Lukas Rossi's Girl Forever

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a simple fan fantasy

Submitted: November 07, 2006

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Submitted: November 07, 2006



When I look into his eyes
Twin pools of beauty reflecting my destiny
I find that I cannot seem to catch my breath
Falling into a magic abyss of bliss
I am helpless
Powerless to resist
Wanting more and more
The taste of his lips on my own
The taste of his kiss inside of me
Suddenly I am sure
Suddenly I know
This is the man whom I was made for
Born for
Fated to be...
Lukas Rossi's girl forever

My head spins
My heart pounds and my blood races
As the voice of angel of music most unholy
Assaults and arouses
One by one
All of my 6 senses
Bringing to life inside of me
A new bolder woman
A woman made just for him
My lover
My desire
All that I long for is to be yours
From this moment forward
Surrending to the newfound emotions you inspire
For the rest of the days that I breathe
I shall be...
Lukas Rossi's girl forever

Deeper and deeper
I pray that he will take me
Far away into his heaven
Where no other mortal man, woman or child may ever follow
Leaving us alone
Lost in a paradise
Built for 2
Never swaying from the course
Never ever regreting the road not taken
In his strong tattooed arms always I shall rest
Loving each precious second I spend by his side
Delicious and sweet
Making love to him
Anytime that I like
For as long as he will have me
I will be happy to be
Lukas Rossi's girl forever

Feeling the heat of him
Full and aching for him
Trusting in his protection
In his heart and in my own
2 true lovers shall never regret
Never look back or forsake
This wonder that together we have found
Holding on tightly
Riding through the most amazing
The most romantic adventure of our lifes
We shall be as one
Me for him and him for me
Never to be torn asthunder by any other
Through many may try to make one of or both us cry
It shall never be
For it was written
Long ago in the stars so bright by God's very own hand
That for as long as a sun and a moon shine in the skys above us

I will be......

Lukas Rossi's girl forever



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