The Garden that Started from One Tree

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Another Love poem...........

Submitted: October 31, 2006

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Submitted: October 31, 2006



Love naturally me loving you, you loving me

Loving simple love the way it’s meant to be

You see me you decide to believe in me

You hear me you decide to be a part of me

You saw potential when others just walked past me

You allow me to be me and in being that I am for you

Strong young black man with his queen by his side

Living in the understanding that together we stand divided we fall

It’s not about Love conquering all

It’s about you helping me up if ever I should take a fall

It’s about me being there for you when life throws curve balls

Or we can share in ice cream while shopping at the mall

Love is simple and love is deep it makes us strong love also makes us weak

We are always taught to value that which is skin deep

Eager to look past one’s soul for reasons only concerning the self

All leading to the same treacherous dead end

If it never rained how then would one enjoy the sun

If one never experienced a bad kiss how would you know when you had a good one

Pain is our greatest teacher it’s taught me how to seek peace

It’s taught me the real value in this everyday life we live

It’s taught me when to hold back and when to give

In essence pain plays a very important role

Pain opposes Love,

Pain cannot stand up to love for love is full of powerful grace

No mortal heart can resist love’s taste

I am fortunate to between your beautiful brown eyes

If you ever have a need I’d give you the air that I breathe

Love makes me want give you all that is beyond me

Your love is satisfied by all that comes from me.

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