Topics of my life

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Just a rant.I think. Just the beginning so its short. And its late so you know....

Topics of My LIfe

Chapter 1


You know what kind of people are hard to deal with?

Drunk People…

They yell, slur, and drink even more. I’ve know what they sound like from experience. Since, I was maybe four years old. I’m what now? 16?

It’s saddening that I know when my mother’s raises her voice up like 3 knoches, that she is drunk. As usual I just sit in the back seat, hoping that we don’t get into an accident.


Anyways...Hi guys this is pretty much a journal or rant. Where I just pretty much just talk about what happened in my life or what is happening. So, You know if you like things like this then you know strap in. If you guys have anything you want me to talk about or any experience you want to know about let me know. The topics in here are pretty much on a whim. So, what ever.


Ok let’s start with something simple.



Well school is crap. I was bullied throughout my life for no particular reason. I was a fat innocent kid. When the bullying took a mental toll on me was when I was when I was in 2nd grade. The older sixth graders were messing with me and when I was waiting for my brother one day. Some older kids came up to me and pushed me down into the snow. Unknowing to me the sewer drain was there and tore up my knee. I had to get stitches. From the on I tried anyway to get out of school. I tried throwing up on purpose to make sure I didn’t go to school. I tried not waking my mother up so we could oversleep and not go. I tried hurting my self to make sure I couldn’t go. So many things. I don’t really remember much right at this moment about school with our getting to a big road block that will take forever to explain. So, this topic will be continued next time hopefully I’ll think more into this.


That went well.

Let me know if you think it went well.

I guess, if you want.

Or not.

Who cares I like in ‘Merica.



Submitted: September 21, 2014

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