Witness Of Tazuki

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I wrote this when I was a bit younger so don't judge on mistakes and what not I was just so excited to actually write something for the first time :)

When Randy is being escorted to a new town after hearing "that's the worst" or "that's not a place you want to be in". A chain of events begin to happen and Randy decides to figure out what exactly is going on along with his friends will they find out the truth

Submitted: August 22, 2014

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Submitted: August 22, 2014



Witness of Tazuki










This town was always labeled as a place to never go to. A world different from other parts of the world and since it’s my first time moving here I don’t really know what to expect. When I told all my friends I was moving to this town they all said “You’re in for one hell of a ride” or “That town is the worst of the worst nobody wants to go there and those who live there can’t leave.” Something like that sounded so ridiculous what could possibly be so bad about it. But during the car ride once we passed the welcome sign we are driving down a road where you can see the entire town. Everything is dark and lifeless but it looks just like a regular city.



 Chapter 1


Brought into this town I arrive to my grandparents’ house and it was a pretty nice house. It was also big and spacious and I liked it so I looked around. While I looked around my grandmother came to me and told me “You will be attending Tazuki High tomorrow” all I did was nod my head. At least I knew exactly the school I’m going to. I looked out and it was dark already as if it was about time I went to sleep.


I wake up the next morning to see that the sun doesn’t shine bright. Over at this town as I can see through my window. My grandfather yells “Get your ass up we got to get you to school” it seems I have to be at this school real early but when I get downstairs I see my luggage. “Why is my luggage down here”? I stated to them. They looked at me as if was I joking and told me “You didn’t know you have to sleep at this school and you visit during holidays” all I could really think to myself was am I spending the night there or are they just trying to get rid of me. Nothing I could exactly do now so I hopped in the car and they drove off to the school but I was hungry as shit “Grandma I’m hungry” she gave me a look “Shut up you will eat at the school”  so I stood shut.


The drive was about 25 minutes and we began to pull up to the school and it was huge. My grandma looked at me “They renovated the school so the old building isn’t really being use but you will be living in the new building and going to classes there like everyone else.” Whether or not they renovated the school or not it was still huge I was kind of excited to attend this school we parked the car and I got out and it seemed there was a welcome party for me because there were a bunch of adults waiting.


I walked over and they greeted me “You must be Randy welcome to our school” a tall man with glasses had told me my grandparents were bringing my luggage and I was brought into the school and escorted to the office. At the office I received my room number from some lady “You will be sharing a room with two others” she said as I received my schedule which didn’t matter at the moment as I was being escorted to my room and as I walked all I could see was space and so many classrooms saw the lunchroom which is about two floors and counting the little working stands that sell food for students. Before I knew it I walked up escalators reaching the fifth floor which my room was on and apparently I was in room 506 so I decided to walk in and I could see one boy with reddish hair and glasses laying down on the bed reading manga and another boy with black hair and killer eyes on a computer seems like he was researching something.


The man who escorted me yelled out “This is your new roommate show him around and be nice to him” they nodded while my grandparents threw my luggage in the room and leave and the man shuts the door. The boys got up and walked over and introduced themselves “I’m Sao nice to meet you” said the boy with glasses “I’m Rye like the bread nice to meet you” said the boy with killer eyes “I’m Randy nice to meet you but um why aren’t you guys in class?.” Sao began walking back to the bed “its Saturday you have a choice on Saturday to stay home so were home” that is pretty awesome I thought to myself. Rye who walked back to the computer “You have the top bunk above Sao.” So I threw my stuff up there and began walking around the room which was pretty big had its own T.V., computer, internet and cable also a great view of the outside. “So what brings you to this town Randy?” Rye said I looked over at both Rye and Sao “I was brought here because I witnessed the slaughter of my parents and had nobody else to take me in besides my grandparents who live here.”


They looked at me as if I had a fucked up life but exactly what I told them it was true I did witness the slaughter of my parents. “So tell me do you know anything about this town or school?” Sao said “Actually the only thing I have been told about this place is that it’s not a place you want to be in and that I am in for a ride”. It began to rain and thunder outside as I stood by the window looking at Sao when Rye turns his chair towards me “So you don’t know anything about this town or school so why don’t we give you some information about it” Rye said as lightning struck down “Exactly what kind of information?” there was a silence for a couple of seconds. “This town is known to be created on top of a graveyard, so it’s haunted everyone who comes to this town can’t leave and those who live here are too scared to try to leave” Rye said. That reminded me of what the kids told me before I left to come here....”I don’t believe in superstitions like that” I thought to myself something such as a curse couldn’t really exist could it.


“You say that now until everyone around you begins to disappear” Rye said all I could really do was give Rye a look that brought out fear. “Personally I don’t believe it either the year is beginning” Sao said but a story like that sounds fake but who knows I just go to this school.


