My Halloween Costume

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A sexy hot and horny write for the upcumming Halloween holiday. *wink* enjoy boils and ghouls hahahahahahahaa

Submitted: October 30, 2006

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Submitted: October 30, 2006



MY HALLOWEEN COSTUME (adult) Sexy and itching to get naughty this holiday season
Ready and willing to show you my trick
If you'll willing to treat
Treat me real, real nice
Pay me enough of the big bucks and maybe
Just maybe baby I'll be a real good girl and let you see me out of....
My Halloween costume

Body's been said to be
So much more then just your ordinary 10
I'll give you a chance to decide for yourself
If you'll just open up that wallet
A little bit wider
To help me out of a sticky situation
This year I'm willing to let it all hang out
For just $100 or more this year baby you can see me out of....
My Halloween costume

A very kinky surpise awaiting you and all your friends this year
If your mind is the same as mine
And you wanna play with me
A really naughty game
Part with just a little bit of that hard earned cash
Then I'll be yours
Anyplace that you want during this oh so wicked holiday
I'll lay all my cards out on the table
Ready, willing and able
For the right price to let you see all of me out of......
My Halloween costume this year

Stripping slow
On my webcam in public or a private place
I'll even do partys
Come right to your door
For one heck of a party that you'll never ever forget
The memory of how good I can shake it
Haunting you for years to come
But only if you got what I want
What it takes to turn me on and make me take it off
Fresh crisp greens to stick inside my g-string
Enough of them thrown my way lover and all night long...
I promise that you can see me out of.....

My Halloween costume this year!



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