Streetlights and Sunburns

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A contrast of day and night

Submitted: September 16, 2013

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Submitted: September 16, 2013




The cocoon of nighttime surrounds me, dimming everything and leaving me to hope that something good may be around the next corner. It saves my eyes from the harsh, bright lighting and sheilds my ears from the yelling people and the noisy traffic. It leaves only dim streetlights and houselights, perhaps a few signs are lit up. It leaves a few cars ever now and then, the low murmers of people and televisions in houses and the occasional passerby walking along the street. I am left alone, unhurried and unbothered. The stars are visible and I make a wish on one. I am left to hope and wish and believe. At night, I can believe whatever I want because it may be true.

The bussle of people surrounds me, everything bright and loud and filled with life. The sun is shining, warming my face and laughter fills the air. The streets are busy and so am I. I am surrounded by people. They joke and tease and taunt. They cry and moan and groan. Life happens. Everything is certain and I know what will come next. During the day, there are no unpleasant surprises and facts are facts.

Night hides the bad and leaves it lurking, waiting to catch me unawares. No one is there to help me if bad does befall me. I am left to imagine what is in the shadows and often it leaves me fearful. News stories tell of unsuspecting pedestrians mugged and raped. Murdered. It wraps a blanket of menace around everything and turns the best of neighborhoods into something out of a horror flick. Anything could do me harm, from anywhere.

Day shows me the strain on my budget and the wear on the paint on my house. It leaves me hot and sweaty and stinky. It gives me sunburns. It makes my hopes seem foolish and dashes my dreams.  Daytime keeps me working and stressed. It is loud and bright and hurts my eyes and ears. It distracts me from doing what I need to be doing and it leaves me uninspired in my work.

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