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This a fact of which every Indian is unaware. Because History was not written in its true form. I dont want to prove that The Sikhs had shed their blood than any other religion or I dont want to show that they were great.But I want to make people realize that the Sikh Gurus gave their today for our tomorrow and they are no where in the History is a question to mull over that their sacrifice was a waste or a reason for why we Indians are actually free from the shackles of the authority. I dont want to create an issue but I want to create a debate regarding the people who at that time did not allowed the Sikh writers to pen the real history of their people who would have had recieved the honour and salute for their huge sacrifices today instead they were killed,tortured or arrested.

Submitted: June 24, 2015

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Submitted: June 24, 2015



The first time anyone ever spoke out for freedom in India was only and only Guru Nanak Dev Ji. King Babur attacked India,arrested Guru Nanak Dev Ji(The 1st Sikh Guru) and tortured him in many ways becz he spoke for freedom. Therefore that was the beginning of the 1st freedom battle. So u cant call 1857 mutiny to be the "first freedom movement". No pen or book can completely explain the mistreatment of Sikh civilians by the Indian armies. The actual numbers of sacrifices made by the Sikhs can never be counted. But there r some important contributions: Bhai Maharaj Singh was the 1st Sikh to start a freedom movement against the British rule. Baba Raam Singh inspired hundreds of people to boycott British goods. This was the 1st peaceful freedom movement against the British. The Sikh body sent 100,000 food packets made from Guru Ramdas Langar in Sri Darbar Sahib(Golden Temple) to the earthquake affected people of Nepal. The Sikh Gurus were cut into pieces,bricked alive,sawn in half,boiled alive,burnt alive and crushed on spinning wheels only for freedom,a fight of free life and death but still they r nowhere in the History. Mahatma Gandhi's movement was not anything new. Rather it was all copied that Raam Singh had started more than 70 years before him. Indeed he was great but the Mughal and British was all ended only by the Sikhs. It is a known fact that those who rule write the history. Since Sikhs are being labeled as "SANTA-BANTA". It leaves no doubt that todays leadership is nt only ignoring the facts and truths but also misrepresenting and maligning the true identity of the Sikhs by not writing the history in its true form.

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