It was morning and my first day of classes began today I followed Rye and Sao since they are in the same class and as we walked down the halls I felt stares coming from everyone. I guess that is the benefit of being a new kid the door to the classroom opens and a man comes out very tall bald with a scar running down his left cheek “Get in this class if you’re in it!!” the man yelled. “Were in this class Randy come on” Sao stated so I walked in and sat in the back by the window while Rye sat in front of me and Sao behind me. The man comes back in as all the students begin to sit down “I’m your homeroom teacher I will be taking attendance and running most of the activities here my name is Mr. Castro” everyone stood quiet and paid attention. “Any questions about this school?” Mr. Castro said Rye’s hand went up “Is this town really haunted?” Mr. Castro let out a really awkward loud laugh “You will just have to find out.”


He took attendance and I looked around the classroom and noticed that everyone’s faces seemed concentrated on the attendance. Rye looked back toward me and Sao “What do you say after classes we head over to the old building and check out if it really is haunted?” Rye said all I could really do was stare at him. “It’s only his first day and already you want to look into this” I said but all he did was laugh. “Look if you want to come meet me in the cafeteria after classes” Rye said he moves and looks back, forward I look over to Sao. As I whispered to him “What do you think?” I said all he did was nod his head in a yes motion. The long hours of class went by and finally class was over so we went to the cafeteria to find Rye and a couple of other people “You brought more people Rye” I said all he did was smile “Exactly who are they?” Sao said. “Glad you asked everyone introduce themselves.” They responded well to this and all lined up. A girl with jet black hair and hazel eyes she was pretty cute came up and smiled “I’m Jayleen” she stepped back another girl with brown hair and green eyes with skin like caramel came “I’m Jerne” she also stepped back the last girl came up with long blonde hair and light green eyes with really light skin came “I’m Ashley” she also stepped back when done. The last person was a boy he walked up with jet black hair and dark brown intimidating eyes “I’m Nick” and just stands there. “Now that introductions are done let’s move” Rye said so I guess this will be our turning point to find out if this place is literally cursed our whatever they say it is.





Chapter 2


The walk to the old building seemed endless as we walked and turned and walked and turned but finally we began to enter the old building as everything turned from concrete to wood. The place seemed really old and out of shape I’m kind of glad they built a new building “So they say the whole town is cursed especially the old building” Rye said. “But how can you pinpoint one exact spot to be cursed if the whole town is cursed?” I said as I looked at Rye “I don’t know” Rye replied to me. We ended up reaching the end of the hall where the last class ended up so we decided to search the last class as we looked around but found nothing but old desks and dust.


“There isn’t anything here Rye let’s just go” Nick said it seemed this place was just a joke “This is bullshit let’s go” Rye said in frustration it seemed he wanted to see something happen. “I thought that we would find something at the very least this place sucks maybe there is no curse” Jayleen said as the girls began to mumble and talk Sao was extremely quiet. I looked over to him “You alright man?” I said “Yeah I just get this really creepy feeling from here” Sao said and I knew how he felt this place seemed so creepy and like a place we shouldn’t be in. Were about to cross over to the new building and go to our rooms this strong cold chill passes through me “Um....D-did anyone else feel that chill” I said “I-I did” Rye said in a shaky voice.


Now everyone seemed to be panicking “Let’s just cross over to the new school” Jerne said so we kept walking but the lights go off................. Its pitch black and I can’t see anything “What the fuck is going on which one of you turned off the light?” Rye shouted “There was no light switch when we crossed over Rye” Nick said then there was loud banging and things being thrown around. When suddenly everything calmed down when we heard a noise like gasping for air. The lights turn back on and the sound has gotten louder “What is that?” I said so we looked around to see Jayleen floating off the ground trying to gasp for air “H-h-h-h-help m-...” Jayleen tried to get the words out when her eyes rolled back into her head and blood began to drip from her eyes, ears and mouth. I couldn’t even scream out I was so in shock from what I was seeing there was a loud scream let out “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Ashley yelled and we began to walk back this was something unreal and when I blinked my eyes the lights flickered off and when the lights turned back on her body was gone.........


Inside the room I was breathing and panting for breath I couldn’t even speak right while Sao just stood there with a confused look on his face and Rye on the ground with tears down his face “It’s all my fault she died I brought her there” Rye began to repeat that over and over. I crouched down next to him “Calm down you didn’t know what happened don’t worry no one will know we have to forget about this” I said Sao sat on the bed “Randy’s right it won’t do us any good keeping this in our heads what just happened” he said Rye got up “You’re right we just need some sleep” Rye laid down in his bed and we all thought he was right maybe when we wake up Jayleen will be in class. But that night Rye couldn’t sleep I woke up several times that night hearing saying “It’s all my fault” that situation felt so UN real I could understand where he is coming from.


The following morning we entered class and noticed that Jayleen wasn’t there and Mr. Castro at the front with a sad look on his face. “Our classmate Jayleen was found dead in the halls of the teachers her eyes were gone today there will be no class in her honor.....” this means what happened yesterday was real it was no joke since there was no class we rushed back to our room. “This means what happened was truly real this place is haunted” Sao said walking back and forth in the room me and Rye stood shut as we couldn’t deny that theory because of exactly what we just saw. Another thunderstorm was passing by today and after what happened leaving this room is not something that was going to happen. There’s a couple knocks at the door Sao opens it and it’s Ashley and Nick.

They came in and closed the door Nick was carrying a couple of old books. “Nick what are those books exactly?” I said as they were covered in dust.


