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friendships is one of the precious memories a person can have. the story is about a boy who is having difficulty making friends but despite of this he will receive a special gift from the light, a
peculiar creature having special abilities. along their journey both of them will discover the origins and test future of their bond.

Submitted: March 18, 2018

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Submitted: March 18, 2018



The Promise of Friendship

“Imagine!! A world living with creatures having peculiar powers…!! Wouldn’t that be amazing?! My dad even called them the galaxy creatures!! He is a well-known Journeylist of the town every time he gets back from his journey he would tell me amazing stories including these amazing creatures where I’m very curious to know where they came from and whether they’re real or not. Then one night I had an opportunity ask my dad.”

(Crystal city, Galaxon’s house, 7:30 pm)

Dad: Goodnight son… We’ve got a long day tomorrow!

Arthur: Dad?

Dad: Yes Arthur…?

Arthur: Can you tell me a bedtime story about galaxy creatures before I go to sleep?

Dad: Well… It’s kinda early… Alright…

Arthur: Oh boy!! I really want to know where they even came from.

Dad: Well this story can truly relate to that question. So… To begin with do you know who the one who first discovered these creatures was?

Arthur: Who dad? Who?

Dad: Well… Let’s call him Blue because that’s your favorite color.

Arthur: I’m so excited to hear this!

Dad: Alright son... So to begin with… It all started a long… Long time ago. After two scientists found a remarkable discovery that changed the entire world.

(Ocean sea bed caves, 9:30 pm)

Professor Michael Green: *Writing on his journal.* It’s been an hour since we went inside this cave in search for prehistoric stones for our further research. *They continued walking deep into the cave.* Until we saw something glowing at a distance…

Professor Ana Lain Green: Michael did you see that?

Michael: Yes!! Maybe it’s an ancient gem… C’mon!!

-They run further deep inside the cave leading to the bright light. However they end up in a dead end.-

Ana: This can’t be… A dead end already?!

Michael: Maybe not…

-Then Michael slowly touch the wall and suddenly a glowing "?" symbol was formed.-

Ana: What do you think is it?

Michael: Hmmm… Some sort of an entrance…?

-At that moment Michael touch the symbol and it opened a hidden door. Then they saw a strange blue orb resting on a rock at the middle of the chamber.-

Michael: What do you think is this?

Ana: Look I think something is written above!!

Michael: *He grabs a flashlight and reads the text above* “To those who combine this orb that aids your vision to foresee at night could change the world’s future sight….” What does that even mean?

Ana: So Michael… What do you think of this as our next research? *As she reached to get the orb.*

Michael: No Ana!! Don’t touch it!! *However she already grabbed the orb.*

-Suddenly the whole chamber begins to crumble. So they quickly rushed towards the entrance and escaped the unstable chamber safe and sound.-

Michael: Phew… I’m really glad that you’re safe.

Ana: Yeah you too Michael. C’mon let’s get out of this rigid cave for us to know what is this strange orb is all about.

-So they continue walking to find the exit of the sea cave.-

Michael: *In his thoughts* A vision that foresaw at night combining with this orb could change the world’s sight…? What does that even really mean?

Ana: Hey Mic!! I think that’s our submarine!!

Michael: Yeah you’re right…

-They went inside the submarine and dive into the depths of the sea going out from the cave.-

(Inside the submarine 11:00 pm)

Ana: *Holding the blue orb.* Such beauty… What do you think Mic?!

Michael: Well… I can’t argue with that… *As the writings from the cave continues to bother him.*

-After minutes in the deep waters they finally resurfaced near the shorelines of Crystal city and Michael quickly went out of the submarine and went straight to their vehicle yet Ana stopped for a while.-

Michael: Ana why are you stopping? Did we left something inside the submarine?

Ana: Well I just come to think that… What were the elements composed inside this orb that continues it to illuminate until now…*She then raised the orb directly at the glow of Marx which it begins to shine so brightly.* Amazing!! *At that point Michael runs towards Ana and lowered her hand away from the Marx’s light.*

Michael: I guess we mustn’t do that Ana... Now c’mon let’s get back to the car and research about that mysterious orb.

