This Is What Happens When You Leave Me Alone for Two Minutes

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Title says it all, fits how I came up with the story and what happens in the story. I imagine myself doing this at some point.
Not directly based on a real event. Thought this up whilst on a walk with baby brother.

P.S. Tell me if you understand the references to names. :3

Submitted: January 24, 2013

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Submitted: January 24, 2013




"All I know is that his voi- why are you just sitting there staring at me?" Cynthia said, glancing over her boyfriend, John. 
She had been laying on his bed throwing a ball up in the air and catching it while they talked about who's favorite band is better at the classic "rock n' roll" scream. He had been sitting on the floor enraptured in watching her just about as long as she had been doing it. Yet, somehow, he still contributed to the conversation. 
"Because I'm waiting for you to miss a catch and hit yourself in the face." he said plainly. She gave a mock-hurt look and he quickly caught himself and said "Th-that way I can kiss it better..." and he gave a cheeky smile. She giggled at this, because, let's face it, it was inevitable. 
"Mm-hm." she gave a slightly amused look and continued her game of one person catch. "Now you made me forget what I was gonna say!" and she threw the ball at him. It missed him by about a foot, and he still flinched. As the ball rolled along the floor after its episode of ricochet, his cat pounced out from underneath his bed and pawed at it until it gave her no more amusement. She then hopped up next to Cynthia and gently begged for attention, which Cynthia gladly gave her. A call rang up from downstairs.
"John! Come down for a second, honey." a warm female voice shouted. It was his mother, Julia. "Mimi says to take out the trash." 
He immediately rolled his eyes. Cyn saw him mimic Mimi's scolding and bickering motions as he sauntered out his bedroom door to do his aunt's bidding. She softly giggled, still stroking the cat. 
"His room is awfully dirty for how much that aunt of his nags him to clean his room..." she wondered aloud. A funny idea quickly nuzzled its way into her brain as her eyes travelled to a pair of John's jeans. 
As John walked back in, he found his girlfriend standing in the middle of the bedroom holding up with both hands a pair of his pants and wearing a self-satisfied smile. He looked at her with amused disbelief as she looked him dead in the eye and loudly whispered
"I'm in your pants..."

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