“Well books from the library about the schools past maybe we can figure out why or how this curse was started.” Nick said and he had a very good point so we sat down and opened these books. “How old are these damn books so much dust on them” I said as dust flew out from opening the books so we began to read “Look here it says that the school was built over a half destroyed shrine” Ashley said so it seems we are trespassing forbidden property “Let’s keep reading turn the page” I said. But we turned the page “What the pages end here?” I said it looked as if the pages were ripped out. “The pages are gone in the other books as well” Ashley said.


Then there is a couple of screams coming from the outside and a couple of running footsteps outside so we hid the books and rushed outside. We ran to find out what all the commotion was and when we reached the crowd to see what was going on to see Mr. Castro it’s as if his body was being ripped from his head because his spine was pulled out and his body hanging from his spine and blood dripping from his neck and bottom of his head. A second murder within two days what exactly is going on in this school?




Chapter 3


“Everyone back to their rooms now move it” The teachers said they pushed us back and we headed to our room we sat down and closed the door “This can’t be fucking happening man” Rye said and I agreed this was unreal. “First Jayleen is killed now our teacher who we just were talking to not long ago is dead” Ashley said as she began to cry I looked out the window and it was another rainy day. “What is there to do now” Sao said all I could do was look at him in confusion because there wasn’t anything we could do “For the time being we should get our heads together Nick and Ashley go check on Jayleen and Nick don’t leave them alone” I said and Nick nodded and escorted Ashley to her room. “Ok so what the fuck are we going to do?” Rye said in desperation “Look we stay here for the day because morning comes we have class so sit at the computer breathe and calm the fuck down” I said to Rye as he stood there looking at me.


I tried calling my grandparents but it seemed on these school grounds service didn’t exist and looking out the window the city seemed to get darker and darker. “Every time I look out this window I never see anyone walking the streets” I said “The people here rarely leave unless they own a business or work but not a lot of people do those things” Sao said. Strangest thing people don’t leave their houses.

They knocked on everyone’s door signaling to go to bed “It’s about the time we sleep keep calm this all has to be coincidence” I said but I received no response back it seemed they were already sleeping. So I laid down myself “I hope this is all a coincidence” as I closed my eyes. “Class has gotten even worse” Sao said “I would expect that after two straight deaths” Rye said classes weren’t continued due to the mourning of the deaths. Rumors spread around the school “The school’s haunted” or “Were going to die” and it grew day by day but by the time December came there weren’t any more deaths.


“Are you already have you got your things?” The teacher said “YEAAHHH!” Rye screamed everyone had smiles on their faces since we were headed to our first trip of the year. We weren’t necessarily leaving the town but we were leaving the school for once we had reserved spots for a tour at a museum in this town. “You think there’s anything on the town and the curse?” Sao whispered to me “There haven’t been any deaths since Jayleen and Mr. Castro so don’t even worry about it” I said. Upon leaving the school of course as expected it was still raining. Since school has started it has been raining but that was the least of my worries since we walked to this museum not along walk but a walk. It was true as we walked no one was on the streets an occasional person I would see walking but most of the time there wasn’t anyone.


At first glance the museum seemed pretty old but on the inside it was something really beautiful we were greeted by this man who was bald wore glasses and seemed like he hated life. He walked us through the machine I saw a specific showing of the shrine the town built over “Rye, Sao look the shrine the school was built over” I said we looked at it and the information we read in the books was different from here. “What are you guys doing?” Nick said as Ashley and Jerne came over as well “Remember that book you brought telling us the school was built over a half destroyed shrine” I said. Nick nodded his head  “Well here it says this town was built over a half destroyed sacred temple that held a shrine look at the picture” we looked at the picture and it was true there was a shrine and the first building in town was built from the destroyed temple. “This is fucked up” Jerne said and I agreed “Look at the shrine in the picture it looks as if multiple people shadows are around it” Ashley said and she was right it seemed as if full bodied shadows were around this shrine. “You six move let’s go were moving on forward” The teacher screamed “Shit” I said we caught up but everything else they showed us didn’t even matter what was read from those information sections and the pictures there is something wrong in this city. The tour was over it wasn’t only me who was concerned due to what we read and saw Rye, Sao, Ashley, and Nick felt the same way but Jayleen just brushed it off. Since we didn’t need to take busses or trains back we walked back to school since nobody really rode the bus in the first place from what I saw.

Midway of crossing the street nobody heard it coming and nobody noticed it coming a bus drove through us hitting Jerne on direct impact with the bus crashing the wall next to the museum. “Holy shit” Rye said “JHENE!!!!!” Ashley screamed we rushed over to the bus and on the ground there were chunks of meat and body parts and when we did reach the bus it was Jerne’s body parts that were on the ground the only thing left on the front of the bus were pieces of the torso and half of her head with her skull showing as her intestines were stuck on the front of the bus with blood splattered everywhere. I looked into the front of the bus there was no driver no blood no body parts there was no driver in the bus “Shit” I whispered to myself “Jerne no....not you too please no......” Ashley screamed while sobbing as Nick held her in his arms.


