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Maybe prose, I just started writing and I didn't stop until I was finished. Don't worry about the Grammar, I felt like it would interrupt the flow too much. Tell me what you think thou.

Submitted: October 23, 2006

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Submitted: October 23, 2006



I want to write you but I have yet to meet you yet to see you but I can feel you comforting my soul watching me sleep making sure I eat right and brushing my teeth no not my mother but my lover my equal the other half my soul desires to see.  Are you the one in the song s I hear are you the reason for how I feel can your eyes erase any of my doubts and fears will I let you get close or steer clear I know the intentions are for my good but can I receive them or will I reject them only because I don’t know how to receive love it is a foreign thing to me love from a woman, I know what I feel and I cant suppress how you made me high you made me soar and now your not here and I’m alone with my memories of your softness your feminine ways that create you, you want my words here take them all in and rub it in your skin like the finest ointment  I miss the way you taste, the way your orgasm created it’s own space but I’m not there and I feel someone else has taken my place though no one can fill my shoes I am complete only because of who laid next to me with out saying it but saying you and me we are one in the same a love that can never be tamed out of control always whether angry or trying to curb our fierce appetite for love making I knew you inside as well as out and you had a way of making me want to throw my back out putting all of my energy into you, into the depths of your soul touching you deeper than any place I can try to reach. Satisfying you making you smile. An appetite that has been fulfilled only for a few minutes then were at it again I’m in you and you in my head looking at all of the beautiful thoughts of you that appears reading me like subtitle in a foreign film in the process of making our own film locked up in love for days only two people that exist me and the woman I miss.  Seeing you again sometime in a dream or an abyss a place of non reality for I can’t bare the thought of seeing you without having the chance of being you connecting with you on a level deeper than imaged impossible to describe all you can do is get on this energy and  enjoy the ride from low till the high tide my energy is here to make you happy to ease your soul and to please you until you have no control all we have left is sweat and tears love and fears your hand and mine I cant describe the feeling but I can try to hide it make my self feel like you don’t exist when my tongue can still taste it my nose can still smell it I become drunk in my own senses untrusting of the eyes given to me for all I can see is you, you are all I want to see whether conscious or un it doesn't matter your the reason for my appetite your the reason I want to conquer the world so I can come home and give it to you seeing  you will be a long time coming more than a dream come true more than a wish upon a star a reunion that makes everything in my world seem so distant and so far yet the circle of my life will be complete no need for anything else your my appetizer main course and the sweetest dessert I ever did eat my imagination wont let me stop smelling you touching you soft and gentle yet able to handle what I love to give as real as any dream but slipping in and out of my world I slowly come too and I know I love you but as I stated I have never met you I try to write you and have never felt you and after it is all said and done I finish this excerpt that way I started in a world of my own where no one reside but me strong, responsible and more importantly alone.

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