The Final Gundown

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Ma and her boys brought hell to the state of Florida. Now the police are bringing divine justice.

But not without a fight.

Submitted: January 13, 2009

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Submitted: January 13, 2009



"We need to secure the loot before we fucking go anywhere Dante!"

This was screamed into Dante's face by his older brother Miles as he shoved him into the wall of the small one room cabin hidden deep in the central Floridian woods. This was their hideout after knocking up thirteen banks in two weeks across Northern and Central Florida.

"Watch your mouth Miles, or Satan is going to make you his right hand man"

Ma said this quietly even though she was not paying attention to any of the commotion inside the cabin. She stood in front of the single window built on the cabin, staring at the outside, waiting for their "Divine Justice" to show up, sirens blaring.

"We's already called Hell's Gang anyways Ma, kinda late to try'n turn us good now."
Weslie smirked, stood up out of the chair he was sitting in behind a lone table piled with suitcases full of money. Four Tommy guns lay next to the bags, loaded and ready.

He danced around.
Putting both his index fingers on his forehead to represent horns.

"We's Hell's Gang, and we bringing Hell with us!"

Dante and Miles smiled and joined in on the commotion.

Ma turned around to look at her children.

"Your no good father brought hell when he gave me all of you and ran off. Now I'm getting old and tired from picking up your pieces."

"Oh Ma, you know we's doin this all for you. It's about time someone took care of you for a change and we's going to be the one's to do it."

Weslie walked over to Ma and hugged her tight.
He was always the Mama's boy of the trio.

Miles walked over to the window to keep a look out.

"Oh Ma, you know we's doin this all for you."

Dante mimicked Weslie leaping around both him and Ma.

"Mama's boy! Mama's boy!"

As Dante leaped around Ma's side, she reached out and grabbed a hold of his ear.

"If it ain't for me, who's all this trouble for? Cuz you certainly ain't got no woman or children of your own to support."

"Ah Ma! Take it easy, you know's I was just playing. It's all for you Ma, you know that."

Ma let go of his ear and he grimaced and scowled as he walked over to the chair behind the table.

"It best be all for me. I raised you hellians by myself. You is Hell's Gang, born and raised and damn to death whoever else you think you're doing all this for."

Miles remained silent the entire time.

Ma turned to look at him.
"What's eating you?"

"....I can feel 'em comin Ma. They comin to send Hell's Gang home."

The sirens were slowly beginning to get closer.

"They found us Ma, and today's the day we prove ourselves."

Dante jumped out of the chair and grabbed the tommy's and began tossing them to everyone.
"Ooo-wee! This gundown is gonna make everyone know about Hell's Gang for the rest of their lives!"

Miles stepped away from the window and kicked the door open.
He turned around to look at Ma.

"If this is it know I love you."

She looked back at him and smiled.

"I'll tell you I love you when we have supper later tonight. No go and make your Ma proud."

Miles stepped out and took place behind the closest tree as soon as the police cars slid to a halt in front of the cabin.

Six or seven police cars started forming a half circle in front of the cabin. Blocking the only road out of what would be hell's playground.

One of the officers standing by his car held a microphone in his hand.

"There is no escape now Ma. You and your boys come out now and give yourselves up you hear?"

Several more officers stepped out of their cars, loading their shotguns and barricading behind their doors.

A muffled scream came from inside the cabin. Miles smiled at the sound of his Ma's voice.

"The day you get us officer. That's the day Hell freezes over and the world stops spinning! We're here to stay!"

A loud pop, and the shattering of glass.

Miles looked and noticed the window to the cabin was broken.

The officer with the microphone was on the ground, a single tiny hole in the middle of his forehead.

"Shit she's a good shot!"

Dante hollered a blood curdling challenge to the rest of the officers as he ran out of the cabin, raining bullets upon the cars as he made his way behind the family's stolen vehicle.

The police answered back.
Shot after shot was brought upon the cabin and car.

Miles was just waiting for them to reload.
He mumbled under his breath.

"We's Hell's Gang, and we's bringing Hell with us."

He stepped out from behind the tree, bringing a second layer of bullets upon the cars blocking their escape.

"We's Hell's Gang, and we's bringing Hell with us!"

Miles screamed at the top of his lungs as he stepped closer and closer towards the barricade.

Ma watched through the cabin window in horror as her Miles, her hellian baby, was facing death toe to toe.

"What's he doing Ma?!"
Weslie quickly popped out of the cabin to throw a cover of bullets over Miles and he progressed towards the officers.

"...My hellian is going home."

Ma covered Miles again with a dozen shots through the window.

About five paces from the cars, Miles stopped and lowered his gun.

"You can't catch us boys, the only way you're getting us is by dragging our empty bodies!"

He dropped to the ground after five shots went through his torso.


Weslie ran out of the cabin to collect his older brother.

"We go together!"

Half way between the cabin and Miles, Weslie fell to the ground. His left leg nearly blown in half.

He reached up his gun and held his finger on the trigger.

"We go together assholes!"

He unloaded his gun until it made a clicking noise.
He remained screaming even after he was out of bullets.

Dante crawled into the drivers seat of the family car.
He was going to be the one to go out with a bang.

Tires spinning, he made his way towards the others kicking up dirt behind him.
Shots were fired and the windshield was shattered.
Dante fell out of the car limp.

The car was still moving. He propped his gun against the accelerator.

A collision.
An explosion.

Everything fell silent except for the sobbing of Weslie. Not even the woods behind the cabin made noise.
Ma was still inside.

A dozen officers ran to the cabin and rushed in.
They made a pit stop at Weslie.
A gun shot and he fell silent.

Ma was sitting in the corner. Death was in her eyes.

"We all go together. My hellians and me are going home."

She pointed her tommy up to her chin, and pulled the trigger.
Nothing but a click.

She opened her eyes and the officers unloaded on Ma.

The last of Hell's Gang was finished.

Their Final Gundown was for glory, not for victory.

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