Ana: I agree… Let’s go!!

-As they moved away, not even noticing behind them, a residue is left glowing on the ground as the Marx’s light continues to hit the residue. It begins to form a star shaped creature and quickly flew to the mountain side.-

(A day passes by, Mt Crystal, 6:00 pm)

-A boy named Blue came and sat under a tree feeling depressed.-

Blue: Another year is about to end… Still I don’t have any reals friends? *As he throws a rock on a nearby pond.* Is it because all my clothes are old fashioned…? *He exhaled deeply.*

?: I can be your friend *As the voice echoes.*

Blue: Who… Who’s there? *He became scared* Show yourself… Cause… Cause I’m not afraid of anything…

?: I’m right here behind the tree… *As the voice continues to echoes.*

-Slowly Blue looks behind the tree but he found nobody. However as he turned around he suddenly saw a peculiar creature shaped like a star.

?: Hi!!

-Blue had goose bumps as he saw the creature and he quickly run away from it.-

Blue: Ahhhhhh!! Get away from me!!

-While running he got tripped and fell down; at the same time he injured his foot. As the creature came closer, Blue closed his eyes and suddenly tears came out.-

Blue: Please don’t hurt me…

-Suddenly there was a glow and his injured foot was cured instantly. Still Blue cannot move because he was too terrified.-

?: Please don’t be scared… I’m a friend… Not an enemy… *It came closer to Blue* Huh…? Are these… Water coming out of your eyes? *Then it slowly wipes Blue’s tears.*

Blue: Umm… Yeah these are called tears…

?: Tears? How do you do that?

Blue: Well I guess it comes out when someone gets sad or… Scared…

?: Oh no… Did I scare you or made you sad? I’m really sorry!! All I want is a friend…

Blue: Don’t worry I’m alright now… *Blue then realizes he can now stand.* And because of you my foot got healed… I’m really thankful!!... Also I’m so sorry for freaking out like that… Because I never seen any creatures like you before… So what’s your name?

?: Name?

Blue: Yeah you know… Those words that would determine your identity?

?: Umm… As I can remember… It was A... L.. P… H.. A…

Blue: Oh!! So your name is Alpha?

Alpha: Al..pha?

Blue: Yeah you just spelled your name.

Alpha: Cool!! My name is Alpha!! I think… I heard it from before…

Blue: *Giggles* Well my name is Blue. Nice to meet you…

Alpha: Nice to meet you too Blue.

Blue: C’mon Alpha let’s go to my village and meet my people their!!

Alpha: Ok Blue…

-As they proceed going to the village where Blue lives. Trifinity speaks from nowhere that Alpha can only hear.-

Trifinity: Alpha… *After Alpha heard the echoed voice he stops his tracks.*

Alpha: Who’s there…?

Trifinity: I’m your father… You might have little known to recall from your memory in the past because you have just reawakened from your slumber through the exposure from the light of Marx… But now… I want you to get the blue orb and remember not to expose it during the lunar eclipse.

Alpha: But where can I find that blue orb…?

Trifinity: That boy over there which you have just met earlier would be your guide to your destination… Farewell for now my son…

Alpha: Wait… What do you mean by lunar eclipse?

Blue: Alpha? Who are you talking to?

Alpha: Oh… Nothing… No one Blue.

Blue: Okay then… So Alpha can I ask you something along the way?

Alpha: Sure Blue…

Blue: Alright first question how can you fly in midair?

Alpha: Umm… You mean levitating?

Blue: Oh… You mean like those anti-gravity powers in some movies? I guess you’re a superhero then?

Alpha: Well… I guess so…

Blue: Amazing!! Now here’s my second question… How can you communicate without opening your mouth?

Alpha: You mean by using telepathy?

Blue: Amazing!! How I wish I can do that!!

-Alpha giggled in response as they continued walking, Blue then saw the village where he lives.-

Blue: That’s the village!! Let’s go Alpha!!

-As he runs towards the village; he realizes Alpha is not following him so he stops and went back to find Alpha.-

Blue: Alpha!! Where are you?!

