The nemsis;I need

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Ok ok this is one I think readers will need to read twice to see what I'm trying to say, Don't be shy if after you've read it twice understanding the theme and you didn't enjoy it, let me know. Critism thou negative is encouraged. Ok!

Submitted: October 27, 2006

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Submitted: October 27, 2006



Defeat is the only possibility, Competing becomes irrelevant

Facing it comes naturally like a second nature

I’ve learned to depend on you, Often times I despised you

Now I appreciate you, the reflection in my eyes resemble you

You’re in my walk; you’ve taught me what to say and how to talk

You’re the chapter that made my life story change, change it is your one constant

The absence of one multiplied by you can, can make a simple hug

Erase every tear one at a time, the absence of one multiplied by you

Creates reunions full of magnificent emotions, and reinvigorate my devotion

There is one battle you have not won; there is one battle in which I came out on top

Through the pain, whether upon you I’m dependant or Independent

No matter what you’ve changed, no matter whom you do or don’t allow me to see

My Heart, my soul was never dependent upon thee,

You will never be able to separate me from what my Heart adores

I love you, I hate you, I need you, and you will go on with or without me

With you God created, the land, the oceans and most importantly Me

With you I hope I’ve made this world a better place to be

When I’m gone I will depend on you to carry on my Legacy

This is my Dedication, to the one responsible for constant change


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