Untitled You

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I have written this poem as a summary of who i thought i was

Submitted: March 22, 2013

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Submitted: March 22, 2013



You with your dreams, your silly fantasies

Your imaginary world is full of lies and deceit

Full of plans, you will never follow through

You with your foolish ways and foolish ideas

You impress everyone and disappoint more

There you sit and stare into nothing

Smiling at your own twisted self

You play your role so convincingly

Few people know the face behind the mask that defines you

You walk around the world just to see it again

Seeking everything but find no satisfaction

To the word you are a simple complication

Your mysterious ways captivate those you fail

They give into you with complete submission

You imprison their thoughts with the way you move

With your powerful gaze you find their soul

With your cynic smile you possess them, own them

Your plans don’t include them for long

The fire they play with is you; they are addicted to the heat

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