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Owned By Psycho Cat



We rescued a kitten from a dysfunctional home where the occupants had attempted to drown her.  So tiny, she had been pushed away by her stronger brothers and sisters from adequate nourishment. What were we thinking?

Willow threw up regular milk. I taught her to drink from a dish by dipping my fingers into goat milk. When she progressed to tinned food, she ate like she was starving. She would wolf down food and then barf it up on the carpet.

After being neglected, her need to be near us was insatiable. I relaxed in our bathtub. Willow jumped in. Mer-row! She catapulted out, but not before gouging me with her sharp claws. I screamed. I got out and slammed the door against further attacks.

She ran away, dripping all over the carpets. Within minutes, Willow was back, meowing pitifully and scratching the paint off the door. Then she repeatedly flung herself at the closed door, thump, thump, not relaxing!

 Good thing Janet, our cat groomer, had on long leather gloves when she gave Willow a bath. Willow hissed, scratched, and peed on the table. I stood by, embarrassed by our delinquent child.

When toweled off, the wily brat squirmed away, jumped off the table, ran under the sink  underneath the pipes. Extracting the frenzied feline was an unfunny cartoon, lots of animation without laughs. Now in need of another bath, the cat fight began again. I left a large tip.

  Trips to the veterinarian were frequent since she tried to trounce all feline competition. These costly excursions were as embarrassing as the grooming appointments.

After all these difficulties, you might think we didn’t like her much. Her short years on earth are unforgettable to us. In our flower bed is a sign with the words, “(Mostly) Sweet Willow.”

Submitted: November 22, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Ramona A Scarborough. All rights reserved.

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Who doesn’t like a crazy cat story? Good read.

Tue, November 22nd, 2022 4:06pm


Cats can and do become psychotic and they are forever a handful.

Tue, November 22nd, 2022 5:35pm

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