Subliminal, Chemistry

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This one speaks for it's self.

Submitted: October 31, 2007

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Submitted: October 31, 2007



How can I navigate around corners I can’t see

How can I tell if I love her does she love me

How do I know if what I feel is real or infatuation

I love that she opens up to me where no one else can see

I love how comfortable she is when she sits next to me

I enjoy the sensuality we both unknowingly give and receive

She smells nice she looks nice but it’s her mind that’s captured me

She is strong she is independent but she needs me

Is she really the woman for me or am I blind to what only I can see

I love you in spite of never touching you physically

We have touched many times mentally and we’ve connected emotionally

I haven’t seen you in hours and I miss you

My desire is to hold you even though I’ve never kissed you

I’m not sure what I’m holding on to but I know I need you

What some see as complexities about you remain simple to me

As my words melt and create a river of tears I begin to see my biggest fear

I‘m won’t always be there

When it comes to the future its contents is something I can’t control

As life goes on I will be delighted to continue to learn you as I go

I’m addicted to the way we constantly help each other grow

Futuristically anything is possible, this poem exists because you walked past me

Our potential then is now and it’s thriving

Softly you’ve connected yourself to me as I have carefully connected to you

In doing so we crafted something inside that only we can see

Seeing you then opened the door now to a blessing I could have never foreseen

Sexy, Elegant, Unconventional, Comfortable, Content, At Ease, Happy and Emotionally Free,

This is how you are when you’re with me and I exist in the same way

In your own way you’ve redefined me, and poetically I’ve refined you

These words create a memory of you that will last eternally

Maybe if God wants to be more than just good to me one day, wherever you’ll be

You will exist as my girl.

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