I don't want to see Spaniards, so I'll go to Spain

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Hi this is my opinion on going on holiday.

Submitted: May 13, 2010

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Submitted: May 13, 2010



I don't want to see spaniards, so I'll go to Spain

Have you been on holiday recently? I haven't. My last holiday involved projectile vomiting, courtesy of my sister, gross food and a very steely glare from a German man when he saw me reading Anne Franks diary.

What's the point of going on holiday? All you do is sit sunbathing, which is the most boring and painful activity I have ever taken part in, including book skiing, which is another story altogether. If you've gone all inclusive chances are dinner and breakfast suck and the snacks are your only meal. Also all inclusive means 'We got bad reviews last time someone died of hunger as there's nowhere to eat so we'll give you rubber and chips'

I know you might go to a foriegn country to experience the local coulture. But this is pointless because the local coulture is not real, and there is no coulture. I know this as I am scottish and I see digestives before shortbread in shops, men wear trousers as oppossed to kilts, and no one knows who Willliam Wallace was unless they have seen braveheart, and they were probably watching little Britain, which should be renamed 'Little England'

If you like meeting new people, then go down the street. But if you want to see people from America, then go to Africa. If you want to see people from Germany, you can just go anywhere with deckchairs. But don't expect to get a seat.

So if you want to see British people, go to Britain. Because when you go on holiday not only is there an abscence of people from that country, but also people that speak English. I will go to learn German, go to Polland and complain about the lack of deckchairs. And then go to America for Chinese food.

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