Undevided Victory

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I broke up with my boyfriend for a man who promised he would love me forever. As soon as i was single, he asked out my best friend...

Submitted: November 15, 2011

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Submitted: November 15, 2011



This is undevided victory

Though i see many flaws

My eyes tell of another story

If only life would take a break and pause


I could sort out my problems one by one

Find where things went wrong

For somewhere when i lease expected

I fell out of place, im not where i belong


Dreams of no torement from the truth

Just acception of the lies

I wish my heart would just let me loose

Believe all ive denied


I speak the words only from thought

My heart set aside

I mean nothing i say, my feeling unforgotten

Yet i let the words slide


Farther i get from what i would like

Yet i cannot freeze time

Why do i continue to put up a fight

If in the end ill always be on the sideline


I gave up everything i had in store

Just to be your one and only

How can you possibly ask of more

Please, if you must, come show me


I cannot grasp the thoughts left lingering

Im am told not to rule out the opportunity

Here i stand, my heart bleeding

Hoping the blood will bring unity


So help me now to untangle the branches

Ive been so hopelessly clustered up

Using me to your own silly advantage

LIke im your worthless little pup


Mop up the tears with my wrath

For now anger has began to construct

Dont walk beside me, stay off my path

For if you die, Id have to clean it up...

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