Ramona Is Naked

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Not of all what is written in this poem is true. Most of it however is, take it or leave it....here I am....


Submitted: January 11, 2007

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Submitted: January 11, 2007



Not always sweet
Not always very nice
Often times told I am way too damm bold
Cos I don't try and hide
Instead I come right on out and tell it like it is
Never trying to hide
Never trying to deny
Who I am or what I believe in
So if you think that you can handle it
If you think that you've got the guts then read on and
hold on
Cos here I come
Outspoken and not the least bit shy about it
Right in your face
Ramona is naked tonight and ready to blow your.....

Abortion is murder
Gay and lesbian love is an act of outrage againest our
good lord up above
I believe
Yes, I truely believe....
President Bush is the best that we've ever had
So tell me
What do you think?
What do you have to say?
Have I shocked you yet?
Have I eaten away at the layers of falsehoods that you
live behind?
So damm scared of what polite society would say that you
hide your true self away?
That's what I thought
Shaking my head and wondering as I write this
Can you really handle me and all that is on my often
outragous mind?
Can you really understand why.......?
Ramona is naked tonight

Courage and balls
It takes plently of both to come out like this
To step up onto the stage of life and shout out to the world
How you really feel
What you really feel
Good thing that I'm got tons of both
How about you?
Can you say the same?
Can you stand beside me?
Right here? Right now?
Can you?
Will you lead with me or will you follow with them?
It's your choice
Your decision
Ramona is naked tonight
How about you?
Are you brave enough to do and be the same?

It might not be pretty
It might not be what you want to talk about or hear
But it is the truth
I won't and can't lie about it
How I feel
Deep way down deep inside is this
Painful and all too often classified as cruel
Still I have to say it
Cos I know that if I did't
I just would't be me
I just could't and would't be happy
Alive to tell you all
Each and every last one
Accept or reject?
I don't care one way or another
All I can do
All I can be is just this and nothing more
The one that you will never ever be able to ignore when
Ramona is naked

What will you do?

I for one look very forward to seeing

Don't you?



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