Sun & Moon

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This is the story about the Sun and the Moon and the love that was written in the stars.

Submitted: September 06, 2016

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Submitted: September 06, 2016



There once was a girl so beautiful and so blue. She never loved a man and not either did she Love herself too. Once there was a boy shining bright day and night, girls and boys would swoon by just a hasty eye sight. 

This is a dark time, before the daylight hade come to earth and the only thing giving light to the bold dead earth was fire and stars. This happened because the gods had left us and took all, even the smallest ray of light with them. Why? because humans had betrayed them and listened to the devils whispers. 

In this dead cold earth there was a boy named Sun, beautiful he was, golden hair, golden eyes, tanned skin and a heart frozen from all the lies. Sun was rich beyond anyones imagination, the king loved him because of his beauty and cleverness and because he loved him he would shower him with gold, diamonds and rubies. 

He would steal anyones heart, man or women, rich or poor. Sun was so beautiful even fire next to him would become dull. But even so he was full of hate, not loving Anyone only himself. Everything was Boring everything not worthy of the golden boy. Everything in the grasps of the real king. The best women, best foods, best wine and best clothes. 

The king had no children but a big harem. The king loved his harem and one day, a changing day when Sun was meeting the king he introduced him to his new addition, Moon. A crying Young women, bewitching. Eyes grey as stone, hair as dark as cole and skin as white as snow. For a second Sun could not say a word but soon the real king would smile and congratulate his sir.

Sun would often see Moon from distance because the ugly king had made her his wife. She stopped crying after he had conquered her but sadness never stopped coming to her. Moon was a lovely girl but just as she was lovely she was lonely. Left on the streets as a baby taken in by a new family. She grew more and more beautiful each day and when she was old enough her new father would take her. When the new mother found out she sold her to the first buyer. 

Time after time she would be sold but that would not let her kind heart to stop growing more. Moon was sold to the king and he grew a big liking for her and made her his Queen. There was a beauty Moon had seen his name was Sun but he was not hers to be. Moon who despised men had found her one exception.

The shining boy and the glowing girl did not for a day stop thinking about each other it was as the gods had made this forsaken get-together. Never had they spoken to each other but was there a need for that when eyes could speak so much louder? 

Deeper and Deeper they fell into the trap. Just watching each other was not enough, Sun had to speak to her. A night at the palace he saw her leaving from the supper, he excused himself shortly after that, knowing the king would be busy for hours after he left. 

He ran thrue the hallways until he saw her beautiful wavy hair. Opening his mouth he for the first time felt scared. Nervous he once again tried to call out her name. She looked back and oh such beauty was not fair. Sun could feel his heart beating and for the first time there was something he wanted. He told her that he wanted her for just a night she stared at him in disgust and left with no trust. Sun felt dispair, pleading for her to give  him a chance. Moon looked back at the man standing behind her and only felt the need to put her hand in his golden hair. Silently she nodded and followed him in there. 

A night together was not enough Sun felt emptier then the night before when she left. 

Night after night this would go on until he couldn't Hold it no more he worshipped her, loved her. He told her so and the sad girl would for the first time feel true happiness. She told him she too loved him. For a moment they were overwhelmed with joy. But soon reality struck hard and strong. They had to run away because the king was not mercy full. 

Five months passed and the king was eager to kill them both. Telling the devil he needed his help the time for Luna and Altan was running low. 

The Devil laughed and demons ran loose, because now the king had promised him lots of souls, he did not like to loose.

The angels had never seen a purer Love it was as if they were made for each other to hold. Soon the demons knocked on the couples door. The angels shaken with fear would run. 

Moon opened the door and in front of her there was something odd. Sun soon was by her the door pushing her away from his side. He would plead to the demons to take him instead so they laughed and pulled of her head. Her blod all over the floor made Sun make a scream never heard before. The angels would cry above the boy. 

In dispair he pulled out his heart and pleaded for the gods to take it in return he would always be with his beloved girl. The angels cries was heard to the gods and the boys wish was granted from a far. 

Sun would glow strongly on the sky and every night he had to die. Pain would never loose his side. By every night Moon would cry.

Sun and Moon rarely meet always chasing each other and each and every night missing each other. But once in a while they do cath up, and they kiss and the world would stare in awe of their eclipse. 

This is the story about how the sun loved the Moon so much he would sacrifice his own life. 

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