I've Obviously Had Enough

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Ok so I admit I'm a little bipolar...

Submitted: July 03, 2011

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Submitted: July 03, 2011



All this pain, I've had enough! I'm sick of it and the grief it causes, The tears I shed and blood that pours.

Loving this hurt, I've had enough! The pain that makes me cry also makes me smile. Why am I so messed up?

Being alone, I've had enough! With nobody to catch me, they watch as I fall. They're here with me, but they seem distant.

Watching from afar, I've had enough! It feels like I'm outside, looking in on the world That laughs and makes me bleed these words.

Faking these smiles, I've had enough! Smiling when I want to cry and laughing instead of breaking down, This mask is breaking my beat-up heart.

Writing these words, I've had enough! I don't want to write for the world to see, But there's no other way for poeple to listen.

Unanswered prayers, I've had enough! They may be gifts sometimes, but it makes me feel Like not even God cares anymore, though I know He does.

All this doubt, I've had enough! I'm sick of all the wondering if anybody cares, If anybody loves enough to give up on me.

Maybe I should let it go, For I have had enough.

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