I like to cover my ass before leaving!

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This is my opinion on skank-skirts. It's not nice.

Submitted: December 12, 2010

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Submitted: December 12, 2010



I like to cover my ass before opening the door!

So, I started my second year at high school. I know what you're thinking:why is she writing her opinion on the world? She's too young? Well, I'm writing about my school, so don't worry. I won't change your political views using a sweet analogy.

The latest trend is plain black, tight miniskirts. Very, very tight and very, very mini. My Mother would never let me leave the house, no, my room, in one of those skirts. And I wouldn't want to walk into the school building looking like I painted my ass black!

A friend of mine (Don't judge me) wore one the other day. It. was. Not. cool. At. All. We told her as much. That may seem harsh, but let's face it, wouldn't you rather cover your backside and get a few less-than-compliments?

I know the boys like them. That's part of the problem. Most teenage girls are more than willing to show off their asses in trashy bin-bags if it gets them a few stares, or even just a hello. Thank you, men!

But those skirts should not be attractive. The end. I don't mind if my skirt of a bit above my knees, I don't want to look like a nun. But those 'skank-skirts' are something I would like to say

No way, Hosai” to. That way when the wearer tries to argue I can say

Slapper say what?”

Why don't you just, maybe, wear trousers once in a while? Or even, (God forbid!) a skirt that doesn't come from the children's section? Alright, if you want to wear a miniskirt, fine. But do not wear one to school without tights or leggings, and do not let the boys see you. Because then they will like you better than me, and even though I am used to this, I will kick your skank-skirt clad ass.

And I will enjoy it.

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