the hypocrites who once praised you as the King of Kings of Africa today shamelessly hold the flag of independence in their left hand secretly believe that this is your posthumous victory. Maybe. You certainly did succeed in turning many of us into immoral monsters.

The last time we communicated was in April 2011 during the secret meetings in Rome when I told your special envoy that the only option for you was to immediately cease hostilities and leave Libya or face a certain death. I told you that because as your sworn foe, I showed you courtesy, and painfully for you, I turned out to be right. Maybe your megalomania made you forget an old Mongol proverb - Never scorn a weak cub for he may become a brutal tiger.

Some objectives of the Libyan revolution have been reached but the Revolution as a whole has not succeeded. It has been soiled, its course has gone astray, and we fell into a web of deceit orchestrated by those who value personal wealth and the illusion of power far more than valuing a mother’s tears who still fall in remembering her murdered child.

Is this our revolutionary coma ? Our self inflicted state of denial ? Are these the revolutionary principles we fought for ? They are certainly not mine.

We voted for a parliament that has since accomplished everything for itself and has simply failed in accomplishing the most basic demands of the people its mandated to represent. We can only blame ourselves.

Maybe the solutions are hidden in the sands of time, God only knows. Would I ever take up arms against a fellow Libyan again ? Never ! Unless in self-defense. My tools are my knowledge, the love towards my country, my perseverance, and my pen and with those weapons I shall always fight for you Libya. And with this pen I write today to whomever believes Libya is his personal property, I say to you what I said to your previous master - Never scorn a weak cub for he may become a brutal tiger.

God be with you Libya.

Rami Mohamed EL Obeidi,

Former Responsible of Foreign Intelligence (NTC)

Revolutionary Commander.

© Copyright 2017 Rami El Obeidi. All rights reserved.

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My Statement - 14 March 2013

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