We stood out there for hours and everyone ended up walking back individually “Go on ahead guys I’ll bring back Ashley” Nick said so walked back to the school “It’s been two months since the last death and why does it happen now” Rye said. He was right everyone thought it was over and Jerne just got hit by a bus “Couldn’t it just be an accident?” Sao said but that couldn’t be true “No that was no accident there was nobody in the driver seat of that bus” I said as both of them looked at me with a shocked look. “What do you mean nobody was in the bus” Rye said in a scared voice “There was nobody in the driver seat of that bus” I said.

Two of our friends have been killed and the way that has been happening have been unpredictable even Mr. Castro was murdered in an unreal way. 5 days away from Christmas another death has happened. Before we knew it Ashley and Nick had returned safely so has the teacher but for the past two months nothing but rain fell from this sky. “Has anyone ever noticed that it is always raining?” I said “It’s normal this town has always been like that” Sao said I thought that isn’t true the day I first came to this town it was clear and sunny. “5 days before Christmas and we experience a death can it get any worse” Rye said “We can’t figure that out until days pass by” I said. We really thought it was over but with Jerne’s death could that all really change.


The next morning two more students were found dead in the middle of the classroom. I didn’t it but I heard everyone talking about it as I stood outside in the hallway everyone talked about it “Another death two days in a row huh” Nick said as he approached me. “This is some freaky shit” I said as a cold chill passed through the hallway giving me goose bumps but I ignored it “How’s Ashley been?” I said to Nick. “She’s still traumatized from seeing Jerne’s death” he replied. In the middle of our conversation the school begins to shake and everyone either grabs on to something or fell over I held on to the classroom door as Nick fell to the ground suddenly the shaking stops and everyone is freaking out. The windows began to shatter everyone who stood next to a window was pierced by the glass from the windows as a piece of glass cuts my arm. Before I knew it almost every student in this hallway was dead “Nick you alright?” I received no response I looked over to see two glass shards pierced through his eyes. My eyes opened in shock as my heart started to skip beats and last thing I remember seeing was Nick’s dead body.




Chapter 4

I woke up in a dark room I couldn’t see the walls or floors so I walked forward it seemed I was walking in water. There’s a sudden flash I cover my eyes with my arm and bump into something I move my arm to see Jayleen’s dead body her eyes gone and blood dripping from her eyes. I look to the left and see the bus hitting Jerne and her body parts being separated from her body and to the right I see the glass shards pierced through Nick’s eyes. Where was I? Why am I seeing this? But the bodies suddenly disappear and as I looked forward multiple dark figures appeared and stood there waiting “Who are you people?” I shouted but no response. Before I knew it these figures surrounded me one of them grabs me by the neck and begins to strangle me “You think were done.......We won’t be finish until everyone is dead!” The figure screamed at me as the water below me turned into blood.


I closed my eyes shut and felt the strength around my neck was gone and I began to gasp for air I open my eyes and stood up and it seemed as if I was in the school’s nurse’s office. I tried to move my arm but I couldn’t a sharp pain went through my body making me leave my arm on the bed I was on. Before I knew it the door suddenly opens and its Rye, Sao, and Ashley “Thank god you’re okay man” Sao said “What happened?” I said “The windows shattered and one piece of glass pierced your arm” Rye said but I remember that happening I thought to myself. “What about Nick?” I said they looked at me with sad looks “Nick along with half of the first year class are dead all pierced by pieces of glass” Rye said in displease half of the first year class is dead and another one of our friends gone. “This morning they also found two students brutally stuffed in a box that was found in the middle of a classroom” Sao said I looked over at Ashley and she had no words but tears run down her face. “What the fuck is going on in this school” I said as I thought about what happened before they came in. The curse entered my dream and right now we are in a dead zone fighting to survive each day in this school.


“So what do we do now?” I said looking at all three of them “Well were here to take you back to the room we were also notified that Ashley will stay with us because she requested it” Rye said that wasn’t much of a bother since we can keep an eye on Ashley and everything going on. So they helped me up and we walked back to our room and the bodies still weren’t picked up they laid on the ground blood all over the floor as well as pieces of glass. We walked by our class and Nick’s dead body still laid there just as I remember it and Ashley began to cry her eyes out.


“Do you think there is any way to stop this to stop the deaths of everyone in this school?” Ashley said and the thought she had seemed impossible we just lost half of the first year class what exactly could we do. “What more can we do we lost half of the first year class what can we do?” Sao said in anger and right now this was something he had a point on. “Tonight past curfew we should check out the library to see if we can find anything on this curse” Rye said “Let’s do it” Sao shouted I nodded my head in agreement so did Ashley.


Exactly when curfew passed we headed to the library me not knowing the library being three floors above the first year classes and rooms. This library was huge but the size of the library wasn’t what we were here for so we headed to see what we could find about this curse or the school books after books and I found nothing but useless information. “Guys I found something come look at this” it seemed Sao found something important so we rushed on over “Look at this it says this school built back in 1989 was cursed since construction having more than 150 workers die during this construction even when the school was finished the curse lived on and in 2007 they used one of the first year students as a human sacrifice to stop the curse” Sao read out loud. “That’s disgusting what exactly kind of curse is this” I said human sacrifices that seems pretty low to get rid of a curse “It is said once the sacrifice was done the curse disappeared for 4 years and in the year 2012 the curse returned as the entire senior class died on graduation day.”


