No Doubt About It-You're A Dumbass For Sure If......

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Just letting off some steam from last night when I was harassed on another site.

Submitted: February 27, 2007

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Submitted: February 27, 2007



1. You bully others online just for kicks.

2. A star tells you who they are online and don't believe them, so you harass 

3. You are so jealous of a fellow poster's success that you pull out all the 
stops in trying to hurt them so that you can feel better about your own
pitful, empty life.

4. For men-A woman turns down your offer of cybersex so to smooth your
wounded ego you stalk, harass, and spread lies about her all over the world
wide web.

5. You're married but you still cruise the web anyway looking for some hot 
action on the side.

6. You pose online as either a gay man or a lesbian woman just to see how 
the other half lives.

7. You're a 40 year old man who gets off on cybering young teenage girls who
don't know your true age. (guitarman82-This one is for you! You pervert!)

8. You've never written anything yourself and would't know good reading
material if it bit you on the ass, yet you still feel free to tear apart the 
hard work of others.

9. The only reason you're even online in the first place is to jerk off while 
looking at online porn.

10. Spam is your favorite online past time next to kinky online porn so twisted
that it would make even your dog throw up if he saw it. 

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