Erotic Poetry

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My beliefs on censorship and how erotic authors always seem to be treated different from others who work with pen and paper to create masterpieces of the written word.

Submitted: January 11, 2007

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Submitted: January 11, 2007



Everybody says that it's porn and therefore does not belong

I, however must say that I feel quite different about it and
here's the reason why

Running from something as natural and as perfect as sex is
really quite insane

What might I ask are you all so very dammed afraid of?

Only one thing wrong with it and that is in how you see it

We erotic writers mean no harm or foul

We mean only to tastefully and artfully arouse the senses
as does any other who has ever dared to put pen to paper

Telling us that we are whores and much worse for doing so
is the same as labeling another evil just because of the color of his skin or different belief system

Are you so very blind that you cannot see the harm that
you are doing not only to yourselfs but to others as well?

I must say I am really quite ashamed of you all my fellow writers for carrying on with this uncalled and unjust

Damming us just for your sin of not being bold and
couragous enough to write the same kinds of words that
we do

Can't say that what you do againest us is for just or right

You call it protecting the young and innocent (who by the
way you should know we do not write for)

We call it censorship

Censorship of the very worse kind possible and you know

Pushing your own twisted dark ages views and opinions onto others like this should be a crime

Don't you agree?

Only want and long for a world of words where we can all co-exsist as one

You, however, seem to have no cares or desires for such a

Instead it seems to me that you wish to run a world where
you decide who is write and who is wrong

A world where you have the first, last and only word

That is not a world that I would ever want to live in nor
would anyone else reading this would to either I'm sure,
Ms. Hilter wannabe

Tell the world

Tell the good lord above himself if you wish but you and
I both know

The real truth you and others like you are trying so
desperately to hide away from is this...

Racy words upset you
Destory and rip you apart inside
For one reason and one reason alone
A reason you know all too well
A reason you have kept hidden for these many, many years
A reason that is not mine or anyone else's fault

Your father's hands.....

Just a little bit too loving for his own child

If you know what I mean.....



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