I Love The Phantom of the Opera

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Inspired by my muse-The Phantom of Poetry

Submitted: February 19, 2007

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Submitted: February 19, 2007



So perfect and beautiful
Haunting my every dream
My every waking moment
Consumed as if in a fire by him
My one truth
My one whole
So close yet so far from me
His heart longing for hers
All the while mine yearns for his

Angel of the night
Angel of music
Beyond your mask
Hiding a dark secret
Don't you know that it is I and I alone who truely sees you
As more then just the monster you believe yourself to be
Don't you yet realize that her heart shall never open to you as mine 
So very willing
Phantom of the Opera do you truely not yet understand?
I love you

So very alone
Without you at my side
I fear that these tears so endless will never stop falling
Killing me slowly
To live my life
Without my one true desire
That is a hell my dearest Phantom
That you are not alone in feeling tonight

So very angry and bitter I sometimes find myself
Raging inwardly
Knowing that as mine does tonight
So must yours
Follow her every move
Lingering over every perfect and flawless curve until I am sick with
my own jealously
Nothing next to her
Nothing in your eyes
Left alone to waste away in my lonely bed
Sobbing for you-my unrequited love

The phantom of my heart
The phantom that I fear I shall never call mine for as long as she lives
The phantom of your heart that at last broken mine

My beloved Phantom of the Opera

2007 Ramona Thompson 

© Copyright 2018 ramonathompson. All rights reserved.

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