Alpha: *He reappeared behind him.* I’m right here Blue…

Blue: There you are Alpha, where did you go?

Alpha: I did this… *He suddenly turned invisible*

Blue: Wow!! You can turn invisible?!

Alpha: *Reappeared* Yes…

Blue: No doubt about it… You really are a superhero!! Oh… by the way why didn’t you follow me earlier?

Alpha: Umm… I didn’t expect that there would be that much of your kind.

Blue: Hmm… I see that you’re a bit shy… Wait!! I got it!! You can follow me and turn invisible until we get into my house!!

Alpha: Well I guess that would be alright… *He turned invisible.*

Blue: Alright… Let’s do this… Like a ninja in the movies.

Levon Grain: Oh Hey Blue!! I’ve been looking all over for you!!

Blue: *Felt surprised and nerveous.* Oh… Hello… Mr. Grain.

Levon: Why don’t you help me plant all of this newly gathered seeds? Just like the old days.

Blue: Umm… Well I can’t do it right now Mr. Grain… Because… My Hands are kinda full… So I apologize right now but promise I’ll help you next time… I’ve got to run… *He quickly dashes away.* Phew… That was close.

Levon: Wait I don’t see Blue holding anything… Hmmm… Well time to change these glasses.

-They quickly walked passed many houses until both of them reached Blue’s house.-

Blue: *Getting inside the door.* Good evening mom!!

Mom (Melody Green): Oh there you are Blue come let’s eat so we can pack up our things for tomorrow…

Blue: Oh I really forgot tomorrow?!... I guess I must hurry!!

Alpha: *Whispering* What is tomorrow?

Blue: I’ll tell you later…

Mom: Umm son is there someone whom you are talking with?

Blue: Oh!! Nothing mom… I was just talking to myself… By the way… Can I eat my dinner inside my room?  I really wanted to ready all of my things as soon as possible…

Mom: As you wish son…

Blue: Alright!! Thanks mom!! *Blue then grabbed his dinner and hurriedly went to his room.* Were here Alpha… You can now turn visible…

Alpha: *Reappeared* So what’s about tomorrow?

Blue: *While preparing his things* Oh that… Well we’re going tomorrow to Crystal city to visit my aunt and uncle.

Alpha: Us?

Blue: Yeah I’m not leaving my friend in celebrating lunar festival this year….

Alpha: *Surprised to hear the word: lunar from Blue.* Umm what exactly is a lunar festival Blue?

Blue: Oh that… Well lunar festival happens every year… It is when Pulsar, Elth and Marx are perfectly align to each other in which the shadow of Elth reflects to Marx that is why during night time we can see Marx having a dark and reddish color… Which is called the lunar eclipse and it also signifies another new year.

Alpha: Wow that sounds very interesting!!

Blue: I know right!!... *While putting all the things into the bag.* Before I forget… Here!! Let’s share dinner… I don’t want you to get hungry before going to bed.

Alpha: Ok… *Took a bite* Wow this is so delicious!!

Blue: *Giggled in response* Yeah… No one can really beat my mom’s cooking.

Alpha: Umm… Blue can I ask you?

Blue: Anything Alpha!!

Alpha: Well… It’s what you have said earlier… What do you mean by friends?

Blue: Oh silly…Well for me… Friends are people whom you can share anything with, no matter if it’s good… Or bad news… They are there to listen to you and also when you get hurt or have problems… They are always there… For you to get up and face the challenges along the way…

Alpha: You mean like brothers…?

Blue: Yeah just like a brother… You and me!!

-After eating dinner Blue and Alpha finished preparing the things needed to bring for tomorrow. Then they went to bed.-

Blue: *Laying on the bed.* What a day… Well goodnight Alpha… *As he turned to Alpha he realized he was already asleep.* Whoa… Already asleep? *He then smiled facing the roof* I can’t believe having a friend is so much fun than I ever expect it to be… Oh I just can’t wait for another day tomorrow. Good night myself… *He turned the lights off.*

(Another day passes by, Train station, 8:35 am)

-Blue is watching the sign where the direction of the train will go. While his mom waits at the station. Until the train arrives.-

Mom: Let’s go Blue we don’t want to miss our trip…

Blue: Coming mom!! Let’s go Alpha…

Alpha: *While he’s still invisible.* Right!!

