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Inspired by someone who over the weekend upset so much that I gave very deep thought to giving up writing forever

Submitted: January 08, 2007

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Submitted: January 08, 2007



Don't you dare to tell me that your unasked for advice is for my own good

You and I both know that it's not

Only one thing I want from you and that is for you to stay
permanently out of my business

Do you think that you can once do something that
someone else wants instead of always being so damm

Under the spell of your deceitful, jealous nature I do not want to fall

Yet here we with me being drawn deeper and deeper into
that heartbreaking abyss where there can be no return

Better try and defend myself or I may well be completely destoryed by you and the tricks you have began to play on my mind

Tossing and turning every night in my bed

Tormented by a thousand rampant, out of control thoughts

Wondering as I walk a long and lonesome road if ever I
will be able to write another word again

Did I write this right or did I write it wrong?

Now because of you and your meddling I find myself
questioning more and more everyday my career choice

Open to suggestions but not to those that make me feel this way

So unsure and afraid that sometimes I think that I would
rather die then write another word upon this blank page
in front of me

Using all of my hopes, dreams and worst fears againest me

You have truely sank to an all new all time low

Barely able to even get up in the mornings anymore

For if I don't have the comfort of the written word then
really tell me, what is there left to live for?

Tough so very tough to get past all these fears and insecure feelings you have left behind in my heart

I wonder. Are you proud of yourself now that you have
gotten what you wanted by pushing the competition out
of the way?

Did't want to ever feel this way

But you made me by planting the seeds of my self-

Over and over again

I just could't get that one nasty, little voice out of my head

Until there was just no more denying what was true

You, my muse once upon a time had driven me beyond
what I could take and right into the very darknest relms
where insanity dwells

Bitter, jealous and cruel fellow poet and human being

You vowed to not stop until I lost everything precious to
me and so now I have thanks to you

Terrible thing you did and now a terrible price I shall force you to pay for ever daring to plant the seeds of this horror

Doubt in my head tonight

2007 Ramona Thompson

© Copyright 2018 ramonathompson. All rights reserved.

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