“Holy shit the curse killed a whole senior class” Rye said in a traumatized voice and from reading this just tells us this curse is something not to take lightly. “This curse.....let’s go back to the room I think we read enough...” Rye said and he was right I think we have read enough about this curse so we hurried back to the room. We seemed home free as we were about to reach our door before Rye falls  “Shit” Rye yelled out “Come on grab my hand” Sao told Rye as he held his hand out and Rye went to grab his hand but before we knew it Rye was pulled down the hallway into the darkness “HEEEELLPPPP ME!!!!!!!” was the last thing we heard from Rye as Sao stood there in shock “Ashley grab him and put him in the room let’s go” as she dragged him into the room and I shut it close.


“Holy shit we lost Rye we got to go back out there man” Sao said walking back and forth impatient I grabbed Sao by the shoulders “No he’s gone man we won’t find him” I said “But that’s our fucking friend we can’t just leave him to die” Sao shouted “I know that’s our friend if we go out there we’ll just find him dead or one of us will be next Rye is gone!!” I yelled at Sao and he broke down in tears. What the fuck was going there has to be a way to stop this curse and if we don’t everyone will end up dead.


The following day in class the teachers told us they found Rye dead with his adams apple ripped out with this event the teachers told us we were going on a trip today to pack our bags and to line up outside in front of the school. So we did what we were told me, Sao, Ashley went to pack “This could be a good break away from this curse for all we know” I said and Sao looked at me and put his hand on my shoulder “Perhaps your right plus the whole school is going” Sao said and he seemed pretty excited “Let’s go guys we’ll be left behind if we don’t move already” Ashley said and she was right so we rushed downstairs and lined up just like the teachers had told us.
















Chapter 5


Apparently each year was separated by bus there were four busses and by the looks of it the first years was the smallest class. We went aboard the bus we sat in the middle I sat next to Ashley and Sao sat behind us “I wish Rye was still here” Sao said in a displeasing voice I looked back “Don’t worry we’ll get through this” I told him as he looked at me and tried to smile. “Were going to be departing soon” the teacher yelled but exactly where were we going? “Where are we going exactly” I yelled to the teacher as he looked at me with a straight face “We will be spending the night at Tazuki hotel that’s located right before entering Tazuki we will be there for 4 days” he yelled out I thought finally were leaving this town even if it was four days.


He said right before entering Tazuki but the drive to this hotel was pretty long but we were reaching the curve that was leading to the entrance of Tazuki. I heard screams and the third year classes’ bus tires went out and it seemed the driver lost control of the bus and as the turn came up they drove right off the cliff. I’m pretty sure that caused instant death now before our trip started we were left traumatized. “When the fuck will these deaths stop” Sao got up and screamed it seemed he snapped and lost it and I wouldn’t really blame him the whole third year class was dead what’s next.

I got up and grabbed Sao over the chairs “Calm down man were almost to the hotel we’ll talk about this over at the hotel” I told him and he sat down in despair. The rest of the ride to this hotel went smoothly we pulled up to the hotels and there were only three busses left the first year’s the second and the seniors. This old women greeted us at the entrance of the hotel bringing us in and directing us to our rooms I made sure me, Ashley and Sao shared the same room and once we got to the room Sao let loose “Why the fuck did we still come here did they not see what happened to the third year’s bus!!!” Sao shouted and neither did Ashley or I have anything to say we let him lose steam. “Who’s next what person will be killed next?” I got up “Calm down for the time being you have us we got to stick together at all times of the day and night” I told both him and Ashley as he turned around and punched the wall he laid down in anger but to be honest I myself was scared I also was angry that we still came out here after seeing the third year’s bus fall off that cliff.


Everyone refused to leave there rooms for lunch and dinner especially Sao and Ashely they refused to take part in dinner downstairs. We ate and Sao just looked scared out of his mind “What did we do wrong why is this happening to us” Ashley said in anger this curse ruined almost the every student in this school’s life whether there dead already or alive. I looked out the window and it was another rainy day.

The three days passed and today was the day we were leaving nobody else had died after the third years. The teachers wanted us to all have lunch together before we left. Everyone sat down at the table it was quiet nobody talked nobody whispered the food arrived everyone ate “So how was the trip everyone?” Ms. Alum asked but nobody responded since nobody really left there rooms. Everyone finished eating and we all walked back to the bus leaving Ms. Alum behind. Boom we heard an explosion from the kitchen we turned around and we see Ms. Alum holding on to the table “Ms. Alum come on let’s go” I yelled at her but she wouldn’t move. Boom another explosion and  a knives came flying out the kitchen stabbing Ms. Alum in her chest we weren’t safe here we got to go back “Everyone move to the busses!!” the lady who escorted us to the hotel yelled out to us.


We got on the bus and we drove off I looked out the window the women just stood there and before I knew it the hotel had blown up also destroying the road leading out the city and killing everyone in that hotel. “There’s no way of leaving this city at this point were stuck here” I said “Is there anyway of surviving this” Ashley whispered to me I looked at her and grabbed her hand “Right now it seems impossible” I told her what possibly could this curse want with us with this town.