-They got inside the train and sat down.-

Blue: I really can’t wait to see what the city looks like…

Operator: Next destination… Crystal city…

Blue: Oh boy!! Oh boy!! Oh boy!! *As the train begins to start its locomotive.*

-Minutes later Blue and Alpha fell asleep. 2 hours later they arrived at Crystal city.-

Mom: Son wake up… We have just arrived…

Blue: Huh? What happened?!

Mom: You fell asleep throughout the travel.

Blue: What!! *Suddenly Alpha also woke up because of his loud voice.* I guess I really missed a lot of scenery back there…

Mom: But I bet you’re still excited to see your uncle and aunt right?

Blue: You guess it right mom!!

-They left the train station, got into a cab then they went straight to their uncle and aunt’s house.-

(Crystal city, Green’s house, 10:50 am)

Mom: *Knocking on the door* Hello!! Is anyone home?

Blue: Wow!! The city really looks outstanding!! Right Alpha?

Alpha: *Invisible* Yup!!

Michael: *Opening the door* May I help you…? Oh sister you’re here!!

Mom: Long time no see big brother!!

Michael: Yeah long time no see indeed. Hmmm… I guess that would be Blue am I correct?

Mom: Right!! Blue meet your uncle Michael.

Blue: Good morning uncle!!

Michael: Good morning too… Come everyone, come inside.

-They enter inside a mansion.-

Blue: Whoa!! This is a very huge house…

Michael: Hey Blue!! I want something to show to you… Come with me.

Blue: Sure uncle.

-While they both went to their destination; Blue’s mom and his aunt sat on the sofa having a sip of coffee.-

Ana: For their first meeting together they’re really getting along.

Blue’s mom: You know my brother a very friendly person.

Ana: *Smiling* I totally agree!!

-Blue and Michael went inside the elevator going down leading to the ground floor.-

Blue: Where are we going uncle?

Michael: Just wait and see… It’s a surprise…

-As they arrived at the ground floor they went to a secret room hidden behind a huge portrait. At that point Michael swipes a card which opens the door. Blue then saw a laboratory.-

Michael: Blue… I would like you to welcome to our laboratory; this is where I and your aunt studied prehistory rocks and gems.

Blue: How cool!!

Michael: Amazing right!! Well you haven’t seen anything yet.

-Michael leads Blue to a chamber with his eyes close.-

Michael: Alright… Now you can open your eyes.

Blue: *As he open his eyes he saw a glowing blue orb placed inside a transparent glass specimen box.* Wow!! What is it uncle?

Michael: Well we haven’t really discovered what it is yet and what confuses me is that… Why was it resting in the very deep sea caves of Oceania?

-All of a sudden Alpha becomes visible and went straight to the orb.-

Alpha: Brothers… Sisters…

Michael: *He was surprised to see Alpha.* What is that?!

Blue: No Alpha!!

Michael: Stay back Blue!! We don’t know what it will do to us.

Blue: No uncle!! He’s my friend…

Michael: Wait… friend?!

Blue: Please let me explain uncle…

-They all sat down on a couch as Michael calms down and Blue explains everything.-

Michael: So to summarize everything you first met Alpha at Mt. Crystal. At first, you were really surprised and scared to see him but he proves to you that he can be your pal and as a friend you want to celebrate with him this year’s festival so that’s why you brought him to the trip.

Blue: Right!!

Michael: Does your mother know all about this?

Blue: No…

Michael: Well Blue…

Blue: *Scared* Yes uncle…?

Michael: Your secret is safe with me…

Blue: Really!! Thank you!! Thank you so much uncle…

Michael: Also I’m really sorry for my behavior earlier.

Blue: It’s alright… 

Michael: To witness all of this… I’m really impressed of its abilities on how it can communicate, float in midair, and turn himself invisible… Truly amazing!!

Blue: That’s my special friend!!

Michael: So Alpha right? Where did you exactly came from?

