Love, I Need Love

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Basically I've lived my life feeling like I could be a provider, be the big strong man and love well it's cool but I never thought I needed it. I can say I've never dreamed about being loved the way a woman can love me. It's a foreign concept, I know I have to work hard and make money and be confident. As a man I was never shown too depend on someone else for something I can't touch, but can certainly feel. I wouldn't know how to tell another man about this, it's something all of us "hopefully" experience. We will take different paths to get there but at the end the realization is the same. I need love, love love love. Says the big strong man ha ha who am I kidding.

Submitted: October 31, 2007

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Submitted: October 31, 2007



Her hair falls over a little less than half of her face

The contrast of blue eyes and black eye brows looking back at me full of what she anticipates

Delicate articulation leads to the confident domino effect of our energy

Is she toying with my mind sitting there across from me as cute as she wants to be

No time for assumptions, no time for hesitation, I’m nervous but my hand is steady

Her eyes tell me so many different stories, stories of passion, stories of pain,

Stories of disappointment, Stories of shame

Everything within me wants to read them all and soothe any doubt that lingers, caress any fears triggered

Kiss away any the anxiousness forever putting her in the company of my love

With out her love lonely is the only company for me don’t go away from me

Rest will escape my mind; peace will calmly leave while I watch helplessly

She’s shown me how to believe in love, more importantly by loving me I’ve learned to love

I notice my kisses are gentler, my caress is weightless, and my love now is limitless

Is this the power ancient kings would scour the earth in search of

Is this the feeling men would boldly go to war to preserve

It is that and so much more, I’ve recently learned I can do more than make love to you

I can love you, love you when you’re smiling playfully at me,

Love you when everything has gone completely wrong and it’s ruined your entire day

Love you when you break a heel in your shoe, Love you when I’m sitting around with nothing to do

For the first time in my life I realized, I need love too.....

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