A song for My Father

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I love you dad.......

Submitted: October 31, 2007

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Submitted: October 31, 2007



Some use words that end rhythmically others use elaborate metaphors full of meaning

When I think about what I’m missing it isn’t complicated I don’t need to fabricate it

My memories and dreams are full of the man who was accountable for me

I am proud to say my father is the reason I’m who I am and who I strive to be

Miles and Miles away your voice, your words, your wisdom never grows strange to me

I miss the backyard and the raspberries I used to eat, I miss the birthday cakes

I miss the great parties you threw just for me, I miss the way you screamed at my first football game

I loved the fact that my father would be in the stands losing his voice for me

I miss the close attention you paid to my grades and the fact that you knew most of my teachers first names

I miss the way you looked at me when I was in the emergency room for an asthma attack

I miss the push-ups and sit-ups you made me do in doing so you showed me I can do anything

I miss coaching the girls softball team and the way you got them to believe they were greater than their wildest dreams

I miss the way you coached me on our baseball team, the warriors a metaphor setting up what I would one day be

We would have never guessed at 7 years old the name of our baseball team would 16 years later define me

God has such an amazing way with creating hidden but truthful meanings

One poem one moment cannot begin to describe all that I miss but 1324 Chirikof court 2700 square feet

Brown Carpet upstairs and brown and white linoleum in the kitchen our brown scratchy couches in the living room

My ninja turtle blanket one my half of the bunk bed the brown table with it’s own extension

Our house before it was outlined in burgundy the ratty green house in the back before the shed

The garage we had to open with our hands and we’d lock it buy turning the silver piece in the middle

And once in a great while you would slip down the stairs in the morning the only thing you hurt was your pride

You’re black work boots that took forever to lace up the white hard hat that had it’s own style going on

You and 8 kids packed deep into Mr. Cruz to go swimming after church and angry phone calls from parents

Hours later looking for their children while you took you’re Sunday nap you saw potential when others saw a problem

You’re willingness to separate yourself from what was considered the norm in all the things I learned one for sure

Nothing is normal, no one is normal and when we try to be all we do is deplete that which makes us great

You taught me that whether listening to Christian rap or telling a young stranger that God will always have his back

You did it with out fear and without hesitation that in my book makes you a hero my hero

I can’t say that part of me isn’t plagued, I wonder if you wished I would have stayed at Valley city and be graduated

I wonder if you think maybe I should have turned left when everything in me told me to turn right

If so for that I can’t be sorry I still hold in high regard what you think I just don’t want to disappoint my hero

Like you I want to one day say I’ve lead an extraordinary life.

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