In a romantic mood and longing for someone special I wrote this today

Chocolate and roses red left at my door
With only a note to proclaim to me
The truth of this romantic holiday is that I have
A secret admirer of my poise and my beauty
One who has long sought to give to me
All of their heart and all of their soul
So as I sit here and ponder
Writing out your anonymous tale
I wonder
Oh yes, I must confess that I do wonder
My Phantom Valentine
Do tell me
Who are you?

To dance the night away
So sweetly
So very tender a embrace
In my arms
That is where and how you say that your dream of me lives
Together forever
Our souls and our hearts bound by destiny
Decreed by fate to be
One forever more
Torn apart never
I must confess that it is my secret longing too
To linger always at your side
My Phantom Valentine

All that I could ever want
All that I could ever need
In this lifetime or any other my love is you
That much I want you to know is true
Me and you
From this moment forward
I am yours
If you will be mine
All I ask of you is this
Show me
Show me that face and kiss me with those lips
Those lips and that face that belong to just one man alone
The man who is you.....

My Phantom Valentine

2007 Ramona Thompson

Submitted: February 14, 2007

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