Black History Month

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A tribute to Feb- Black History Month

Submitted: February 19, 2007

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Submitted: February 19, 2007



Baby, we've come a long way
Long and hard have we fought to get where we are today
Ancestors sure would be proud I know that the dream of so
many still lives on
Can't deny however, that there's still a lot of work yet to be
 done if we ever truely want to stand equal in their eyes
Kaught up so much in our own day to day busy lifes that
 sometimes without even meaning to we forget just how
 important it is that we still carry on the good fight
Hard for the younger ones to understand sometimes why 
 we still fight againest the odds to raise above
Indeed it is true my brothers and sisters
Someday this much you can believe and hold onto dear
They will come to understand and someday stand with 
 us to resist the stereotypes that comes all too easy with the
 color of our skin
Often even Mr. MLK must have sat and wondered if it 
 truely was worth all the sacrifices that we've had to make
 over all these long, hard years
Running straight into the face of the forces againest us to
 come out on the other side someday as victors
You can rest assured my brothers and sisters that yes
 indeed it will happen
Maybe won't happen for a long, long time to come
One, two, or maybe even none of us will ever live to see the
 great fruits of our labor still we must....
Never, never ever give up on our dream of a world without
color or rage
Take under your wings those who do not yet understand 
 and maybe someday just like we all have they will see the
light of a...
Heavy darkness lifted at last to free us all to be one

Equal at last in both the eyes of God and man!

2007 Ramona Thompson

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