This school doesn’t even bring a sigh of relief after all the deaths and people that disappeared what possibly could be good about this school. “Not all of us are dead and tomorrow is Christmas we could at least try to be happy and spend it together” Sao said as he seemed much more calm than usual but with him saying that it brought a smile to my face but was it enough to stay away from the curse. I sat in Rye’s chair next to the computer and began to remember everything that happened since coming to this town and school. First was Jayleen then Mr. Castro two months later Jerne, Nick, Rye, the entire third year class, half of the first year class, Ms. Alum, the entire staff at the hotel and it being blown to pieces all those people are dead. The curse entered my dreams it strangled me until I woke up I rubbed my face as I remembered every one of the deaths that happened “Why”. The door opened Sao and Ashley walked in with trays of food “Yo you hungry man” Sao said I took the tray and sat down with them “At the very least we still got each other” I said to both Ashley and Sao as they smiled and agreed with me. We at least deserve a happy Christmas with the people left.












Chapter 6


I woke up in a dark room the floor was water and a bright light came from the end of this room I walked towards the light at the end of the room but the closer I got the farther the door seemed. I walked then I began to run after this door but it was no good it got farther this seemed never ending I took one more step when a black figure with red eyes appeared in front of me. “Do you like this little dream world you wake up in? The black figure asked me “What is this place? Why am I here?” I asked the figure “I will kill every one of you don’t worry your time will come” The figure said in a demonic voice. “Why won’t you leave us be” I asked the figure got closer “I will bring this school to the ground!” the figure yelled and picked up by the throat and I began to see back into the past the figure was showing me what actually happened.


I began to see a bunch of young kids and their parents playing and praying at the shrine having the best time of their lives. Now I see an explosion, something hit the town? I could see all the children and their parents dead the island was destroyed the shrine into pieces dead bodies everywhere this couldn’t be real is this the reason this town is isolated. The figure put me down “Now you will all suffer the same fate we did” The figure told me furious I reached out to grab him but he disappeared and the white door was suddenly in my face.

I walked through the white door and I wake up in my room Ashley and Sao are getting dressed for class “So your finally awake well get dress we got classes” Sao told me. But with the people that have died within only 3 months there was no such thing as class we would just sit there and talk. “Let’s go already” Ashley yelled, walking through this hallway everyone was dressed up for Christmas even being Christmas there was no snow just rain. We got to class everyone was talking eating drinking and for the first time since the first day I came here it seemed like a normal school which put a smile on my face. “Later on tonight we’ll have a nice party downstairs in the cafeteria so make sure you all be there” The teacher yelled out everyone yelled “YEAH!!!!” with everyone having this attitude it felt like something out of a T.V. show everyone was so happy.


“Let’s get a move on to the cafeteria you two” Ashley yelled as she pulled me and Sao’s arm and we hurried to the cafeteria. When we got there everyone was coming in just like us but the party kept going down there as everyone laughed, talked, danced they did everything you would expect at a school party but when I looked around I couldn’t find Ashley. I looked over to see Sao dancing with a second year so it gave me a chance to find Ashley without any suspicion. Honestly it didn’t take much to find her I went downstairs and I saw here on the first floor sitting on one of the welcoming couches so I went and sat next to her “So this is where you ran off to huh”.

She looked at me and smiled “I knew you would come looking for me” Ashley said we hadn’t known each other much so, “If you’re wondering how do I know that you just seem like that guy” She said and I guess she was right. I looked at her and I remembered having Nick protect her and Jerne because I couldn’t I had Rye and Sao to worry about. “I have to thank you Randy even after Nick, Jerne, and Jayleen died you and Sao were still there for me” I grabbed her hand “Don’t worry about it as long as were alive you got us” I smiled as I told her this. “Ash…” she kissed me I was so surprised I kissed her back and brought her closer to me. Tears ran down her face “Just in case one of us die’s I want to leave you with a kiss” I wiped the tears from her face “Don’t worry we’ll make it out of this I promise” I began to remember both my altercations with the dark figure. I heard a whisper in my ear “We will kill you all” I held Ashley tighter.


Another whisper “You saw what was done to us” and I kept holding Ashley “You guys are next there’s no running” another whisper and I squeezed her tighter I began to hear whispers from all the people that died the day of the explosion. “Randy!” I was being shaken and I came back to realization “What......what happened?” I asked “You were squeezing me really hard and you were staring into space” Ashley told me if only she knew the truth behind all of this. “Where’s Sao?” She asked me “He’s dancing at the party” she looked at me.

“Good come with me” as she pulled me upstairs to our room all I could really think was what is going on. She pushed into the room and locked the room door “Um what are you doing?” I asked but all she did was walk towards me and began to kiss me. I couldn’t grasp what in the world was going on she pushed me onto her bed and laid me down and jumped on top of me “I want you to take it from me” She breathed really hard when she said that “What are you talking about” I was really confused. “I love you Randy I want you to protect me” She told me but what did it have to do with me taking what she wants from her. Ashley was breathing really hard it seemed she was losing it I pushed her on her feet and all she did was stand there with her head facing the ground.