Alpha: As I can recall I was reawakened from that… *As he points at the orb.* With the help from the light of Marx.

Michael: Wait did you said light…? From Marx?! That’s it!!

Blue: What is it uncle?

Michael: The text written above the sea cave where we found that orb!! It said… “To those who combine this orb that aids your vision to foresee at night could change the world’s future sight….” Which means… *He recalled the time when the orb was raised by his wife exposing it to Marx’s light causing it to shine very brightly.* Which means you are… The change to this world!!

Blue: I knew it Alpha!! You are a super hero!! Defender of planet Elth…!! A…Alpha?

Alpha: *As Alpha look deeply into the orb he suddenly recalled all the memories he had in the past.* Yet I’m not the only one…

Michael: You mean… There are still more like you in that orb?

Alpha: I have no clue what creatures my father have stored inside that orb for I was in a deep slumber.

Blue: So is your father a scientist too Alpha? Creating new creatures inside an orb?

Alpha: No he’s a spirit from the light afterlife and yes he’s the creator of that orb and the entire universe.

Blue: I… I can’t understand…

Michael: Yes me too Blue… But this would be another new research to unbind our history… So Alpha can you tell us more of this creator and how did you end up inside that orb?

Alpha: It shall be spoken… Ever since everything is still being created I had once a brother and both of us are the only ones living on this planet and our father gave us a test for us to be trusted. However my brother broke the promise we had to our father so he was banished to the dark afterlife and for me, I became the guardian of this galaxy and I was put to sleep inside an orb together with the creatures and we wait until the right time comes… We will be reawakened again.

Michael: Such an extraordinary origins…

Alpha: Wait that means… Are all of you the powerful creatures that my father have created?

Blue: Powerful… Creatures…?

-Unaware… The lunar eclipse has occurred in which its light passes through the glass window. As it hits the orb, Alpha was electrified and cannot move. Suddenly the lights begin to flicker on and off. So Michael quickly went to the orb while Blue went to his friend. However as they went closer they were thrown away.-

Blue: Wha… What happened?

Michael: I think there is a force field that protects the orb and Alpha...

-Suddenly the orb turned black and Alpha’s eyes turned to red. He then went up together with the orb destroying the floors leading to the roof.-

Blue: Alpha!!

Michael: Let’s go out of here Blue!! It’s too dangerous…

Blue: No I must save my friend. *Ana quickly opened the door.*

Ana: What happened here?!

Michael: Changes are now occurring… We have not much time… C’mon let us find a safer place.

Mom: But wait… Where is Blue?!

Michael: Oh no…

-Blue reached the rooftop where Alpha is there being controlled by the orb and surrounded with strong aura. Blue then clenched his fists and stands firm on the ground; he forcefully went straight towards Alpha. At that moment a helicopter came.-

Reporter: We are here live at Crystal city where there is a very strange sighting of an unusual creature with powers trying to destroy around it… Wait is that a kid!!

Michael: I can’t believe Blue is at the roof… C’mon let’s hurry!!

-Blue struggles to get closer to Alpha-

Blue: Alpha!! Please stop this…

-Quickly the aura grew bigger and Blue was thrown off. Then all of a sudden the aura moves upward into the sky creating a huge black hole.-

Blue: No!! Not these!!

Alpha (Being controlled): Ahahahaha!! Finally I’m here again on this planet…

Blue: *Forcefully stood up.* You…  Are not the friend I know!!

Alpha (Being controlled): Who are you calling friend creature!! I am the great Omega!! The destroyer of this entire existents!!

Blue: Alpha!! I know you are in there… Please stop this!!

Alpha (Being controlled): You’ve put my patience to the limit!! Take this!! *Without control Alpha aims a beam towards Blue.*

Michael: Blue!! *He quickly saved him away from the beam.* Blue are you alright?

-With no response from Blue. He immediately runs towards Alpha, took a large leap and successfully grabbed the orb away from him. However Blue falls into the big hole leading to the ground floor.-

Michael & Ana: Blue!!

Blue’s mom: My son!!

