Andromache Poem

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A really heart - wrenching scene between Hector and Andromache from the Illiad book 6, told from Andromache's pov.

Note: As much as I would like, I do not own the Illiad, I own nothing.

Submitted: July 04, 2009

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Submitted: July 04, 2009



High, high above the battle raging below

Looking down from the sky and feeling small

So small

She sees an endless sea of carnage, of bodies

And blood drips from fresh springs

Gushing through the land down, down

To the sea, painting the world in crimson hues.

Torn in half, her heart looks towards her love

Shining through the eyes of their beautiful baby boy

The wonderful Astyanax, Lord of the City.

Then her eyes returned to the war,

Searching with desperation for her Lord

As if just by looking at him she could

Blanket him in an invisible protection

And spirit him away like the almightly Gods

And hold him, hold him in her arms forever, and never be alone.

Dying, something was dying inside her

Swifter, and swifter as each trojan fell to the Danaans.

For fear that it would be him

Seeking him, always seeking him

Scouring the battle field from the sea shore to the

Magnificent gates of Illias.

Taking in the carnage she looks.

Taking in the killing she looks.

Taking in the pain, and the moaning, and screaming she

Cannot undo the marriage

Bettween her eyes and the battle below.


Shaking, panicking, with a feeling

All too familiar welling up from the pit of her stomach.

Engulfing her entire being

She flees, flees towards those magnificent gates

With a mind to find him herself and

Bring him home, safe home, comforting home.

In her frenzy she almost sees straight

Through the one she loves.

Magnetized by his presence she is pulled into

His strong, unyeilding embrace

And weary through worry she melts into him

No more two souls, just two halves

Of one glorious being.

This was right, this made sense, and this was the only

Way they could go on.

'Oh my Hektor, oh my Lord,

Outside these walls the Battle is in full throw,

Stay now, stay with me and

Never Let Me Go' she pleads whilst curling up against

His hard, smooth armour, as if she could reach through it

And posses his heart, to keep with Her.

Hektor of the Glinting Helmet looked at her

With a pained yet resigned look upon him,

'Madam now is when my men need me most,

But fear no, for I promise, neither spear, nor sword

She make me a Ghost'.

Lost in the sound of his herioc voice she

Prays for his safe return.

Terrified at the thought of what awaited him.

'They say Swift Footed Achilles is out

There, making corpses of our best men,

Avoid him, dear love, avoid him and his


Or suffer the fate of my long deceased family,

For in his rage and his fury Achilleus, so of Thetis

Brought his sword, and his spear, and his temper down

On all of them. I shant lose you like I did them.'

Up till now she had lost hope of keeping her husband safe,

Until the Gods blessed her with divine inspiration.

'Stay here, great Hektor, send your men to defend

The Southern Wall, for that is where we are most

Vulnerable and the wall can be scaled, then you

May stay safe here, so safe'.

Upon her speech she immediately felt

And aggressive, knawing guilt chew its way

Through her mind,

But it didn't stop there,

I can't leave him,

But Illias needs him.

But he'll die,

But we all will.

This internal war was more sever, more

Brutal than the one raging on the slopes.

As the conflicting sides battled it out under

Her skin,

Leaving broken spears everywhere

Leaving no part untouched, unblemished.

Then Hektor of the Glinting Helmet

Took her arms again, and spoke softly

'Madam what honour would there be in such an act?

I could scarcely look at myself in the glass, let alone,

Face the words of my men,

Who count on me

To lead them, to protect them'.

Feeling the sting of another hole being

Bore through her chest,

Andromache shuddered,

Making the effort, she smiled,

However hollow, however sad, however lonely,

She tried to, forced herself to believe that

She was wrong, of course she was

She had to be.

Turning to his beautiful son

Who glowed with the glory

Of his righteous father.

And reaching toward this prize of prizes

Astyanax cowered away

From this monster, covered in

The lives of others

Covered in hair and blood,

Looking like a terrifying beast.

Laughter, that was the sound coming out of

Wonderful Hektor's mouth.

And it was beautiful, to hear those

Soft bubbles come from his throat

So she laughed too, if only to prevent this sound

from ceasing, prevent this moment from ceasing.

Quickly realising the cause of his young sons

Fear Hektor shed his helmet, with its plume of horses

Hair coming out of the top.

There he was, there was daddy, ther was Hektor.

At this he took his son into his arms, and cradled him,

And comforted him, and loved him.

At the prayer, Hektors prayer, Astyanax's prayer,

Her heart melts and gushes through her body through

Her skin, through the air tying herself even closer to this

Bloodstained, fearsome looking man,

And though he was about to leave, to return to peril

She felt good, not scared, not worried, not unsure,

Just good, content, and grateful for every day she

Had spent whith this man, as selfless as the wind which

Blows through the city

And as brave as the lions which roam the perilous mountains

Over yonder.

As her son is placed lovingly in her waiting arms

Reality kicks in with a gold clad boot.

He's going, he's leaving.

Alone but for her sone and his nurse standing

By her side.

Never so alone had she been.

Staring at those gates

Those maginificent gates which just let her love

Through, which keep the brutal Danaans out.

Which form a parting, a seperation between

Lovers, one that shouldn't be rekindled.

Where has he gone?

Terror welled up again,

With her son back in her nurses arms she fled

Fled up the stairs to the tower again.

Her sole purpose to find him,

Find him in the carnage,

Find him in the killing,

Find him in the pain, and the moanng,and the screaming

She could not leave him.

Never, Never.

© Copyright 2017 Randi. All rights reserved.

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