I began to hear the whispers again “We will kill you all” all I could do was look around “She’s next” once I heard that I looked up at Ashley and her head was being brought up. I heard a demonic laugh and when Ashley’s head was brought up her eyes were pitch black and tears of blood came out her eyes “Little bitch is next” the demonic voice said but it seemed Ashley tried fighting back as her pupils came back “Randy help m-“ but it took over her body again. There was a demonic laugh Ashley’s body was dragged on the ground and through the door and I had to chase after her as I went through the broken door Sao and everyone was coming upstairs from the party “Randy what’s going on?”

I had to ignore his question because if I hesitated Ashley would be dead so I ran after her. It dragged her through the stairs up to the roof and when they entered the roof the door was closed shut as when I got to the top I couldn’t open the door. I hit the door with my shoulder it didn’t work I did it again the door still wouldn’t open so I kicked the  door open but it didn’t open I did it again and again this was the last time I was kicking the door I had to put all my strength into it. So I kicked the door and it seemed the pressure of the door was lifted and I was able to see the rainy night sky to see Ashley floating over the edge of the school “Ashley” I yelled “There’s no point in trying you can’t save her” The voice stated to me “Goodbye” I began to run towards her as he said those words. I ran and ran the curse let go of her body and before I knew it I threw myself towards the ledge and put my arm out to grab her hand but I was too late her hand slipped through mine due to the water from the rain and at the very sight of my eyes I saw Ashley fall to her death from top of the school building.


Right before my eyes I could see Ashley’s body hit the ground I began to cry this was my fault if only I got here sooner if I would’ve ran faster I could have saved her. Sao came through the door “Randy! What happened?” he ran over as I was on my knee’s fist on the ground looking over the edge. He grabbed my shoulder “What’s wrong” he asked me he looked over to see what I was looking at and he saw Ashley’s dead body. “What happened!!” he shook me “Randy what happened!!” I tried to get the words out “The curse got her” I told him he stopped shaking me “She’s gone too” he ran his fingers through his hair “It’s just us two” I said he laughed “Don’t forget the second years and the seniors” he said and he was right they were still alive.






Chapter 7


We walked downstairs to our room I still had tears running down my face knowing Ashley’s dead after the promise I made to her how could this happen. I couldn’t help but punch the wall in anger Sao put his hand on my shoulder “It’ll be alright man I’m still here” he was right he was still alive but what if he dies as well then what. We heard a scream from the rooms so rushed over to see what was happening when we got there we saw a couple of girls around our room door “Move out the way what’s going on?” I shouted as I pushed everyone out the way to see what was going on.


When we got to the front we saw writing in blood on the wall it said “Were still not done”. Sao grabbed my arm and pulled me into our room as he locked the door “What’s with the writing?” he seemed to think I wrote it “Why are you asking me? I didn’t write it” he gave me a glare “Then who could have wrote that?” I looked at him “You think it was me you saw me when the party was over did you see any blood on the wall then?” he stopped and started to think “But... then who could have done it and whose blood is that”. I began to think about it “The curse seems to becoming alive I was able to see it when it let go of Ashley’s body” Sao stared at me “What happens next?” Sao said “Nothing we can’t do anything we just go on about our days”.

The following morning we sat in our classrooms in silence nobody had much to say after they found out that Ashley had died and the writing of blood. 20 then 30 minutes passed the day went on slowly when something hit one of the school’s windows causing a loud thump. Everyone brought their attention to the windows and before I knew it I saw a horde of pigeons headed to the window and when I tried to drop to the ground the sound of birds hitting the windows came in bunches and when I looked to my left Sao was under his desk when I looked to the right the kids were frozen still “Everyone drop!!!” I yelled out but nobody responded. The force of all the birds broke through the windows and everyone who didn’t duck down where pierced by the bird’s beak through the eyes but the real question was how many students were pierced by the beaks of these birds.


When the birds stopped coming I looked up to see every freshman with the birds beak pierced through their eyes I looked over to the left and saw Sao with tears running down his face and in fear. I sat next to Sao and with time that passed on by we brought to the office. I overheard the teachers speaking about what they saw “The freshman class has been wiped out except those two over there” one teacher said “Half of the 2nd year class is dead” another teacher said “The senior class was unharmed” another teacher said. That struck me almost every class has been killed but no one from the senior class is dead.

“You two go to your room” The principal told us, it was around lunchtime and normally you would see everyone outside with their friends or getting lunch but now there was nobody out in the halls everyone sat in the classrooms or dorm rooms in fear or they were dead. We walked into our room and sat on the bed opposite from each other “It’s just us two Randy” Sao told me he sounds paranoid and all I could do was nod my head agreeing with what he just said. I looked out the window and it was still a rainy day “Tomorrow’s New Year day” I looked over to Sao he looked up at me “But is it a happy New Year day.........” Sao said then there’s a silence “All of our friends are dead almost the entire school is dead so who cares about New Year’s our lives are more important” although I kept looking out the window he was right what’s the point of New Year day if everyone is gone.


