Left Out

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Sometimes love just isn't meant to be and it hurts

Submitted: February 20, 2007

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Submitted: February 20, 2007



Mr. Star
Shining so bright and perfect tonight
Mr. Star
Got no idea
No idea at all
Just what you do to me
My insides aching
My heart breaking
Ignored and unloved
Once more
Left out of your circle of friends

I'm tried so damm hard
Working my butt off to fit into your glamourous world of
bright lights and champagne neverending
Yet still no matter what I say or what I do
Still Mr. Star you don't see me
The shy lovelorn woman dying just to be close to you
If only for a brief, all too fleeting moment
Whispering why Mr. Star why do you always make me feel?
So damm left out

In the cold and in the rain
Thru all the long, long hours standing in line
I have waited for you
Mooned and swept myself away over you
Knowing only that
Oh yes if only you would look my way
If only you would notice me
Your number 1 fan amoug a false, fickle thousand
That nevermore would I ever have to be so lonely
So down trodden and sad
So left out ever again

If you'll ever read this
If you'll ever reach back to touch me
To comfort me in my greatest hour of need and yearning
for you
These are things
All things that I may never know
Things that I'm not sure that I really want to ever know
For in my heart of hearts
This much I believe is true
I would rather live uncertain of our future together then to
have to live knowing
That forever from your life and love I will be.......

Left out......

2007 Ramona Thompson

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