Guardian Angel Chapter 2: Running From My Problems

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Guardian Angel continues. Olivia finally faces her fears of her mother.

Submitted: January 01, 2013

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Submitted: January 01, 2013



As soon as I walk in, I smell the strong stench of alcohol in the air. I'm half way up the stairs when I hear my mom screaming at me to come in the front room so she can talk to me. When I finally get the courage to make it down stairs, I gasp in terror as I look at the mess she made. I see alcohol bottles everywhere. When I notice that she is shaking, I knew what happened. She ran out of alcohol and she was about to take her anger out on me. "Got any money?" she asks with begging eyes. "I'm not giving you any money to help your addiction", I say flatly. She gets up, and I immediately knew she was angry. "Give me the money you owe me, it is the least you can do after all the pain you've caused me!" she screams. She tries to swing at meand I duck and make a run for my room. When I reach my room, I close it with a slam and lock the door. I lie against the the door as my body shakes with fear and cold shivers run down my spine. My mom kicks my door and screams at me until she grows tired and went to bed. I couldn't sleep, so I pulled out Ethan's number and called him. He answered on the third ring. "Hey", he says tiredly. "Is this a bad time?" I ask, feeling guilty for waking him up."What's wrong?" he asks worriedly. As soon as he said that, I told him about everything. I told him about my father's death, my mom's depression and mental abuse. I told him that I didn't feel important and I wanted to talk to my father. He listened silently with an occasional gasp. I felt like the weight I have been carrying was finally lifted. "That is too much for a sixteen year old, a person should never go through that", he says. We talk until I am finally able to go to sleep.

After that night, I felt better every time I was around Ethan. We started talking more. I started to feel like I could get through this. I also stated to go to his house when I couldn't bear my mom's screams. He had a whole family. This made me jealous because I have only half of a family. He had a mom, dad, and to complete the family, him. His parents did't mind that I was there. This suprised me because I have never heard of parents that let the opposite sex spend the night with their child. I felt happier at school and after school, I didn't feel the dread that I felt when I went home anymore. Things were better now, but I couldn't avoid the problem forever.

Today is the day that I have to stop running from my problems, and actually do something about them. I think about this all dayat school. I am able to make it to the end of the dayand that is when it felt like the world was crashing down on me. "You don't have to do this", Ethan says. I wish this was true, but I knew that I had to do this. "I have to, or thingd will never get better", I say. Instead of riding home, I rod eto my house with Aanee and Caleb. I have never felt this scared in my life. Before Amanee and Caleb could sya anything, I was at the door. I was ready to end this. When I walked in, the stench was stronger than ever. The smell is so strong that I feel like today's luch will make it's reappearance."You're finally back", I hear a husky voice. I gasped when I realized that my mom was sitting right in front of me. I bck up to the door so I could escape if I needed to. "See what you have done to me?" she states to mumble. She salps me with a force that knocks the wind out of me. I taste blood in my mouth. My face starts to burn like fire. Instead of running, I step closer to her. All the fear suddenlt disappeared and was replaced with determination. She tries to swing again, but I duck and she misses. I take this chance to grab her wrists and push her to the floor. The bullying will end today. "If anyone should feel guilty, it's you. You have caused me pain. Ever since dad died you stopped caring about me; you treated me like trash on the street. Dad would never want that, but you've beeen to drunk to realize that', I say furiously. I leave her on the floor as she starts to cry. I go outside to take a walk, trying to get air. As I am walking across the street, my phone vibrates. I stop to check it, it is a text from Ethan."Are you okay?" he asks. I was replying when I heard a car coming. I couldn't believe that I didn't see it coming. I tried to move, but it was too late. The car hit me with a force that made me fly over the car. I could tell my arm was broken because it was facing the wrong direction. My vision is blurred by the blood that started running down my face. I started telling my father that I love him, and then everything went black.

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