how your eyez shined

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my heart still taken by my first love...r.i.p...

Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012



this whirlwind has power embracing my mind. and now comes the shower of dreams left behind. as im piecing together what could have been mine i crumble for hours, your face i cant find. i imagine you breathing your heartbeat skips mine. as kids on a playground we met for the first time. could you really call that love at first sight? as we grew older our lives were entwined. i got to know you and how your eyes shined. they showed me a story of a boy with passionate rhymes. love for your family kept your dreams alive. and still i dont get why you didnt survive. the way my heart broke left scars i cant hide. i deal like its a joke cause i cant face what i cant hide. if only i was better you might still be alive. nights without balance trying to keep each other alive. we'd fight for our story, fight to stay alive. fight for each other, the love we had no one denied. ive looked for you in others but cant find the way your eyes shined. my heart is still troubled my first love i cant find. you taught me to kiss with the softest of lips and my heart has been gone for some time. oh what id give to hear you speak one last time. hold my hand and tell me you're alright. i never even got to say good-bye.


r.i.p. Zackary Devene Porter

January 7, 1988-May 23, 2007

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