-As he continues to fall, he just closed his eyes. When he was almost going to hit the ground he suddenly realizes something stopped him and he landed safely. He quickly opens his eyes and saw Alpha coming down.-

Blue: Please don’t hurt me… *As tears came out of his eyes*

-All of a sudden a glow occurred.-

Alpha: Why would I hurt my only true friend…

Blue: Alpha!! *He quickly hugged him.* I knew you would come back!

Alpha: *Blue continues to hugged him.* I’m sorry my friend… But is not yet over…

-Alpha’s eyes suddenly turns into red again grabbed the orb and took flight at nearly the speed of light straight inside the black hole then stopped the devastation to occur.-

Blue: Alpha!! Noooo!! *As he kneels down he saw his mom running towards him.*

Mom: Son!! *Embraces Blue* Oh… I’m really worried.

Blue: I’m really sorry mom…

Mom: It’s alright son… It’s alright… As long as you’re safe.

-Ana and Michael also arrived at the basement.-

Michael: *Looking up to the Marx in which the lunar eclipse is already over.* I guess It’s better to happened this way…

-Alpha wakes up and sees the entire surroundings white.-

Alpha: Where… Where am I?

Trifinity: Well done Alpha… Welcome to the light afterlife…

Alpha: Father?

Trifinity: Yes my son… And you accomplished to overcome Omega and at the same time save the creatures from being controlled... Now they are all ready to live together with my powerful creatures… You will all soon shower the entire planet in stars.

Alpha: Thank you father… I guess I also couldn’t done it without Blue… My best friend in planet Elth.

Trifinity: Just trust in him Alpha I’ll give him a part of my knowledge to guide you.

Alpha: I’m really thankful for the guidance…

Trifinity: But remember the final test is yet to come…

Alpha: And what would it be father?

Trifinity: You would soon realize it… But for now…

-A sudden light begins to shine so bright.-

(15 years later, Mt. Crystal, 7:00 pm)

-As Blue sat under the same tree, slightly depressed, he still continues to think the memories he had with his best friend. Suddenly a shooting star came and landed on the pond. Out of curiosity he slowly went closer to the pond to find out what is it. All of a sudden an unusual creature rose ,that looks like a bird having a very long wing span, coming out from the lake and then flew above Blue going straight to the mountains range.-

Blue: What was that?!

-Then a voiced echoed behind the tree as someone showed up.-

Alpha: Can I be your friend?

-Blue was surprised to see his best friend back. He rushed and embrace Alpha and at that very moment tears came out of Alpha’s eyes-

Blue: I knew you would return… My true best friend.

-Then from the skies lots of shooting stars heading to somewhere else.-

Blue: What are those Alpha?

Alpha: Those were also my friends, the galaxy creatures, inside the blue orb. We can now live in harmony with the power creatures on this planet as what my father have promised… All thanks to you and your family.

Blue: Well… I bet we are the powerful creatures that your father is mentioning right?

Alpha: Yes…

Blue: But most importantly, you and I will be best friends forever and nothing can seperate us apart.

Alpha: Yes Blue… Because I believe…

Dad: “Memories last forever and never do they die, Friends stick together and never really say goodbye.” And that is the start where galaxy creatures and human beings live together in one world. The… end…

Arthur: That’s a very heartwarming ending dad… Now that’s what I call the true meaning of friendship.

Dad: That’s true Arthur… Well… It’s time for bed… We’ve got big surprises await tomorrow.

Arthur: Hey dad…

Dad: Yes son…?

Arthur: Are these creatures even real cause I do want to meet one.

Dad: Well… Real or not as long as it relives under your imagination they will always be there… Because these stories were created to inspire us all whether it is based on real-life or just our imaginations.

Arthur: Now I know what I’m going to be when I grow up.

Dad: And what would it be Arthur?

Arthur: To become a Journeylist… Just like you… Where I can also share amazing stories to different persons around… *Yawn* Around the world… *He slowly closed his eyes.* 

Dad: You will my son… You will *As he tucked Arthur to bed.*

Arthur: Goodnight dad…

Dad: Sleep well my son… *Switching off the lights.*


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