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In this peom I illustrated the fact that opposites attract. In the sense of, we all have strengths and weaknesess sometimes it takes that other person to help balance the scales.

Submitted: October 20, 2006

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Submitted: October 20, 2006




In what seems to be a clear moment I hesitate

Looking around for comfort when can I be released

Free me from the prison objecting minds attempt to put me in

I find myself broken in some areas and I try to mend the pieces

The difficulty of my task constantly increases my will has been tested

Whether an accusation or a false precept created in an ill gotten imagination

I refuse to be the black sheep in this nation I fight to remain one of God’s treasured creations

Those broken pieces remain un-obtained in darkness and the frailty of my heart remains

Stumbling in the darkness of my pain I find pieces unrecognizable to my eyes

The reflection in the broken mirror is me my pain my joy my fears

Slowly the shards take form and its form is fitting to me I’m free

The friendliness of the magnificent feeling takes shape In her reflection I can see my face I take my place

In my reflection I sense her will has been tested

As my imperfection forms to her

Her imperfection forms to meTogether we are able to see

Two broken souls

Can make one


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