Love, Amber

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For PurpleSkittles145's Contest. Melanie writes a short love letter to Mitch, a friend she had secretly liked since they first met oh so long ago. But one clumsy mishap from Melanie and suddenly the letter is gone...

Submitted: April 21, 2011

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Submitted: April 21, 2011



"I had it in my pocket. It was right here, all day, but- but!"

Amber Fromm looked at me with a raised eyebrow as I frantically searched through my jean pockets for a third time. I hadn't even bothered to explain to her why I was so anxious and upset, but with only about two minutes before the bell rang for the start of class and not any closer to finding that one piece of paper, it was no time for explanations.

The love letter was gone. The love letter, proclaiming those three words I had never dared to say, was somewhere other than where it should have been in my pocket, saftely guarded from those curious eyes and whispered rumors of my fellow classmates. And to make it worse, it wasn't a letter to a random guy in one of my classes that I thought looked cute. It was for a friend, Mitch, perhaps one of my best friends, who made me promise to a strict just-friends policy.

"Amber, I lost it!" I kept exclaiming, though she hadn't a clue as to what I had lost. "I lost it. This...this can't be happening!"

Amber smile made me want to hit her as she said, "Things happen for a reason, Melanie."

"No, Amber, you don't understand-"

"Trust me, Melanie," Amber cut in. Without permission, she slammed my locker door closed with her foot while her hand clamped onto mine to lead us towards class. "Whatever happens, you'll be glad it did later."

But by the time later did come around, I was more freaked out than glad.

With my lunch tray in hand and a suspicious frown curled up on my lips, I scanned the crowd of students, searching for one who might have discovered my letter. Any one of them wouldn't think twice to giving it to Mitch and it made my stomach do a flip in the realization that he may have already known. I didn't want to see his face or hear his reaction to it. "I don't like you that way," I could hear him say. "We're friends, right? Nothing more."

I spotted him in the crowed lunchroom, sitting next to Amber at our usual table. I gulped and I found myself debating over going to sit with them or rushing towards the bathroom to eat there when Mitch looked up and our eyes locked.

A smile, big and friendly, came up on his face.

I sighed in relief. He didn't know. At least, not yet.

"Hey," I greeted them when I had arrived at where they sat , but one look at both of them made me halt in my tracks.

They were holding hands. Mitch. Amber. Holding hands.

Then I saw it. The letter, sitting across the table from them, unfolded and sharing the truth to anyone who took the time to read it.


I can't pretend anymore. I can't lie about the feelings that's been building up inside of me since I first met you. I know you probably won't feel the same about me, but I have to try, right?

The thing is, Mitch, I love you.

There, I said it.

I love you.

But where my name should have been was now covered by a large heart.

And underneath was a new name instead.

Love, Amber

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