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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic
I only had a chance to spend about 2 years around this one. Some of the points I make are very blunt and some are hidden. I don't really care, it's personal.

This one is for you, Mrs. or Ms. Orona I miss you Baby.

Submitted: October 31, 2007

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Submitted: October 31, 2007



How much of me left when you decided to leave

I’ll never know until again it’s you I see

Years have past and we have clearly moved on

Every now and then my mind goes back to what our friendship was based on

The simple pleasure of napping with you slightly snoring next to me

Or the anger in your eyes when accepting your boyfriend never occurred to me

I can’t replace the joy in your smile or the peaceful aura you naturally create

Was it chance that I met you or did God set it up as fate

You were the first to introduce me to ecstasy you were the first to make me believe

I believe out there in this world is the missing piece to me

That which will one day make me complete

I fall on a memory that took place at Colorado State

I met a girl same height, same hair, most important same eyes

I thought I was in a dream, a mystical happening I was furious

Why would God want to play tricks on me

Her smile like yours just aluminized the entire room

Her words were un-orthadoxed but I had a nak for understanding the method behind your madness

The age between you is common as well as the beliefs well one belief in particular

It was this belief that had me sleeping in my bed as you would sleep in yours

I can’t decipher whether or not it was your method or your madness

That made your belief unimportant to me, you were enough of an addiction

It was an joy-us occasion when you left now I see it is has also caused me some affliction

You were there for me when my life others wanted to imprison

Awesome amazing sexy and crazy you were my Sandra Bullock

If only my life was more like 2001 who ever said the dorms were no fun

Whether planned or unplanned it was your acceptance that saved me

Saved me from those who wanted to harm me more importantly saved me from myself

I can never thank you enough for taking the time to teach me

For sitting next to me or just listening to me breath

You formed sweet rhythms in my head and I love you

I love that you never laid down despite my persistence you taught me to love

The simpleness behind your mere existence this lesson has never left me

Nor will the memory of you walking away, smiling, say hi nor the day we said goodbye

Your memory has a place reserved in the fondest parts of my mind.

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