Censorship Sucks!

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I have very strong views on this subject. This is just some of that spilled onto the page before you.

Submitted: January 11, 2007

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Submitted: January 11, 2007



Walking all over rights of your fellow man
Don't care who you hurt or why
Just as long as you crybaby get your way
Wanna live our lifes for us
But you can't
Cos we won't let you
Starting tonight
We're getting together an army
Banded together as one
We're not gonna be still
We're not gonna be quiet
Until we've had our day to say
Whatever is on our minds


Censorship sucks and so do you
Always trying to trample
Run over
Force your opinions onto others
But no more
No, no more
This day we're gonna bring about a change
Give you a dose of your own
Shoving it hard
Down your throat tonight
You can choke on this
Yeah, yeah that' s right
Censorship sucks and baby so do you

Got a right
To say what we want
When and where we want
Leaders not followers and useless sheep like you
Trying to dance this world on over to the slaughter
Wish you and your kind would just let us be
Stick your nose right on out of our business
Before we cut it off of your ugly face
False believer
Tell us
What are ya gonna do about this?


Dirty down fighter
Slinging mud in the eyes of those you disrespect
Love 'em if they're just like you
Hate 'em if show even a tiny bit of individuality
Wanna crush 'em hard beneath your high and mighty
Don't know who died and made you God
But I do know
I ain't coming to worship
Would't wanna be like you to save my life
Sticking a finger down my throat
Trying to forget
All about you and your nature so vile


Nothing but headcases and troublemakers
Forever getting in the way
Forever trying to stop progress
Wearing rose-colored glasses
Saying the world is such a perfect, perfect place
When you know damm well that it's not
So you try to shut up
People like us
Writers, musicians and actors
Who dare to tell the real truth
About the state of this cruel world that we're living in
Going behind our backs
Spreading vicious rumors and false lies
Don't you have anything better to do?



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