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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Haruko Yuno is a 16 year old teenage student of a small town in Japan. His desires are only to discover who was the girl in his nightmares is. As he learned more about his abilities from Master
Tokura, he wandered off, found himself in a secret basement and accidentally released a female spirit Yuniko. By seeking help with his friends and Master Tokura, Haruko has no doubts of getting his
determination sink

Submitted: October 12, 2017

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Submitted: October 12, 2017



Chapter 1 -- "Dream"

There once were two friends in a small town of Japan of 1996. Their names are Kino and Haruko. The two were friends since they were toddlers

For six years of their friendship, they would care less about sanity of reality and entered the doors of their imaginations, such as a firefly becoming a fairy someday. Since then, they loved to play in the woods without their parents knowing. The woods where butterflies and fireflies danced and spread

But one day, Kino had a belief of a rare red firefly that will grant them wishes if they caught it in a jar.

Kino said "I would risk my life to catch that red firefly just to make my wish come true" Haruko asked what she'll wish for. "If I tell you it'll spoil you for life, this wish is a life lasting wish and i don't wanna waste it" Kino replied.

And that day came, the day they saw a red firefly while playing in the woods. "Haruko look!!, a red firefly!" Kino said Excitingly, "Kino wait, we shouldn't stray far away from here, we might get lost" Haruko said, Haruko got a little skeptical that they might get lost if they somehow got deeper into the woods. Kino looked at the firefly floating away and turned her head to look at Haruko.

"Well we don't wanna let that firefly go stray deeper through the woods right? Now come on and hurry up!!" Kino tried to give determination to Haruko. She grabbed a jar and quickly ran through the dark woods leaving Haruko. Haruko then tried to catch up "Kino wait!! be careful" he said.

When Kino got into the middle of the woods realizing she was lost and alone in the dark, she kneeled and tears ran down her eyes to her chin. She then whispered her wish "I just wanted,,, to wish,,, for our friendship,,, to last until our lives end" she cried and remembered the times she was always in the lead of Haruko, "I just want us,, to be,--"

She heard rustling of branches.

She got scared and on the verge of screaming for help, her heart beats faster while her body shook, her knees feels like chains, her hands are our of her control

Her vision became blurry that she can only see brightness and darkness, then she saw a small, red, glowing, light.

She stood up and tried her best to catch up with the firefly. Haruko caught up and was the one who were making the rustling sounds.

He saw her catching up with the firefly. While Kino ran and catches up with the firefly, a bright light shines and blinded Kino.

Kino then got her eyes to focus again and saw herself at the edge of a tall cliff, she felt terrified. Her body started shaking again and as soon as she tried to step away, one of her foot slipped.

Kino closed her eyes as she thought of her death. But, She felt a warm, soft hand holding her arm. She opened her eyes and looked up.

It was Haruko, "Everything's fine!! don't be scared," he said, "Im always gonna be here with you"

A single tear dropped on Kino's eyes as she smiled to Haruko. "Thank you" She said.

Unfortunately, The edge of the cliff collapsed leading Kino and Haruko to fall down the tall cliff. The fall was fatal for the both. Haruko tried to get up.

His eyes are blurred but he saw red stains on his hands. his head felt heavy and fell down kneeling from the nausea. He looked around on the surface and saw Kino. Lying in a pool of her own dark scarlet blood.

When he saw her bloody body, he let out a loud, trembling shout like a soldier's warcry. 

Haruko woke up. He realized that he fell asleep on his classroom. Aside from knowing the fact that it was all just a dream again, the classroom was empty except him and Xy and Akashi.

"Hu-Huh? Guys why'd you didn't wake me up or just headed home without me?" Haruko asked looking messed up, "We wont leave you here all alone man," Xy replied, "Yeah and I only stayed because I got interested of how your terrors haunt you" Akashi said with a curious face.

"Haruko, is there something wrong? that's like the fifth time you act like that on your sleep," Xy asked worriedly "It's about that dream again," He replied. 

Haruko explained his recent dream to Xy and Akashi. Until the part that they fell from a cliff, they got interrupted by the class rep. Kouta. "Ho, what are you guys still doing in here, class is dismissed 25 minutes ago, leave so we could clean up for our visitors tomorrow

Haruko, Xy and Akashi left the class and Haruko continued telling the story as they walk home

Chapter 2 -- "Kouta"

He then explained what he felt about the dream, "It felt so real, I was so depressed and petrified"

Xy tried to understand, Knowing he's not much of a help to Haruko. "Don't worry man, if you can't take those dreams anymore, see a psychiatrist" Xy told Haruko. And as they split up, Haruko headed home.

Kouta tapped his shoulder and told him that he heard their conversation about his dreams. "I can probably be a help to you" Kouta said as he handed Haruko a paper with an address. "#5 Kimoto St." is written in the paper.

As he finished reading it, Kouta disappeared in an instant. Haruko was left confused. He doubt that Kouta will help him. "Great now what's he up to now?" 

Kouta had been a fake friend to Haruko, because of the time Kouta used him just for a bet.

