Last Halloween-Who Got Me Pregnant?

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based on a true story I read many years ago

Submitted: November 01, 2006

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Submitted: November 01, 2006



Last year
At just about this same time
At a friend's holiday party
Ashamed to admit it
But I got a bit
Yes, just a bit tipsy
Kinda out of control
So much so that I just was't myself that night
You could even say I was sightly more charming and open then usual
Now all I need to know as I hold my newborn child in my arms is this
If there's anybody out there who knows could you please, please share it with me?
The answer to this very troubling question in my mind
Last Halloween-Who got me pregnant?

Don't remember much about that night
All the details are kinda fuzzy and out of sorts
We were all in masks and outragous costumes
Nobody really knew who was who and truth to tell
Nobody really cared
All any of us wanted was to have a good time
Forget all our worries
Even if only for a night
Guess some of us including me took it just a little too far
Cos here I am now with a newborn babe in my arms
Wondering and trying hard to answer this puzzling question
Last Halloween-Who got me pregnant?

If any of you were there do you know?
Could you tell me?
Who it was?
The handsome blue-eyed phantom or maybe it was the guy in the wolf man mask
I honestly don't and can't remember
No matter how hard I try
All I keep coming up with is a blank
No name
No face
Nothing the but the horrid thing of having to ask
Last Halloween-Who got me pregnant?

Not looking to force a marriage
Don't want any money or anything like that
I just wanna be able to tell my little girl a name when she grows up and asks
Who is her father?
I wish that I knew
I wish that I could tell her
But I can't and it kills me not to be able to
Spenting so many sleepless nights wondering
All alone in my bed
With this nightmare of a thought growing ever larger in my mind
What if....
What if I never find out the answer to this haunting burning question?




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