New Year’s Day was here and nobody was happy or out there room’s I decided to go to my grandparents’ house for the first time since I got here. The walk wasn’t very long but the drive was much faster and before I knew it I was around the corner from my grandparents’ house. I turned the corner to see that my grandparents’ house wasn’t here it was destroyed and in the middle of all the debris was two tombstones. I walked over to the tombstone and read the names on it Alex Cluster and Gabby Cluster and tears fell from my face “Why them too.”


I had no more words for this town I was sick of it I put my fist into the ground I picked my head up and looked at the tombstone I read the names again. I began to remember the slaughter of my parents waking up in the middle of the night hearing screams and shouts. I walked into my parent’s room to see a man standing over them holding a knife stabbing my parents over and over again. I stood up from the wet ground and walked back to the school. I walked into the school and back to my room and I noticed Sao was just lying there “Hey man where you been?” he asked me. I looked at him “I went to see my grandparents for the first time since brought to this school” he looked at me “What happened how are they?” My tears ran down my face and my tears hit the ground Sao got up “Randy what happened” I looked up at him “They were dead!” I began to punch the wall over and over and over again. “Randy stop” Sao grabbed my left arm I forced my left arm away from his grasp and hit the wall one more time. I felt my left fist crack as I screamed in agonizing pain and blood dripped.


Sao got the nurse and hurried me to the nurse’s room I was laid down and fell asleep and when I woke up I saw my arm wrapped and fixed. I tried to lift myself up but it felt like something was pinning me down with great strength “Miss Ashley yet” I heard as if someone was right in front of me. The lights turned on and a shadowy figure was standing right in front of me.

“You miss her yet?” The figure said in a demonic voice all I could really do was look at the figure “How close you were to catching her but it slipped how tragic to see her fall to her death” the figure began to laugh. “You bastard!!” I yelled but I couldn’t raise myself from the bed “You do realize this is all your fault” the figure told me. He picked my body up like a rag doll “You coming to this town was what kick started this whole thing” the figure told me. I looked in confusion “What do you mean” I asked he laughed “Once you came this whole thing started you were the final piece and do you know why?” I had no response to that. “I’ll tell you why now what’s your middle name?” the figure asked me but I never responded “Your families middle name has been the same for year’s Tazuki”. “Why are our middle names the same as the town?” I asked and he laughed. “Well your family founded this town and the first generation was wiped out besides your grandparents who had your parents who had you”. My family founded this town what’s going on here? “I could just kill you and it would all be over but that wouldn’t satisfy me I want to kill everyone who stepped on this land” the figure got closer to my face. “I’ll make sure you’re the last one to be killed” as the figure gave out a demonic laugh and dropped me on the ground “Your next” and the figure disappeared.













Chapter 8


In the morning I headed to the library to see if I find anything on my family’s history. The size of this library always amazes me every time I entered it but I went looking around the library and found a bunch of books about this town and school. But nothing on my family it seemed like those pages were ripped out by looking at the edge of the book. Reading book to book the only thing I found was the founder of this school “Alex Tazuki Cluster” my grandfather’s name there’s even a picture of him. I ripped out the page folded it and put it in pocket I placed the books back and headed to my room.


I walked into the room and Sao was still asleep I laid down and began to think about what the figure of the curse had told me. “You coming to this town was what kick started this whole thing” that’s all I could think about could that mean Ashley’s death was my fault. Also Rye’s and Nick’s and everyone else’s death was my fault but I didn’t know no one ever told me. The curse did say if I kill myself this will all end so if I kill myself everyone else will be saved. The room around me got dark and farther away “You can try to kill yourself but I won’t let you” the figure appeared and told me all I did was look at it and remember the deaths of everyone. “Now lay down and go to sleep” the figure grabbed me and I blacked out.

I woke up on the floor and noticed Sao was on the computer “You alright man you seemed pretty comfortable on the floor” he told me. I looked at him and laughed as I got up “You hungry man let’s get something to eat” I asked him since it’s been a while since me and him actually hung out. “Yeah man” we left and headed to the lunchroom and for the first time in a while everyone was out there rooms with their friends having a great time. Me and Sao got some food and sat down “Everyone seems happy and having a great time this is a good atmosphere” Sao said and I agreed even though I looked outside and it was still a rainy day. “I wish things were like this from the start with everyone still here” I told him as I imagined Rye, Nick, Jayleen, Jerne, and Ashley all around at the lunchtime with smiles and laughs being brought out having a great time. “You’re telling me about man things should have been normal from the start.”


“At the very least let’s enjoy the time we have away from all the bad” I told Sao he began to eat and I took it as an agreement. We ate and finished up and went back to the room as everyone else was doing and before entering our room Sao turned to me “Thanks for never leaving me alone”. I looked at him and grabbed his shoulder “No problem that’s what friends do.” The night came by and Sao was knocked out asleep as I looked out at the rain that never stops.














Chapter 9


Morning came and Sao was looking out the window in the hallway “What’s going on Sao?” he looked at me “Apparently the seniors are planning to leave the town” he said. I thought there was no way out of this town the road leading out was destroyed so what could the possibly be thinking. They stood outside in the rain lined up apparently getting ready to leave as they walked towards the front gate of the school. I strike of lightning struck down and hit the seniors directly and when we got a clear look of what exactly happened they were turned into ashes.


“Holy shit”

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