My Online Valentine

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Just a little romance for you all on this Valentine's Day 2007

Submitted: February 14, 2007

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Submitted: February 14, 2007



This year
With my heart free and open to give
Here I am
Smart, single, gorgeous and just for you
Here to make all of your dreams come true
One by one by one
Today and for every day after
Forever more
I will be.....
Ramona, your online Valentine
So sweet
So loving and full of feeling
Here for you always I promise that I will be
Nevermore to part from your side
Never to lie, cheat, steal, or break your heart
Like an angel sent straight from Heaven
I will fly down on wings of gold and lace to capture forever
Your longing, aching heart
Joining forever as one with mine
Today and for always after I will be I promise
Ramona, your online Valentine
Nothing that you can do
No way that you can resist
My kiss sweeter then any chocolate or bottle of fine lover's wine
I am all that you could ever want and you know it
A lovesick gaze locking your eyes
Forever with mine
As together we plan a future
A future brighter then the brightest star
Shining toning in Heaven so perfect and serene
I know in my heart of hearts for sure that the gods will smile down fondly at us
Secure in the knowledge that yet again this holiday season
They have brought the ulimate joy to 2 once so very lonely, longing hearts
Yours and mine
Now forever more
From this moment on 
We will be one another's......
Online Valentines
2007 Ramona Thompson

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