He made up his mind not to go to the address. 

Haruko headed home and did all of his house chores. He headed straight to bed early. His head felt like its being weighted everyday.

He then dreamed about total oblivion, nothing but darkness. He was so nervous and terrified as he felt his loneliness. He looked around and he saw a red light appeared.

Haruko approached the light. The light guided him to a bright place. There are large trees, birds chirping, a small pond with baby ducks playing in it, and he looked up. On that moment he'd realized he's at the bottom of a cliff.

"Wait,.... this is--" as he tried to remember the resemblance of his last dream, The place he's in Shifted or got Inverted. the small pond turned red, the trees disappeared, nothing but tree stumps. His eyes got blurry as he looked at his hands covered in blood, His head ached like he's been hit by a baseball bat. Finally, he heard a loud screech.

Haruko woke up from a nightmare. He looked at his ringing alarm clock knowing he's going to be late. Haruko quickly got up, took a bath, brushed his teeth, got into his uniform.. He grabbed a toast and dashed outside as he ate the toast while running to school. 

While in the middle of a lesson, he can't stop thinking about his dream earlier. His emotions are mixed up, not knowing how to feel about it. Either mad or depressed

 "Mr. Yuno, are you listening?" his teacher called, Haruko snapped out of it. "H-huh? Uh yes yes, Please excuse me" Haruko replied and quickly went to the restroom.

 Kouta saw Haruko's eyes and he saw the intense shock Haruko's feeling. "Sir please excuse me" Kouta excused himself as he followed Haruko.

Haruko rinsed his face and stares at the mirror. At his reflection, he saw something strange about his eyes. There's a glowing red light slowly appearing at his iris.

"H-HUH SHIT WHAT THE FUCK?!!" he questioned himself. "Calm down, nothing's wrong with you" Kouta said. Haruko looked at Kouta 

"WHAT MAKES YOU SO SURE, MY EYES ARE GLOWING" he yelled at Kouta. He covered his eyes as he calms Haruko down "Haruko look," Kouta calmly said. As Kouta took his hands away from his eyes, Haruko saw a blue glowing light at Kouta's eyes.

"Haruko, I know you won't trust me but let me help you. But you have to co-operate with me so we could work this out." Kouta told Haruko. "F-fine don't get too comfy of me relying on you after from what you've done. Now explain this to me after our classes are over". The class ended and they stayed in their classroom and talked about their eyes.

"So, as I said yesterday, I heard your conversation with Xy and Akashi. That there's a red firefly appeared in your dream, Right?" Kouta asked. Haruko nodded yes.

"So you did see a red firefly from your childhood. Look, I'm gonna make this short. I've studied and learned about what caused us these glowing eyes." Kouta handed him a journal. It contains everything about the 7 types of  Lampirynite.

"But I didn't researched these myself. I've also met up with a guy who also holds a Lampirynite." Kouta said. "Wait, So Lampirynite grants us abilities?" Haruko asked. "Remember that paper I gave you? Go to that address and ask him for some advice about Lampirynite" Kouta said.

Haruko got confused " So uh, I hold a Lampirynite and I can also control my eyes right?". Then Kouta showed him his palm. There's a symbol of a shape of an 8 with a line intersecting the middle. "See this? now look at my eyes" Kouta said. Haruko saw his blue glowing eyes. "But that's not the best part."

Kouta grins at Haruko and points at his back. Haruko turned around and Kouta was behind him. Haruko got shocked and asked "WHOA HOW'D YOU DO THAT!?!?"

Kouta has an ability to Teleport to a certain location that he's been to but he does have a limit. Depending on how far the location he'll teleport to and how many people he could carry. He also has a weakness. When he gets shocked, he can't control his ability to teleport.

"It says here in the journal that a red firefly can grant you the ability to Communicate with Spirits." Okay Haruko think about that red firefly and try to see a symbol on your palm." Haruko focused and tries to activate his ability.

"Come on!! focus Haruko" he said to himself. As he tried several times and finally got to lock the symbol on his palm. The symbol is shaped like a zigzag with three small lines at both sides.

He stared at Kouta with a joyful grin. "Woah you did it and your eyes are glowing clearly. It took me a month to maintain the ability but you're terrific!" He then noticed that Haruko was staring at his back looking so horrified. "huh?? What's the matter?" Kouta asked Haruko. "You said I have an ability to see ghost right?" Haruko asked. "I-I THINK, THAT'S A G-GHOST"

Kouta slowly turned his head at his back. Kouta saw a floating mug. but he tried not to be scared. "WELL I THINK THAT'S YOUR ABILITY. ITS FUN TRAINING YOU SEE YOU TOMORROW" then Kouta quickly teleported away.

As the mug slowly approaches Haruko. "S-S-STAY AWAY!!" Haruko begged. The mug dropped to the floor and he heard a voice. 

Akashi, the third holder. "So you two also had been cursed huh?" She asked with a sassy voice. Haruko noticed Akashi's eyes. "Akashi! your eyes are glowing too?" 

-- to be continued -- 

© Copyright 2020 ramskii. All rights reserved.

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